Sexual Dysfunction & Disorders In Men

Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction & disorders see when we look at sexual disorders the disorders are going to be based on the different parts of your sexual cycle.

Sexual Dysfunction and Desire Disorder

So the first part of the sexual cycle is desire and what does this desire mean it means you have fantasies about sex and you want to have sex this is called desire.

Males hypoactive sexual desire disorder

So the male hypoactive sexual dysfunction desire is a man who has a deficiency or absence of fantasies or desires now usually these disorders are psychological in nature or it could be physiological in nature so if you are having stress in your marriage then that could be a psychological component that would cause you to have these desire problems.

And if you have low testosterone and that would be more of a physiological issue and you tend to see a lot of this after surgery especially surgery for prostate cancer.

Sexual Dysfunction and Desire Disorder
Sexual Dysfunction and Desire Disorder

Sexual Dysfunction Arousal Disorder

let’s discuss sexual arousal disorder what does this arousal mean to see this is the second part of the sexual cycle and arousal is the physiological response to sexual excitation so for females its lubrication and for males its erection.

Female’s sexual arousal disorder

So women may have what’s called the female sexual interest arousal disorder. So these are women who are unable to achieve adequate vaginal lubrication now this could due to hormonal or it could medications such as may antidepressants or anticholinergic medications.

Male Erectile Disorder ( Impotence )

And in the case of males, they have what they call male erectile which is simply called as impotence. So what is this erectile disorder see this is nothing bad it is the failure to achieve an adequate erection until completion of the sexual act men how this disorder at about a 10 to 20 percent lifetime prevalence and it has a point prevalence of about three percent and also half of the men treated for this disorder complain of importance or erectile dysfunction.

Of course the older you are and the greater the incidence of erectile sexual dysfunction is. And you also see greater incidence in patients who are smokers and that is of course because it affects the vessels as is true for diabetics. So what do we need to determine about male erectile dysfunction or its psychological? If it is physiological then men would not have erections during REM. So the way that we can do this is that we can do it as a postage stamp test where you get postage stamps and you wrap them around the penis the man goes to sleep if he wakes up and the role has broken then we know that he had an erection, therefore, this is not purely physiological.

Snap Gauge

The next one is the snap gauge or nocturnal penile tumescence plethysmography and all that is that you are in a lab they got monitors on your penis when you are in REM they will know that you are in REM and they’re going to detect whether you have an erection or not if you have an erection then again we know that it is not physiological but it may be psychological.

So what psychological issues can cause erectile sexual dysfunction function marital conflicts may be an individual who’s older and may have fear of failure once the diagnosis of male erectile disorder is confirm then you may want to treat these patients with sildenafil, or tadalafil and these, of course, are viagra Cialis you have seen plenty of commercials related to these disorders.

Orgasm Disorders Or Sexual Dysfunction

Orgasm Disorders Or Sexual Dysfunction
Orgasm Disorders Or Sexual Dysfunction

And then we have the orgasmic disorders where the disorder itself is in the orgasm.

So these are women or men who are unable to hu and orgasm.

Female Orgasm Disorder

If it’s a female we call it that female orgasm disorder and these are women who cannot achieve an orgasm even with masturbation so what we have to do is basically we need to teach this woman about Anatomy need to teach them how to use vibrators etc understanding that a small percentage of women over the age of 35 have never issued an orgasm.

Premature Ejaculation

Now for men we have something called premature ejaculation over the men ejaculates before or immediately. After entering the vagina this has typically associated with early sexual dysfunction experiences. Where most of them were either in the backseat of a car with a prostitute. So in these situations, time is of the essence so these individuals learn in these situations to how to do this sexual activity very quickly. In other cases when you are really very anxious about the sexual act. Then you get this situation call it as premature ejaculation.

So the treatment of this disorder is either behavioral techniques or medications the behavioral techniques are the stop-and-go technique and the second one is squeeze technique stop-and-go technique is when the man is having sex and he is thrusting when he is about to ejaculate he stops and he starts, again and again, he stops whereas in another case the squeeze technique is that the partner stimulates the man and when the man is about to ejaculate the partner squeezes the glance of pennies again stopping the ejaculation right and what you are doing in both of these cases like stop-and-go technique as well as squeeze technique.

So what are you going to do in these two techniques is that you are delaying the time before you ejaculate therefore you are treating this problem whereas in another case we also use the medications such as SSRIs these are the ideal drugs because one of the side effects of SSRIs is slow down of ejaculation.

