Healthy Daily Routine with Ayurveda

Daily routine for healthy life

A healthy daily routine plays an important role in the living environment & our surroundings. We can also see the difference between us and our previous generation. Frankly, this change is not seeming so good we can see that our immune system isn’t that much strong as they have.

We are suffering from cold & other frequent diseases on a regular basis. That seems so normal to us but actually not. Although our surrounding is like this could be very simple to have. The human body is adaptable but not that weak. Some experts also advise us to have some changes in our daily routine.  Somewhere we can say it’s because of our food. What we are eating, what we are looking for.

Our body can accept changes easily the main thing is that we don’t take a very long time to accept them. It’s all about deciding. And implement strictly for 21 days. It’s become our habit. With nature, we should focus on our daily activities also, like exercises, food that we are taking, daily hygiene, etc. That resulted in a complete body.

The point that is noted to be is I am saying to have a healthy body not to start Gym or any other strict thing to do. Simply you don’t need to have a separate time for a healthy daily routine. A routine can have some simple changes in our daily routine which will give you these results. What are those? It could be our environment, food, society, lifestyle, or activities that we are doing.

How does Ayurveda Help in improving daily routine?

ayurveda routine

We can see our ancestors follow a particular daily routine. Let’s check can work for us also.  Carbon copy we can’t apply but we can take some things for our benefit. 

Our body is made up of five tattva- Vayu, Jal, Agni, Bhoomi, and Akash. This always plays an important role. If we are focusing on Ayurveda & want to have some effective changes.

Morning habits according to Ayurveda

  • Wake-up time: Ayurveda tells us to wake up between 4 to 5:30 (Brahma muhurta). Most of us knew about it. But the reason behind it is we never notice that much. Briefly, it’s because between this time our Kaph reduces &Vata activates. That’s why this time is very good to do exercises & yoga. This time is really good to get knowledge. If we sleep during this time mostly, we remember the dreams. Because during this period our mind is working effectively. When we wake up, we need to do these important things first:
  • Clear bowls at the very first moment: The first thing we need to do is to freshen up. Simply we can go to the washroom. So, the digestive waste will be going to keep away from our body.
  • Wash your face: Washing your face makes your skin healthier& also gives you freshness. It will help you have daily hygiene. When we sleep our cells start to work. If we are cleaning in the morning. Nowadays 90% of facial skin problems will reduce.
  • Clean your teeth: While sleeping we have an empty mouth for a long time. In our mouths, there are so many bacteria that are working continuously. That produces acids in our mouths. That acid works on our teeth & slowly makes them weak. Commonly we say bacteria, but this simple step will prevent your teeth.
  • Exercise or Yoga: You can simply do yoga or exercise. Time duration you can choose as your wish as the initial level.
  • Bathing Time: What to Choose Hot or Cold water for Bath? This is a frequently asked question about which kind of water we should use. Basically, as per Ayurveda, it depends on our body type. Which one do we are preferring? although it’s also depended on the outside temperature also. While washing your hair we should use normal water or in winter we can choose slightly warm water. Because hot water is not good for hairs & also it shows the bad impact on our eyes, lungs.

Point to notice: Just like our body our brain also needs some exercise. So, after bathing, you can do meditation. It strengthens our intellect also. This meditation we can also do through rituals like worship or praying. This is advised to do meditation with an empty stomach. After eating something our digestion starts to work. So, the blood supply gets busy with that.

Breakfast time as per Ayurveda

We should do breakfast after sunrise. Generally, we don’t feel hungry before sunrise. This is because after sunrise our metabolic activities started. Unlike western culture, Ayurveda advises us to eat something light. The reason is that our digestion system is at rest. Eat healthily but should be light.

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Lunchtime according to Ayurveda

This is the best time to have plenty of food also. At this time our digestion system works at a peak level. This time we can have heavy food. The practical thing is that in this time period we are doing physical activity also. That will use our stored energy & also result in good energy conservation in the body. We are advised not to sit or sleep directly after having a heavy lunch.

Nap in the afternoon good or not? We are advising you not to sleep for long hours in the afternoon. Yes, if it’s a very hot summer day so to conserve the energy we can have. A healthy daily routine will be beneficial. Generally, if we want to sleep in the afternoon. We can have a power nap.

Working Person: If you are in the office in the afternoon so during your lunchtime. You can have some quality time with your colleague or with friends. This will help you with mental health. During work, we have some stress or pressure work. This simple 10-15 minutes of sharing things will make you more productive. A small step is just like a drop of water. Sea is just a collection of that.

At home: We have major misunderstanding problems between us. If we are getting some time between our busy schedules we must have to spend it with our family. Indirectly it will give you a healthy & wealthy life. This helps you to achieve your goal.

Right Dinner time as per Ayurveda

We should complete Dinner just after sunset. This was a common thing in our ancient culture. If we are not able to take this time. We must have 2 hours of gap between dinner& sleeping time. This we should adopt in our daily routine.

These are general things that we can implement to have some effective changes in our daily life. Eating healthy, doing exercise, have a proper diet chart which we can follow. These are good but if we are having a really busy schedule, we can’t manage it. This is how you can have a healthy daily routine. The important thing is “HOW & WHEN YOU ARE DOING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHAT YOU ARE DOING”.

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After doing all the studies I will personally suggest you try these things. They will give you result in a short period but a healthy da will give you result for a long time. We all have different time preferences, works, and schedules but if we want some in life we need to take a step. This seems to be a very minor thing but this will provide you with a good result.