Cookies Policy

Healthy Life Human is a professional, trusted website with thousands of users who visit our website on a daily basis. We ensure the personal user information or data is not used for another purpose. While visiting Healthy Life Human, the internet browser on your computer can carry or store some information and send it to Healthy Life Human. However, the question remains: what are cookies? Web servers are commonly called “cookies” because they fetch little pieces of data that are present on a user’s devices. Moreover, it sends the user to a website that they are already visiting.

The server remembers the cookie information of your visit while you are visiting the website. Visiting information is transferred to the server afterward all requests send to healthy life human. 

Cookie offers various dynamic features of web pages so that they can save some settings and preferences. Visiting the Healthy Life Human website only collects visiting information, it does not fetch any personal information about you and does not transfer any data to the website.

How to Manage Cookies

Every coin has two faces, meanwhile, website users can also control website measurement and customization accordingly on the healthy Life Human website. Moreover, always have the access to comparable information on the Healthy Life Human site.

According to the cookie policy, users can easily either accept the cookie policies or can withdraw (do not accept cookies) at the website. Users can change the setting of the browser and also can erase stored browser cookie data at any time.

Moreover, much browser software may be configured to reject cookies, and instructions for doing so can be found in the “Help,” “Settings,” or “Preferences” which is the part of your browser’s toolbar.

Note:  If the users reject our cookies, may certain functionalities and conveniences work efficiently & may warry. Meanwhile, do not need to accept our cookies to use most of our websites efficiently.

Single Session Cookie

Single Session Cookies are used for technical objectives such as enlightening navigation through the website, making user accounts easier to use, and gathering aggregated data. Single-session cookies may have a unique identifier, but they do not reveal personal information to the public.

Third-party Cookies

Third-Party Cookies data can be gathered from your browsing activity across the websites and sessions. However, they are usually determined stored cookies until you delete them. Also, Third Party Cookie has expired as per the cookie period setting.

Service data

Services data may ask to access your personal information or you can skip cookies. When you browse, download, utilize or register to use any element of our Service, we may collect or access your Personal Information.

Data Controller

A Person who determines the purposes of collecting data of the website visiting user. The purpose of the cookies policy is to collect user pieces of information. 

Data provided by the user

Whenever a user provides Personal Information to us while availing Services, we may collect it (e.g., while emails sign up, newsletters, or SMS messages; register for the website membership. However, creating a personal account on a website may ask to allow fetching personal data. The account can be of any type of service; enter a sweepstake, contest, competition, or prize draw; participate in surveys and quizzes; perform search queries through the Services; contact us via email, telephone, or by any other means; make a purchase; etc.).

Personal Data

After so much discussion, the questions arrive about which data cookies can be fetched by the cookie. Healthy Life Human website only asks you to provide us with very limited identifiable information that further can be used to contact u. Personal data of a person doesn’t give to anyone it is stored safely company server. Personal data or information may ask such as: 

While visiting our website, Healthy Life Human, cookies may ask you to provide us with certain personally recognizable data that can be used to contact or identify you. Personally, identifiable information may include, but is not limited to:

· First name and last name

· Number

· Email address

· Address, State, Province, ZIP/Postal code, City

· Cookies and Usage Data

Kindly be aware that Healthy Life Human is not responsible for any information you choose to make public in your member profile or other areas of the Services that allow users to upload or post content, or for the information you volunteer about yourself in discussions in certain public areas of the Services, such as forums, blogs, message boards, wikis, chat rooms, or other publicly accessible interaction.

However, every website includes a different cookie policy designed as per their requirements. Healthy Life Human uses cookies with secure technology to recognize the users when they visit. Meanwhile, remember user preferences for recording and website visit tracking purposes. For example, whether our email is opened or not or links are clicked. Healthy Life Humans can only ensure that the functioning is working properly or not.

Meanwhile, when the users visit our website we automatically collect information from your browser such as IP address, browser information, setting cookies, and content clicking information.

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