Why Do Dogs Lick Your Feet?

Why Do Dogs Lick Your Feet

When we have a pet dog, they do show love and affection for us in many ways. Licking your feet is the common thing that a dog generally does. Some owners found this normal but for some owners, this is an irritating thing. But Why do dogs lick your feet? However, licking is a normal thing. However, your dog has additional beneficial organ names such as Jacobson. This organ helps them to taste and smell at the same time. 

Why Dog choose feet to lick?

Why Do Dogs Lick Your Feet

The feet have lots of information. When feet are sweaty, stinky, or sweaty they found it so appealing. Although regular licking and licking at a specific time are quite different. If The dog is licking again and again this is a behavior problem for your dog. There are several reasons why your dog does this again and again

Reasons Why Dogs Lick your feet regularly

There are multiple reasons why your Dog licks your feet regularly. Some common reasons why your dog loves to lick you. By Licking your feet there are multiple things that your dog wants to tell you. There are different reactions that your dog shows to communicate with you. Here are the reasons why dogs lick your feet regularly.

Your Responsive Behavior

Generally when dogs lick your feet. You do the immediate response. Maybe your dog like this response of yours. Or at the time how you react also fascinates him. In response, it may be you pamper your dog or you start to show some care too. The behavior can be the reason why your dog licks your feet.

To have the Attention of Yours

Nowadays we all have a hectic schedule. Due to that, we don’t have that much time so we can play with our pets. After the compilation of the day, sometimes we don’t have the energy to talk to anyone. At that time to catch the attention of your dog try to do this.

When Your Dog Thinks It is a Game

The dog likes to play a lot. If your dog finds something you like as a game, this thing will attract him to do it again and again. Whenever you are around and he wants to annoy or play with you. He will repeat it. 

To Show Love

Sometimes we felt so tired and unhappy. At that time to make you feel happy and delighted your dog licks your feet. By doing that he tries to show some love and care which helps to have a better mood.

They found This Gives You Comfort

Typically when your dog is licks your feet. You show a positive reaction. And start to do the pampering. This sign indicates to them that this thing is giving comfort to you. 

To Tell You The Problem

If your dog has a problem, tell you they start to lick your feet. But they do this not in a happy or joyful manner. That would be slightly sad or unhappy. This indication helps you to know that they are having some problems. 

If They Want Something

It is just like us whenever we have some work from any other person we speak in a polite and humble manner. Just like the same way when your dog wants something they start to lick you.

If It is a common habit to do

Generally in animals licking is needed for the proper growth and a healthier body of a dog. That is why they think by licking they can show love to you. It is the same way his mother is showing him, love. This is how it can be a common habit for your dog.

Is It Good if Your Dog is Licking Your feet?

There is no harm if your dog is licking your feet frequently. But if you clean your feet regularly. They like this and this is also good for their health. But if you have wounds or cracking in your feet it can irritate them too. Also, if you apply creams or any other moisturizer which have harmful chemicals. They try to avoid it because they don’t feel like licking. The second reason is health. It can be harmful to pets also. 

How to Stop Your Dog From Licking Your Feet?

Why Do Dogs Lick Your Feet

There are several simple methods by using them simply you can stop your dog from licking your feet. But one thing we should focus on. That is Your dog thinks this is right and good for you. But if you found it too annoying and irritating due to the frequent licking. You have to convey this message to your dog but in the right manner.

Don’t Do The Immediate Response

Whenever your dog is licking your feet generally you show an immediate and happy response. This thing motivates your dog to do this again and again. Just you need to decrease the response or try not to show happiness on your face.

Don’t  Show Happiness On Your Face

When your dog is licking your feet generally you show happiness on your face. By avoiding it or avoiding not showing a happy face. You can transfer the message that you don’t want your dog to do this. Somewhere you have made them realize that this is nice and you love it. It helps to clear this thing.

Apply The Cream or Moisture to the feet

Generally, dogs don’t like creamy feet. The odor annoys them and they lose their feet. So, if you do it naturally your dog stops licking your feet. And also you don’t have to do anything else to avoid this thing.

Reduce Interest in This

Don’t pay so much interest when your dog is licking your feet. Show Love Without Licking Too. If you find your dog is again doing the same thing you can show that you are not interested. This conveys the message that it is not the thing to do again and again.

Sometimes Ask Him Not To Do It

When your dog starts to do this in a regular manner without losing your patience you need to tell your dog not to do this. This can be quite painful if you start to shout at him. But sometimes in a good way you can teach your pet, this is not good to do in a frequent manner.

Show This is Not a Good Thing to do Again and Again

As an honor, this is your responsibility to teach your dog what is right and what is wrong. By giving the right message to your dog you can tell this. Although it is right that your dog loves you and he wants to show your love and care but that should be there in a limit. It will take time but in the right manner, you can give adequate to your pet.

Why Do Dogs Lick Your Feet After Shower?

The dog loves to lick clean feet. After the shower, your feet have a freshness and a clean surface which fascinates the dog to lick your feet. After the shower, the feet have a different odor. The skin becomes softer and smoother due to the use of soap. These are the things that attract the dog to lick your feet. The skin gets moisturized after this situation. 

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