How to Wrap a Candle In Simple Steps

how to wrap a candle

You must have packed some gifts to give to your loved ones. But have you ever wrapped any candles? Maybe this question surprises you. But wrapping a candle is also an art. Candles are very delicate. You have to be careful to wrap it.
When it comes to wrapping a candle there are many creative options to pack it. So that, we have mentioned the steps to wrap the candle. 

Steps to Wrap the Candle in Wrapping Sheet

Wrapping a Candle is not a Big Deal but you should know the steps to wrap a Candle. Here we mentioned the step by step method to Wrap a Candle.

Step 1:  Place the Candle on the Packing paper

In the first step, you have to place the candle on the wrapping paper or sheet. Lay down in it the wrapping paper and fold it. Make sure the length of the wrapping sheet is more than the candle. Also, if the paper is too long then remove the extra part with scissors after measuring.

Step 2: Stick the sheet with the tape

Try wrapping a candle. Place the candle in the middle of the sheet. Keep in mind that the candle is in the middle of the paper and the paper space is equal on both sides, after that fold the paper over the candle and stretch it lightly. Once you’ve pulled it off properly stick it on with cello tape. Take care not to stretch the paper too much. If you pull it too hard it may rip. Also do not leave the paper loose. This can cause problems with packing later and may ruin your packing.

Step 3: Wrap the Candle in Cylindrical Form

Fold the wrapping sheet on the coil in a cylindrical form and stick it with the help of tape. Now you will see it open from top and bottom. Now you have to close it from above and below in such a way that no folds come into it.

Step 4: Make Design on The Upper and Lower Part of the Wrapping Sheet

Now you give designing in its top and bottom parts. You have to stretch the sheet and you have to create a crease in it. Not a single sheet of yours should have come out. Make as many creases as you can and bring them all in one place and stick them with tape. Fold it from the bottom side in the same way.

Step 5: Use a Ribbon to tie the Candle

You can also use a ribbon to tie the box. It is an additional step. If you don’t want to attach a ribbon then you can skip this. But your gift May look more beautiful after tieing a ribbon. In addition, you can also, place it in the Square gift box in the Lay direction and you can pack it. Your Beautiful candle packing is ready.

Step 6: Attach a Bow to Give a Look 

After pasting with the tape, a label or a design can be pasted to cover it on the top and bottom of it. After this, you can make it more attractive and beautiful by applying a bow to it.

Use a Plastic Sheet to Wrap a Candle

You can also use a plastic bag to pack the candle. There is another method to pack it:-

  • Place the candle in the center of the plastic paper. Pick up the plastic paper from all four corners and bring it to the center of the candle. 
  • While lifting from it, keep in mind that the wick of the candle should not break. 
  • Bring the plastic sheet to the center of the wick of the candle and tie it with a ribbon, giving it a crazy design. 
  • While tieing you have to keep in mind that you should not tie it too tight and too loose.
  • After tieing it with ribbon, you can put a bow or any label of your choice on it. Your candle is wrapped in a plastic bag. Now you can gift it to anyone.

Use a Dust Jacket To wrap a Candle

People cover books with dust jackets which are called dust jackets. Candles can also be wrapped in a dust jacket.  In the first step, you have to trim the dust jacket and then Wrap it around the candle after that, then secure it with tape. Fold the base of the paper flat and tape it to the top of the trimmed petals to cover the extra wrapping. Make the petals flat, then slowly fold each one in half. Make sure they are secure as you go, and after the last petal is in place, tape them all down. Tie a ribbon around the top to complete.  You can also attach some chocolates or berries. This is also a very nice idea to attach some food items to your candle wrapping.

Wrap a Candle in the Mason Jars

This method of candle gift packaging is simple but quite effective. All you need for this is a mason jar. Also, you can make some designs to give some finishing to it, like you can write something on the jar or you can attach many threads. This idea of ​​wrapping a candle is very simple and elegant. You can use lace in the middle to make it look more beautiful.


Even the simplest materials can be used to complete the candle wrapping technique. Usually, you don’t need to go to a shop to make a beautiful wrap. The candle wrapping techniques mentioned above can help you create a beautiful candle wrap. The methods described here are easy and useful for wrapping candles, and they also guarantee that your gift recipient will love it and that your candle will look great.

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