Paraphilic Disorders In Sexual Dysfunction

Now we have paraphilic disorders. So now let us review the basic terminology. The first one is pedophilia. See, pedophilia is when you have sexual urges toward children and usually these children are under the age of 14 which means they are prepubescent. And because once these children develop secondary sexual dysfunction characteristics, what happens is the interest of pedophiles has vanished in them and this is the most common of all the paraphilias. Unfortunately followed by the exhibitionist he is that individual that exposes his or her genitals to a stranger the voyeur is the word that peeps in through your window while you are naked or engaging in sexual activity or anything else and this is a paraphilic disorder that is the earliest to develop.

Whereas the next term is the sadist he is the one that likes to inflict pain, likes to beat you up and tie you up followed by the massagist. He is the one that likes to receive it, likes to beat, abuse, etc followed up fetish fetishism is when you focus sexually on a non-living object, for example, women’s pantyhose panties shoe stockings, etc.


Now the transvestite fetishism involves fantasies or actual dressing by heterosexual men in female clothes for sexual arousal so what does this mean? See, when most of us think of a classical transvestite we usually think of a gay man who dresses in women’s clothing right but this form of transvestite is different this form calls it as transvestite fetishism it’s not a classical transvestite so in this case transvestite fetishism is a man who is heterosexual who wears women’s clothing for sexual pleasure so this could be anyone who under his three-piece suit might be wearing some female underwear or a female bra and that is what makes this individual have sexual pleasure right and this is not a classical transvestite rather it is transvestite fetishism.

Fraud Tourism

Moving on to fraud tourism or the frontier he’s that man who rubs up against you I’m bill achieving orgasm now, of course, you are fully in wearables right and you tend to see these men riding on busy subways buses trains, etc. And they usually ejaculate within minutes followed by ZOA philia is when you are using animals and sexual fantasies or practices followed by copra philia he is that one who is combining sex with defecation moving on to Euro philia is when you are combining sex with urination necrophilia is when you are having sex with cadavers it’s nothing but dead human bodies.

Now moving on to hypoxia philia see hypoxia failure is where when you experience a hypoxic event and this hypoxic event is going to heighten the sensation of the orgasm nothing but when you have a hypoxic experience this is going to increase the sensation of orgasm and this is usually achieved through a technique called auto-erotic asphyxiation where you could have someone who’s choking themselves while they are masturbating the choking which results in loss of oxygen is going to increase the sensation of the orgasm this is called hypoxia philia and this can also be issued with poppers a mile nitrate and nitric oxide.

Genito-Pelvic Pain Disorder

And then we have the pain disorders and the first disorder is the genital pelvic pain disorder formerly call it as dyspareunia this is an individual mostly women who have pain during or after intercourse this is usually psychological in nature and it is not due to any physiological or any medical condition and the treatment is individual psychotherapy because the reason they have pain is for psychological reasons.

For example, they have taught that sex is bad or only bad girls enjoy sex maybe they have the fear of impregnation. So these are all issues that need to treat for this genital pelvic pain disorder and lastly.

Penetration Disorder

We also have penetration disorder which is used to call as vaginismus. And these are women who experience involuntary constriction of the outer third of the vagina preventing penile insertion right again this is also psychological in origin may be religious upbringing fear of impregnating etc. Right and the treatment will usually relax and Hager died letters so you have dead letters of different sizes that just keep getting inserted until you relax and do not cause any constriction.


Dealing with your heart and vascular wellbeing is the most important phase in treating Erectile sexual Dysfunction. Your PCP might recognize “risk factors” that can consider to the next level.

You might approach to change your dietary patterns, quit smoking, support your exercises, or avoid utilizing medications or liquor. You might have offered options in contrast to the drugs you are taking. (Never end or change physician-recommended meds without first talking with your PCP.)

Your PCP may likewise encourage you to resolve intense subject matters. These could be the aftereffect of conjugal difficulties, life stressors, bitterness, or uneasiness from past ED issues (execution tension).

The accompanying medicines are accessible to straightforwardly treat ED.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments
Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Painless medicines regularly endeavor first. Most of the most notable ED treatments are compelling and safe. In any case, it’s smart to counsel your PCP about the possible antagonistic impacts of every choice:

In the United States, the most normally recommended phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors are oral meds or pills (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Stendra)

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (when low testosterone is distinguished in blood testing)

Infusions into the sperm (ICI, intracavernosal Alprostadil)

Drug for the urethra (IU, Alprostadil)

Erection Vacuum Devices

A few more youthful men with a background marked by serious pelvic wounds might profit from penile embed a medical procedure to dodge penile supply route harm. For old men with solidified conduits, penile vascular medical procedure isn’t encouraged.

