Advertising Policy

Healthy Life Human is a multi-knowledge website that includes various areas of advertising. For these reasons, banners, badges, sponsored content, contextual advertising, and promotions are all considered “promotions and advertisements”. The policies outlined in this document regulate topics such as Healthy Life Human’s acceptance of promotions and advertisements, and how advertisements and PR promotions are displayed on the Healthy Life Human website. Concerning the interpretation and implementation of this policy, as well as all other issues relating to advertising on Healthy Life Human, Healthy Life Human has sole and full discretion. Healthy Life Human has the complete right to amend this policy at any moment by publishing it on the website.

  1. Healthy Life Human will not deliberately accept advertising that is not factually accurate or in impeccable taste in Healthy Life Human’s judgment.
  2. However, Healthy Life Human will not knowingly allow certain types of advertisements on Healthy Life Human. Mentioning Below are some examples of these categories, however, they are not comprehensive:
    1. Products that are illegal, “inappropriate,” “unproductive,” and/or “dangerous” (Healthy Life Human maintains the right to define what is “unsatisfactory,” “ineffective,” and/or “hazardous”).
    1. Gambling
    1. Content that is untrue, illegal, deceptive, or offensive
    1. Pornography or topics linked to it
    1. Use of any type of tobacco
    1. a newscast or an emergency simulation
    1. Weapons, firearms, ammo, or pyrotechnics are not permitted.
    1. Any material that specifically targets or offers products to minors under the age of 13.
    1. Media or messages promoting or mentioning “M”-rated video games or content material that misrepresents, ridicules, discriminates (real or implied), or attacks an individual or group based on age, national origin, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other status deemed inappropriate for the Healthy Life Human Network
    1. Alcohol
    1. Awkward, questionable, or odd services or product claims
    1. Media messages or imagery that strobe or flash
    1. Media or messages that contain unsubstantiated “miracle” weight loss or other exaggerated claims of cure
  3. Clicking on an advertisement may only direct the end-user to the advertiser’s website or the healthy life human property’s sponsored content area.
  4. The standards in this policy regulate topics such as the Healthy Life Human’s admission of advertisements, how advertisements are presented on the Healthy Life Human, and how advertisements are removed from the Healthy Life Human. Concerning the interpretation and implementation of this policy, as well as all other issues relating to advertising on Healthy Life Human, we have sole and full discretion. Healthy Life Human reserves the right to amend this policy at any time by posting a revised policy on the relevant Healthy Life Human property.
  5. Healthy Life Human retains the right to accept, refuse, cancel, or remove advertisements from the Healthy Life Human Platform at any time at its sole discretion. Healthy Life Human makes no guarantees that advertisements will run smoothly across all devices, including web and mobile.
  6. Healthy Life Human retains the sole right to determine how any search terms for specification by phrase or topic given by Healthy Life Human are displayed on a Healthy Life Human property. The source of the content featured in search results is shown, for example, “Healthy Life Human News” or “Journal Article.” Advertising is tagged as such if it appears in the search engine results. Furthermore, on the search results page, we use a unique space for some Healthy Life human end-user services that solely display advertising.
  7. We have sole discretion over the types of advertising that will be accepted and displayed on the Healthy Life Human Network, and Healthy Life Human’s acceptance of any advertisement will not be construed as an endorsement of the advertised product or service, or of the company that advertises, manufactures, distributes, or promotes the products or services.
  8. Healthy Life Human acknowledges and maintains a clear distinction between commercial and journalistic content on the site. All advertising that promotes a healthy life will be clearly labeled. Healthy Life Human will not allow any marketing on the site that is not marked as “Advertisement,” “From Our Advertiser,” “Knowledge from Industry,” or another similar designation indicating that the advertisement is presented by or on behalf of an Advertising company.
  9. These “Ads by Google” are advertisements that have been purchased by companies that want links to their websites to appear adjacent to search results in response to specific terms, as described in the “Ads by Google” hyper link in the Ads by Google section on relevant Healthy Life Human Consumer Properties Search results pages.
  10. The Advertiser is responsible for complying with all domestic and foreign laws and regulations that apply to its Advertising on the Healthy Life Human (and for including all legally required legends, revelations, and statements in such Marketing), including restrictions on the existing FDA regulations for Direct to Physician (DTP) and Direct to Consumer (DTC) marketing. Compliance with these rules and regulations will not be monitored by Healthy Life Human. We retain the right to review all advertising for compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and if Healthy Life Human discovers any breach or possibility of breach of any applicable law or regulation or these guidelines, Healthy Life Human will remove the promotions from the Healthy Life Human Platform.

Moreover, Healthy Life Human will sometimes collaborate with products, services, or organizations that share our objective. Healthy Life Human assesses the quality of these items, services, or organizations and shows what it considers to be valuable to and in the best interests of audiences. Healthy Life Human does not review the content for medical reasons and is not responsible for the content or services mentioned on these pages. This type of partner material will be tagged with text indicating that it did not have to go through our usual editorial process and adheres to our Ad and Sponsorship Policy rules.

For advertising, please call us at +91-8700891369 or email us at: info@healthylifehuman.com