Why Does My Cat Lick Me: Main Reasons

Why does my cat lick me

You have noticed many times that your cat is licking you and you know that they are showing their love. But do you there are many reasons except this that why the cat is licking you? Here we have mentioned the reasons behind the question “why does my cat lick me”. What is the reason for her licking? Also, we can also tell you some tips on how you can stop her licking.

Some Possible Reasons Why Your Cat licks you

Here we are mentioning some of the possible reasons why your cat is licking you. Take a look at Possible Reasons of Licking the Cat.

To Show Love

Licking means showing love. Cats or other pets want to show you love and affection by licking you. Maybe the cats want to make a social bond with you. When we have to show love to the pets, we pamper them. Same as it is, the pets show love to us.

She thinks that We Like Their Lick

Pets think we like their licking, this could be one of the possible reasons that cats lick us. Pets also understand a person’s feelings. Sometimes we are upset and pets understand this and they think we want them to lick and love us.

She Wants to tell you about her problem

Cats want you to stroke their body with your hand. Sometimes pets lick us because they probably want to tell us some problem with their body. Or they want you to clean their body. They can often lick you to describe such a problem, itching, or pain in their body.

Your Cat may lick you to taste your skin

Sometimes cats want to lick you just to taste your skin. To taste anything is the behavior of cats. It may be silly behavior of them but they do this. Cats have more sense of taste compared to human beings. If you spill something, maybe the cats want to taste it.

To get your attention

Sometimes cats want to get your attention. This is one of the reasons why they lick you. Maybe they want you to feed them or just want you to give them more attention. Sometimes cats want you to play with them. This could be the reason for you licking.

To indicate her habitat

Of course, cats don’t mark things as their own with post-it notes, name tags, or padlocks. Instead, they use tiny pores in their feet, tails, and cheeks to leave their strong smell behind. To identify their owners as theirs, cats lick them. The cat will still mark you with their saliva even if they are not your pet since it signifies that they view you as a part of their territory. One method cats use to spread their smell is by licking. You most likely won’t detect the aroma they leave behind because your cat has a 14-fold stronger sense of smell than you do.

Your Cat Wants to eat Something

Your cats are licking you, they might want to eat something. Pets cannot say but they show their expression through their body language. If she is hungry, she may lick you and try to convince you to feed her something.

To show some Anxiety or Stress

If your cat is licking too much maybe she wants to express some other cause like stress or anxiety. Maybe she is suffering from anybody’s pain or some fear. If you are not understanding the reason why your cat is licking too much then you should call a veterinarian.

Should I allow my cat to lick me?

There is no reason why you shouldn’t let your cat lick you, unless, of course, it upsets you. It allows you to develop trust with your pet if nothing else. You can appreciate a cat’s behavior for what it is: love, now that you know what it means when it licks you. Also, perhaps use a feather toy to divert their attention.

How do I stop my cat from licking?

The reason for your cat licking can be anything, but if you want your cat not to lick you because it is bothering you, then the most important thing is never to use any kind of punishment. Bonding can be bad and your pet may even start to fear you.

Here we are going to tell some tips by which you can reduce the licking of your cat.

  • Whenever you are talking to your cat or making love to them, you can wear long sleeve clothes at that time so that she will not lick your hands.
  • Whenever your cat starts licking you, you can get up and leave. This does not mean that you ignore your cat, you have to stop only when your cat licks you.
  • Perhaps your cat wants to play with you so she is licking you, again and again, so you can use a toy at that time to distract her and force her to play with the toys.
  • If your cat licks you, you can take her outside for a walk. Do some outdoor activities with her so that she does not lick you.


If your cat is licking you a lot, try to understand the reason. maybe she is trying to tell you something by licking. Licking is not a problem. Licking you is the only reason that they want to show love to you. It is a sign of healthy bonding. So have you got the answer to “Why does my cat lick me”?

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