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Oral Drugs (PDE5 inhibitors)

PDE type-5 inhibitors are prescriptions that upgrade the penile bloodstream. These are the main oral prescriptions for sexual dysfunction endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States for the treatment of ED.

  • Viagra ® (sildenafil citrate)
  • Levitra ® (vardenafil HCl)
  • Stendra ® (tadalafil)
  • Cialis ® (avanafil)

Men with ED ought to take these pills around a little while prior to having intercourse for the best outcomes. Ordinary nerve capability to the penis is expected by the prescriptions. PDE5 inhibitors improve typical erectile reactions by expanding the bloodstream to the penis. Take these drugs precisely as recommended. Around 7 out of 10 men perform well and have better erections. Diabetes and malignant growth patients had diminished reaction rates.

You SHOULD NOT utilize any PDE5 inhibitors assuming you are taking nitrates for your heart. Prior to utilizing a PDE5 inhibitor, consistently talk with your primary care physician to find out what it might mean for your well-being.

PDE5 inhibitors regularly have unassuming unfriendly impacts that continue simply for a brief span. Coming up next are the most widely recognized incidental effects:

  • Migraine
  • Nose blockage
  • Flushing of the face
  • Muscle torment Indigestion

In uncommon circumstances, the medication Viagra ® could cause impermanent blue-green obscuring of vision. Cialis ®, in uncommon circumstances, could cause or deteriorate back uneasiness or harm muscles toward the back. Most unfavorable impacts have connected with PDE5 inhibitor consequences for different tissues in the body, and that implies they are attempting to upgrade the bloodstream to your penis while likewise influencing other vascular tissues in your body. This is definitely not a ‘hypersensitive response.’

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone Therapy might fix typical erections or help when matched with ED drugs in those uncommon situations where a low sex drive and low blood levels of Testosterone are at fault for ED (PDE type 5 inhibitors).

Vacuum Erection Device

A vacuum erection gadget for sexual dysfunction is a plastic cylinder that fits over the penis and structures a seal with the body’s skin. At the furthest edge of the cylinder, a siphon makes a low-pressure vacuum encompassing the erectile tissue, bringing about an erection. The foundation of the penis is then enveloped by a versatile ring. This keeps the blood in the penis (hard) for as long as 30 minutes. With adequate preparation, 75% of men might accomplish a working erection utilizing a vacuum erection gadget.

Intracavernosal (ICI) and Urethra (IU) Therapies

Assuming oral drugs are ineffectual, the medication Alprostadil has the authority for treatment in men with ED. This medicine is accessible in two structures, contingent upon how it will directed: intracavernosal infusion (alluded to as “ICI”) or through the urethra (called “IU treatment”).

Self-Injection Therapy

An exceptionally dainty needle is utilized to infuse alprostadil into the side of the penis. It is truly valuable to have the underlying chance managed by a specialist prior to endeavoring this all alone. A specialist expert ought to show you how to infuse yourself in your primary care physician’s office. With this methodology, the achievement rate for getting an erection sufficiently firm to have sex is basically as high as 85%. ICI can save numerous men who don’t respond to oral PDE5 inhibitors.

To treat ED, ICI Alprostadil can utilized with two different meds. This “bimix or trimix” mix medicine is more strong than alprostadil alone and has turned into the standard treatment for ED. Just the Alprostadil part has endorsed by the FDA for ED. A specialist wellbeing professional can change the measurements of each medication reliant upon the seriousness of your ED. Your primary care physician will show you how to infuse, the amount to infuse, and how to appropriately build the medication’s dose if fundamental.

ICI treatment as often as possible outcomes in a steady erection that endures 20-30 minutes or until the peak. Since the ICI erection hasn’t constrained because of your penile nerves, it isn’t is business as usual that the erection endures after the climax. A drawn-out erection is the most common adverse consequence of ICI treatment. You can switch to drawn-out erections (>1 hour) in the workplace with a subsequent infusion (cure).

Men who experience penile erections that persevere for more than two to four hours ought to go to the ER. Priapism has characterized as an erection that endures for over four hours. It’s agonizingly difficult. The inability to treat priapism will bring about irreversible penile harm and hopeless ED.

