How To Tie A Karate Belt: Explained In Easy Steps

How to Tie a Karate Belt

Karate is one of the world-wide famous art. There are so many techniques that are beneficial in many ways. It is the Japanese martial art that has so many techniques of self-defense and counter-attack. The training is not helpful in this purpose but this is also helpful to provide a different kind of morals also which help in the development of the individual.  For a karate expert, the karate belt plays the most important role here are some simple and easy ways which help you how to tie a karate belt.

However, if you have just started to tie a belt this is quite tough to tie it. Because professionally there is a specific way to tie it so that the belt is comfortable for you. Here, are the simple and easy steps that help you how to tie a karate belt correctly.

how to tie karate belt step1

Fold the Belt From Mid​

The very first step is to tie the Karate belt and fold the belt from the mid. So that you can tie the belt in a perfect manner like a professional. So first take the belt and fold it from the mid to join both the edges of the belt. Run your hands along the strap and reach till the mis of the belt as shown in the figure beside.

how to tie karate belt step2

Hold the Center of the Belt​

In the next step, you need to hold the belt as shown in the figure. Stretch the belt tightly because this is the most important step so be careful that you are perfectly targeting to the mid of the belt. Now place your thumb to the center and move it towards the center of your navel.

Place the Mid of the Belt to the Center of Stomach​

Now place it to the belly point perfectly. Open the strap of the belt and place it as shown in the figure. Make sure this is the middle part of the belt. If you found any difficulty with it try to stand in front of the mirror so that the belt is perfectly tied from the mid. 

how to tie karate belt step4

Wrap the Belt Around the Belly​

Now unfold the belt and wrap it around the back from both sides. Be careful it should be spread evenly from both sides. This is one of the most important steps in how to tie a karate belt.

how to tie karate belt step5

Cover the Complete Waist​

Covering both sides of the waist would be as shown in the beside image. If you want the belt to be tight or fit to you so do this step tightly. Maintain the right position of the belt from the front also. 

Cross the Straps ​

Now cross the straps as shown in the figure. And tight it so that it should not loose once you completed.

how to tie karate belt step7

Wrape the Straps to Front​

Now follow the length of the belt and wrap it to the front. Be careful length of the belt from both sides should be even. Adjust the belt if you feel this position of it is uncomfortable for you. This is the last step in which you can change it after the next of the “how to tie a karate belt” You cannot dislocate the position.

Cross the Straps

Repeat the step which you have done to the backside. Hold the straps and cross them as shown in the figure.

Fold the Strap and Wrap Upward

No take the right strap and take in from under the belt to the upside. hold the left part tightly so that it should be tight and comfortable to you. This is the most important part in ” how to tie a karate belt” Because this helps the belt to be hold perfectly.

Tight the Straps

Now tighten the belt so that it should be properly adjusted there. This is the final step in which you can adjust the tightness or looseness of the belt. So, be careful while adjusting it because it should be comfortable for you and not too loose. 

how to tie karate belt step11

Adjust the Strap and Hold it

If you find any difficulty or feel uncomfortable so now you can adjust. And if everything is good so tight the belt and move to the final step.

Make a Knot

This step is for the finalization of the tie-up of the belt.  Make another knot by folding the ends of the belt. 

how to tie karate belt step13

Tight the Knot

Now tighten the knot so that it will fix there and you will comfortable. It is the last step for ” How to tie a Karate Belt”.

how to tie karate belt step14

Hurray Your Belt is Tie Perfectly

Hurray, Your belt is tied perfectly and now you are ready for the match to win it. 

If you prefer the knot should be to the one side, to the left, or to the right side. So simply just like you wrap the belt from the front start to wrap from one side. And, similarly just like you split it from the back cross it from the side. By doing it one more time you feel perfect in “how to tie a karate belt”.

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