Vegan Chocolate: All you need to know

Vegan Chocolate

Vegan chocolate is made without any animal products. There is a popular myth Dark chocolates are vegan but In any dark chocolate, still there are nonvegan ingredients. Normal chocolates are not good for people who are allergic to dairy products. 

Chocolate has an important significance in spreading happiness. On a simple occasion or event, this is the mandatory thing to share. Because this is not only sweet but also its taste touches our heart. But Does all chocolate have Vegan? The answer is yes. Vegan and non-vegan both types of chocolates are available on market but choosing because it has many health benefits.

What is a Vegan Chocolate

Generally in any chocolate Dairy products are added to enhance the taste to get the final outcome. Vegan chocolate does not have any animal or dairy-based products. If we want to check whether the chocolate is Vegan or not? Simply we can check the ingredient option. If there is no animal or dairy-based product then that chocolate is Vegan chocolate.

A chocolate bar usually includes chocolate Liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, and Vanilla. However, Vegan chocolate like highly dark chocolate has more than 50% cacao. These chocolate have Caramel, peanut butter, and truffle, filled with toffee chocolates. They are specially designed not to have dairy products. Some brands are there that also add some dairy products like milk. So be careful to check ingredients before buying.

identify  vegan chocolate

As per the variation of companies, there are many options for Vegan chocolates. If one type of Vegan is present then generally they do not add another type of Vega in it also not food like honey, refined sugar, etc. There are long debates also between many companies. Therefore they prefer not to add those products with Vegans.

Each Vegan choose their own composition to add in, to give their unique taste. But this is after considering the health, environment, ethics, and also with dietary preferences.

Making of Vegan chocolate

There are several types of Vegan chocolates like dark chocolate, which do not contain any animal product. This chocolate has alternatives to dairy milk. These chocolates have approximately 100% of Cocoa and chocolate matters. This can be between 65-100% also. 

Traditionally chocolate has to add milk but that is not vegan-friendly. 

Therefore some companies use other derivates of milk like coconut and other plant base milk. This gives the chocolate that creaminess and smooth flavor. So, In Vegan chocolates also have milk. In Vegan choco general ingredients are:

  • Cocoa butter
  • Cocoa powder
  • Chocolate liquor
  • Some special kinds of sweeteners
  • Vanilla

Some chocolates are also there which is not labeled as Vegan but they are as per they did not add any Daily product. A simple thing which we can do is we can check the ingredients and in which we found more Vegan chocolate ingredients that also we can choose.

There are words like ‘whey’ ‘casein’ or ‘lactose’. Actually, these are the components that are present in dairy milk. This is the way to hide Dairy ingredients and show Vegan chocolate. 

Is Vegan Chocolate Dairy Free

Vegan chocolates are totally free from Dairy products. By checking the logo on the packet of chocolate or checking the ingredient we can identify ourselves. Some people who are having allergies to Dairy products must choose this.

Vegan chocolates are divided into two categories: dark chocolate, which contains no animal-derived ingredients, and chocolates made with alternative dairy-free milk. The majority of dark chocolates are vegan because they do not contain any milk products.

Vegan Chocolates

Now, this is easy to find, and also this is present in many of the other ingredients also. This is no limit to the candy bars, but now flavoring icecreams, delicious cookies, cereals, and many more also have Vegan chocolate.

Do White Chocolate has Vegan

White chocolate only has cocoa butter. Naturally, cocoa butter extracts from the cocoa tree. Then in a specific composition, this add with some other ingredients like Sugar, Vanilla, milk products, and some amount of lecithin as an emulsifier. In a debate, white chocolate should not consider real chocolate also. 

Certainly, this is also in doubt whether it is vegan or not. As generally, chocolate has milk this is a great alternative to milk.  This is prepared with only plant-based sources like milk like oat, rice, coconut, or almond also. 

Vegan in Coco Butter

The name is also suggesting that cocoa is used naturally free of dairy, eggs, honey, and other animal-based components. Cocoa butter is extracted from cocoa beans. This is a type of fat. These coconut beans when roasted from the plant first they are extracted then, roasted, stripped, and then pressed, resulting in fat extracted from it.  

So, seeing all the ingredients and components this is concluded that it is proper Vegan as there is no dairy-based product added.

Vegan in Dark chocolate

This is the most contradicting topic dark chocolate is proper Vegan or not? They are not considered in the category of Vegan as there are some most important ingredients which are directly extracted from the animals. Those are milk fat, milk, natural flavor, and other ingred

How to check Vegan in any chocolate

There is a specific label on the packet. Through that simply we can find but there is some more key point which should also be careful for:

choosing vegan chocolate

Check the ingredients

Be careful and check the ingredient which is used to make it. If there are no dairy products then it is Vegan chocolate.

Ways to hide Dairy ingredients

There are some technical words like Whey, Casein, Lactose, etc. Ultimately they are the compounds that are present in dairy milk. By using this some companies try to make their products as VeganChocolate for more sales.

Other important ingredients which should not present

Some companies were adding milk products, and natural flavors to enhance the taste. Ingredients like refined sugar and honey are also not in Vegan chocolate. 

Percentage Composition of Cocoa

Generally in A pure Vegan Chocolate, 100% Cocoa is present. But sometimes some amount of dairy milk derivatives are also present there. So, it can vary from 65-100%. 

Vega checks by cholesterol percentage

On the pack, cholesterol percentage is mentioned. If there is more than 0% of cholesterol then it is not Vegan chocolate. There are some composition add which is responsible for cholesterol

Allergen statement to check Vegan chocolate

In vegan chocolate, they do not add the Allergen statement because that is due to the dairy products. And if there is no dairy product then how that can cause?  So, if Allergen’s statement is on the pack. That chocolate is not pure Vegan. 

Benefits of Vegan Chocolates

There are several benefits of eating Vegan chocolate. One of the best things about this is this is not harmful to anyone. There are no ingredients that are responsible for any type of Allergy. So people who are sensitive towards the food and its ingredients can also eat and experience the amazing taste of Vegan.

vegan chocolate

Cocoa Benefits

Cocoa enriches with many nutritional values so the higher the amount of Cocoa this is more nutrition for us. 

Contains Fibers

Cocoa has several fibers. This enriches with important fibers like iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, phosphorous, Zinc, and also selenium in it. If on average we intake only 100 grams of dark chocolate this will fulfill 98% of the daily requirement. And this is when there is only 71-85% of Cocoa is present.

Good for bones

A good amount of magnesium resulted in healthier bones. So, intaking it resulted in healthy bones. Also helps in the food processor in the body. 

The prime source of Antioxidant

Cocoa is really a good source of antioxidants. That helps in the purification of the body internally.

Decrease the risk of heart disease

Generally in dark chocolate, there is excellent fatty acid is present in such a good amount.


Vegan chocolates are a healthy way for dairy-allergic people. They can prefer this because of the lots of benefits of chocolates. There are various options available in the market for it. This is not limited to the candy bars, but now in flavoring icecreams, delicious cookies, cereals and many more also have Vegan chocolate.