Intraurethral (IU) Therapy

A little sedated pellet of the prescription Alprostadil has placed in the urethra for IU treatment for sexual dysfunction (the cylinder that does pee of your body). You don’t need to try yourself out in the event that you utilize the medication along these lines, however, it may not work as well as ICI. IU Alprostadil, as ICI treatment, ought to attempt in the workplace prior to being utilized at home.

The most ordinary IU alprostadil secondary effects are a consuming sensation in the penis. In the event that an erection endures over four hours, it will require clinical consideration to be feeling better.

Careful Treatment

The essential careful treatment for ED ( sexual dysfunction ) is the situation of a penile embed (likewise call it penile prostheses). Since the penile vascular medical procedure has not demonstrated for matured men. Those who have bombed oral PDE5 inhibitors, ICI, or IU therapies, inserts are the following stage. In spite of the fact that setting a penile embed is a dangerous medical procedure. It has the most elevated paces of viability and fulfillment among ED treatment techniques.

Penile inserts are gadgets that have totally embedded inside your body. They make an unbending penis that takes into consideration ordinary intercourse. This is a brilliant choice for expanding continuous closeness and making connections more unconstrained.

Semi inflexible Implant (Bendable)

The most fundamental sort of embed is built of two effectively bendable poles, which normally consist of silicone. These silicone bars give the hardness expected to sexual dysfunction entrance into a man’s penis. The embed can turn vertical for intercourse or descending for peeing.

Inflatable Implant

Liquid-filled chambers are put longwise in the penis with an inflatable embed. Tubing interfaces these chambers to a siphon situated inside the scrotum (between the balls). At the point when the siphon has turned on, the strain in the chambers swells and hardens the penis. Inflatable inserts produce an ordinary-looking erection that feels normal to your friend. Your specialist might encourage you to utilize grease on your companion. Men can deal with the immovability and, at times, the size of their erections with the embed. Inserts permit a couple to be personalized according to their own preferences. As a general rule, there is no distinction in a man’s sentiments or climax.

How is the Surgery?

Most of the penile inserts are set under sedative. On the off chance that a patient has a fundamental, cutaneous, or urinary plot contamination. This strategy has postponed until all diseases have in dealt with. On the off chance that a person is utilizing blood thinners. He ought to talk with a specialist about halting the medications for elective medical procedures and recovery.

Penile Implant Recovery Time:

Ordinarily, just make a single small careful cut. The cut is either over the penis. Where it associates with the stomach or beneath the penis where it interfaces with the scrotum. There is no tissue evacuation. Regularly, blood misfortune is insignificant. A patient will either return home that very day or remain in the emergency clinic for one evening.

Most men will have torment and will feel improved in the wake of taking an opiate pain killer for one to about fourteen days. After the principal week, non-opiate pain killers (like acetaminophen or ibuprofen) might be fill in for opiate pain killers.

After the methodology, you will have an inconvenience, swelling, and enlarging for half a month.

Men ought to limit their active work for the main month. During the recuperation time, the specialist will let you know when and the amount to work out.

Men regularly start having sex with their penile inserts two months after the medical procedure. Assuming that there is tenacious enlarging or torment, the embed’s utilization might be slow down. The specialist or a medical care expert at the specialist’s office will make sense of how to expand and flatten the embed.

The prosthetic medical procedure has perils, and patients have told before the therapy. On the off chance that post-usable contamination creates, the embed will doubtlessly take out.

The gadgets are trustworthy, however, in case of mechanical disappointment, the gadget or a piece of the gadget should carefully supplanted. Other non-careful medicines may at this point not compelling on the off chance that a penile prosthesis has taken out.

Most men who have penile inserts and their life partners are in satisfaction with the results. And have gotten back to more closeness.

After Treatment

Aside from embedding a medical procedure, all ED treatments are just in progress for intercourse and afterward wear off. The medicines lighten the side effects yet don’t resolve the hidden issue in the penis.

In the event that operations neglect to create the ideal outcomes:

Changing the measurements (for PDE5i, IU, or ICI alprostadil) as coordinated by your PCP might be useful.

Rehashing the guidelines might uncover a missed stage in the treatment plan.

Taking into account another way: When different methodologies come up short, profound/relationship directing. A vacuum erection gadget or a penile embed are feasible options for the requirement.

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