How to wish teacher on Guru Purnima

How to Wish Guru Purnima to Teacher

 As the name suggests, Guru Purnima is a day set aside to honor our gurus and instructors. We honor this day by showing our appreciation and affection for our instructors. Here you will know how to wish a teacher on Guru Purnima.

On the day of the total moon within the Hindu month of Ashadha, Guru Purnima is observed. On this day, Ved Vyasa, the famous penman of the respected epic Mahabharata, was born.

In the hopes of receiving spiritual guidance and enlightenment from their gurus, the followers revere them. People pray to their God in worship to receive money, health, and success. On this beautiful day, millions of people take a morning bath and present their gurus with gifts, food, and sweets. They also shout prayers and sing traditional melodies in front of their guru.

The Sanskrit words “gu” and “ru” integrate to shape the term “guru.” Gu and ru each confer on the removal of lack of understanding or obscurity. Gurus are dubbed so due to the fact they assist us to research the suitable training and observe the proper path. They additionally dispel the darkness from our lives. Many human beings additionally assume that Gautam Buddha added his first sermon in Uttar Pradesh to this day.

Here are some greetings, messages, and phrases, that you can send to your loved ones on this momentous day.

Teacher Messages for Guru Purnima

  • “I am extraordinarily thankful to you because you are the only individual who has by no means given up on me.” I wish you a satisfied Guru Purnima, instructor.
  • “What gave me the braveness to hold on to transferring ahead in existence turned into the religion you continually had in me.” My instructor has my excellent desires for Guru Purnima.
  • With an instructor like you, who should make even the most tedious route sound fascinating, faculty turns into a variety of fun. I wish you a satisfied Guru Purnima.
  • The Guru constantly supports one in gaining information and is there for the student when they are experiencing difficulties.
  • A guru is a flame, not someone who holds it for you.
  • The goal of a guru is to cultivate disciples who can construct their image, not disciples in their image.
  • The dream starts with a teacher who has faith in you, pulls and pushes you forward to the next level, and occasionally sticks a sharp stick called “truth” in your back!!
  • An excellent teacher burns themselves out like a candle. to serve as a beacon for others.
  • Even though you are just a teacher, be a star for your students! Because of how their work affects the future of the planet, I think teachers are the most responsible and significant members of society. A guru extends a hand, expands the mind, and opens the heart!

Some lovely ways to gift your teacher on Guru Purnima:

We all enjoy our school days a lot. We have spent such a great time with our teacher. Although we say so many things to our teachers and also behave as if we hate them. But on the farewell day we all cry. Just because we cannot meet them again daily to them. Apart from this, we have si many of our tuition teachers and other teachers who are very close to our hearts. This guru Purnima is the occasion or the excuse to meet them and remember your memories.

Some gift ideas on how to wish a teacher on Guru Purnima

Hand-made gift

Our teacher is the one who teaches a lot of things But in return for that he did not expect anything from us. Just our good marks are the things which he loves to have from your side. This is not only a handmade gift because they have taught lots of students. But mostly students just go with time. There is no attachment or connection most of the time. Nowadays everyone has to think about their career and is also quite busy with their schedule. This will not take much time. There are so many videos available over the internet. Giving a few seconds easily can make any simple thing.

Memory letter

This is the gift which mostly like a lot. This is the personal attachment with your teacher. In this letter, you can write about the journey with your teacher. That letter will conclude the contribution of your teacher in your life. Simple close your eyes remember your journey with him and then write it. If you are good in Hindi so there is no worry can write in Hindi also. But if your teacher and you are good to get in English also so can use that language. For personal attachment, Hindi cconnectsemotions also so try to write in that. Although if want to go for English then also good. 

Hence for this letter, you just need a sheet and a pen. This is a budget-friendly idea also. And write the actual thing.

A thing that teachers like to keep

For this, you need to know a little bit more about your teacher. Have some conversation before about your teacher’s choices and preferences. However sometimes also observe there is something your teacher always carries. For example, my teacher likes to keep a pen in their pocket always because he feels that’s showing his identity. Apart from this One day, we were talking and when we have ask about his watch.  He told us will buy a new watch in some time. This is not working well. We have given that on that occasion although he had bought a watch for him before. But still wore our one daily. 

Wishing ideas on WhatsApp

When we have completed our academic year with our teacher. Due to our college or any other reason we are not able to meet physically. On WhatsApp, there are many ways to wish your teacher. We can create videos of our academic time or school. Send some audio messages. Put a message over status. Also, we can wish in the group so that everyone take part with us.

Send lots of mail to your teacher at a time

After this pandemic situation, we all are connected through the mail also. Our teachers are also checking the mail continuously but nothing is surprising. At a particular time we all a group of students can send the mail. Lots of notifications at a time will surprise you. 

My teacher also loves this way of wishing on this occasion. I Will recommend you do this idea.

Group video call

This is how you don’t have to spend any other time. Simple video calling to your teacher makes him feel special. And the important person to you also. Try to connect with a group that will have a better effect. 

Made a group video 

This is also a part of some amazing ideas. In this, you can create a long video by adding small videos recorded by some students. Or you can make a single video in the group also. But try to send some sweet messages. 

Small regular budget-friendly gift ideas

These are the general gifts which we mostly give to our teacher. Like a watch, a pen also, a card, chocolate, a shirt, a wallet, etc. There is a special thing in this that is for this we don’t have to think about that much. Easily we can buy it and if we don’t have time then also we can give it. It is one of my favourite to how to wish teacher on guru purnima.

Photo animation card

This is a new idea. It’s a card in which you can add a video or photo with the song proper. The video that we send over WhatsApp will be kept on the card. This card has a particular scanner by just scanning you can get the entire video. This has one important benefit your teacher can keep it at home our online data somewhere get lost. In that way, this will be safe with him. This card is not so much costly now hardly you can get it for 50 rupees. 

Group cake ceremony

As this title is also suggesting you can cut the cake in the group. Go to the institute, school, or at home anywhere your teacher is available to you. It is very good idea to how to wish teacher on guru purnima. Go there in a group and collectively cut the cake for him and have a small simple happy celebrating moment with your teacher. 

This Idea I also implemented 2 years ago from now. But this works my teacher was not so sweet kind of person. He seems to be so strict but such a kind-hearted person. He rarely expresses his feelings, but on that day he says thank you so much to do this for me. Just like me he already has some students who regularly do something for him every year but this time he found it very good.


Guru Purnima is such a happy day. So, above all, we have read how to wish a teacher on Guru Purnima. Because this is also the statement of Albert Einstein. We die when we stop learning. And the teacher is the one who is always ready to teach us. Some teachers have also supported us in our problem. Make them feel special on every Guru Purnima so that they also feel happy. This is the only motive of some teachers to do something for children. If we are good and achieve something. This will also change people’s mentality towards teachers. We Indians don’t have a teacher from ancient times. They are gurus. This says everything about them. 

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