Avoid Wrinkles: Best Antioxidant Foods

face wrinkles

A face with wrinkles is one that has aged skin that has fine lines. (the UK also wrinkled) A little line or fold in a piece of cloth. Everyone wants to have a healthy looking wrinkle-free face. A healthy appearance gives us the confidence from inside. We look what

Why do wrinkles occur on the face?

The weather is changing continuously. Even if it’s a sunny morning still it can be rainy in the evening. Our food diet everything is changing continuously. That’s the reason we have lots of problems related to skin, related immune system a so on. Wrinkles on the face are the most common thing which we can see easily now.

A person looks good naturally. Inside beauty makes matter more than outer looks. But still, we need to think about what is going out with our appearance too. Not for others but for ourselves for our self-confidence. Our confidence depends on how we feel inside. If we feel beautiful, we can work effectively.

This is part one of those things we are most worried about. Everything about wrinkles. What actually a wrinkle is? Why is this cause? How you can prevent it?

What are wrinkles?

For having an actual idea about wrinkles. First, we need to how our skin is made up from. The skin is made up of three different layers.

layer of skin

The top layer of skin

The top layer of the skin contains a thin part. That’s called the epidermis which means outside and this is the part that actually you can see on your skin.

The middle layer of skin

The middle layer is the biggest layer of the skin that’s the dermis and got all the blood vessels. Which supplies the epidermis with every needed thing. It concludes all follicles you can see it’s also got the oil glands. That helps to keep the skin soft too. So this is the main and the biggest part of the skin. They contain really good elastic fibers. There are collagen fibers that help to make our skin sort of bouncy.

The bottom layer of the skin

The very bottom layer contains skin containing hypodermis. That hypodermis is mostly made up of adipose tissue. That is also known as fat. That fat is also really good for cushioning and protecting.

So, when we think about wrinkles it’s actually happening. This actually happens is we have creases and folds within the skin. That we actually see on that outer layer of the epidermis.

These wrinkles cause due by many reasons.

There are four most important reasons:

Reasons of Wrinkles

Our body is directly connected to nature. We are directly affected by our surroundings. Our body is made up of genes that are part of nature. Nature is the main part that is affecting the genes directly. Wrinkles fall in this category perfectly.

General aging

this is the phase everyone needs to go through. We also have repeated facial expressions. We have two things that we can control so our exposure to UV and the Ultraviolet light from the sun. Then also our exposure to cigarette smoke. Which we can control as well.

As we are aging the changes in our skin are mostly in middle. Elastic fiber actually breaks down over time and becomes less elastic & stretchy.

It is like a hair band. Our skin at a young age is like a new rubber band. If it gets stretched out it will return back. But after aging, it can’t return back. Skin becomes dryer with the age. That’s the problem you need to face is that you lose this elasticity in the middle. Then the last thing with general aging for your skin is that you lose some of this cushiony.

Due to this skin starts to compress. And also started to folds that are the reason for these wrinkles. So, that’s real aging.

Repeated facial Expression

This also concluded with the different things that you do with your face. After a particular time, there’s a facial muscle that is controlling that so smiling right. Which causes wrinkles around your eyes, around your mouth, and crow’s feet. We have frowning right from and give you your frown.

Then you have to squint, So, if you are squinting at the sun or looking at a piece of paper. That’s going to cause those crow’s feet. So, that it would repeat facial expressions That causes trouble. The issue of repeated facial expressions is those muscles. They create little curves or contours that end up becoming permanent lines on your face.

That leads to wrinkles every time. What’s interesting about them Is that I don’t actually think that this is such a bad thing. Those rankle sometimes tell a story about a person when they are happy or sad. They have found very much as I smiled a lot so I have a lot of good crow’s feet.

UV (Ultraviolet light)

Well, UV rays do in addition to causing mutations related to skin cancer. Leading to skin cancers also leads to premature photoaging of the skin. Essentially, what’s happening is that dermis is breaking down the connective tissue. That causes the wrinkles again to indent and form within the skin so UV is a problem as well.

Cigarette smoking

The last and major cause of wrinkles that people face is cigarette smoke. So, we all know cigarette smoke is terrible for multiple reasons for different types of cancers. But not only that It actually causes constriction of these little blood vessels. Which appears when you constrict these little blood vessels up here. When you constructed these little blood vessels up here. The actual oxygen that you need so you have premature lines and wrinkles that form. People are smokers due to the lack of oxygen present there.

So, suffice this is already said that wrinkles can be caused due to multiple reasons. That you don’t control. Everything is a combination of your genes and nature.

You can delay the signs of aging with a simple diet.  When you are adding antioxidants to your diet. You are delaying the signs of wrinkles and aging. Mostly this is found in fruits and vegetables like:

Fruits for Anti-aging

  • Prunes
  • Raisins
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Spinach
  • Raspberries
antioxidant fruits

These fruits are also good for health. Besides them here’s what else you can include in your diet. Besides them include green leafy vegetables, veggies like

Vegetables for Anti-aging

  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Turnip
  • Brussels
  • Sprouts
antioxidant fruit for Wrinkles

Antioxident sources for face wrinkles


These are not only for wrinkles and skin aging problems. But they will also help with cancer. Vitamin C is a very good anti-cancer substance. This also helps in cataracts & eye problems.


This vegetable is extremely rich in Lycopene an antioxidant that protects one against coronary heart disease. Cancer of the lung, stomach, mouth, rectum, and prostate gland.


Garlic is another powerful antioxidant. It reduces high blood pressure. That reduces blood stickiness treating intestinal, respiratory, and skin infections Even heart disease.


Soybeans have isoflavones in them that help prevents aging caused by hormone imbalances. It also protects against breast and prostate cancers as dimers disease. Osteoporosis and heart disease if you are menopausal soy will help you manage your estrogen levels.


Blackberries, blueberries, blackcurrant, and black grapes are all rich in phytochemicals. It is a powerful antioxidant for great health.


Nuts are rich in Vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, and omega-3, fatty acids.

Include these in your daily diet and keep the signs against at bay curd and honey. Curd or yogurt is a great immunity booster. This is also good for your digestive system. Honey also helps with anxiety.

Living a healthy life can reduce the chances of having wrinkles. Click here tout Daily healthy routine.

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