How to Make a Heart with a Gum Wrapper

make heart with gum wrapper

Hand-made gifts always have different happiness. Whenever we are getting these somewhere we feel happier than any expensive one. This does not need so small an amount to make but needs the efforts of a person. Here is a step-by-step process of how to make a heart with a gum wrapper.

There are multiple ways to gift someone. Handmade gifts also have many options but if we want to make someone very special. It will be necessary to include heart in that. This is indicating the love and attachment with that person. 

However many times we give gifts to our teachers also in those cards we need to add some hearts. Sometimes our friend’s birthday is there on that occasion we need that. One of the most essential places in the project. Made something from waste material that also we need the heart to make. Because that is the easiest thing to make and get the full marks in that activity. There are multiple ways to make the heart. There is also an option to make it by just a single cut only. Chain of the heart also we can make. And there is one more way to make the heart.

Steps to Make a Heart from a Gum Wrapper

A gum wrapper is the best option to make a heart. That will also have print. Although there is no need to decorate it properly. The sheet is also easy to freeze so it will be helpful to you. But in some cases, if that sheet is not available then any colorful A4 size sheet also we can also use to make it. This is the general size to make an average size of a heart.

In case if want to change the size so A3 size of sheet or chart paper. or else, a small piece of paper also can use to make a small heart.

Simple Steps to Make Heart

To make this 3D heart you need Gum paper or an A4 size sheet & scissors.

Take a Rectangular sheet: Take the sheet and put it on the surface as shown in the figure. This is the rectangular sheet but the heart needs to convert into a square. For that put a corner on the opposite side and make a triangle fold as shown. 

gum wrapper

Make a triangle: Put a corner from any edge and drag it on the vertical side as shown in the figure. Now you will get a triangular shape and there is a rectangle also.

make a triangle

Cut this Rectangle: There is no use for this triangle so cut it. See the black shape of the rectangle just like in this region you need to cut it. 

cut rectangle

Open Sheet: After cutting that rectangle if you open the sheet. You will get a perfect square as whom below. After this, you just need to fold the sheet by following the further steps only.

open the sheet

Fold sheet from mid: Now simply fold this square from the mid. It will look like this.

half fold gum wrapper
Fold it half

Fold again from mid: Now fold this again from the mid. You will get another square. And then open the sheet.

fold next half

Open the sheet.

Make a Rectangle: Now from the edge of the side fold as shown in the figure and make a rectangle. 

fold half of half

Turn the Sheet: For the next step rotate the paper 180 degrees.

turn the paper

Make a triangle at the corner: Drag the corner and make a small triangle at the corner.

paper fold

Repeat the previous step: Just like the above step drag another corner as shown in the figure and make one more triangle. Now you get a pyramid-like structure at the top.

triangle folds

Turn the sheet Now

Fold as shown in the figure.

paper fold

Make gates: repeat the previous step and now you will get a gate-like structure.

make heart from gum wrapper

Fold the bottom point of the corner: From the bottom fold of the corner. Now you will get one triangle as shown.

fold traingle

Triangle at both sides: Repeat the previous step just like before fold the next corner and make another triangle.

gum wrapper
heart with gum wrapper

Fold the entire sheet from mid: Now fold the entire paper from the mid.

fold half to sheet

Now you will get triangle at the top and two open areas at the bottom.

pyramid fold paper

Make small traingle on both sides: Fold both the triangle from the bottom and now you will two small triangles as shown below.

fold corners

Fold bottom points: At the bottom, you will get two points of the triangle. Simple fold it you are almost done.

repeat step

Hurray, your heart is Ready!

Heart with a Gum Wrapper

Your heart is ready to use. Now you can paste it on any gift or in your project to score better. This is how simply can make a heart with a gum wrapper.

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