“Masturbation” Good Or Bad For Brain

Masturbation effects on brain

Masturbation is good for our brain or bad. How this habit developed. And how it is going to affect our brain in the short and long run. And what are the reasons behind all this? So this is going to be a very informative blog we will discuss in deep. So read it fully and try to understand what I am trying to make you understand it is very important.

Masturbation Is Destroying Your Brain

Masturbation Is Destroying Your Brain
Masturbation Is Destroying Your Brain

How masturbation is destroying your brain and your life let me tell you about masturbation. How it begins early in your life as just a habit or a way to release tension. And then it becomes this devastating effect of the slippery slope into a problematic use. Which then usually ends up in addiction. And I know nobody likes to use this word. And honestly, I don’t like to use it either. But if you’re doing it and you can’t stop that’s a problem and it’s called addiction.

Now let me tell you how it starts. So typically what happens to people if they develop this really strong masturbation habit? It is because when they were young. They found it as a release from the neglect or the turbulence in their family. When they were a child usually in their teenage years. What happens when someone finds pornography? And especially if it’s coupled with masturbation. What happens is your brain gets this incredible release of dopamine that it cannot get out in the world.

Masturbation Effects On Teenager’s Life

Masturbation Effects On Teenager's Life
Masturbation Effects On Teenager’s Life

But when you’re young and you’re a teenager if your family of origin as we call it in the business. And if your home environment is chaotic. Maybe it doesn’t have stability. And you have not nurtured and given love to your family from your parents.

You know the way I see it is parents that have well intended. Most of them just they only have a capacity for what they had taught by their parents. And I know for many parents. If we go back to generations they have not given a ton of nurturing love. You may not have gotten that so in those teenage years. When you found the habit of masturbation and especially if you’re coupling it with any type of pornography. What happens is that coupling becomes intense. And it is like you are getting the love and the nurturing. That you are 13-year-old brain needed so desperately.

Back then you found a way to do it for yourself but what you are 13-year-old self didn’t realize is that it was going to become a habit that you needed across your entire lifetime to soothe yourself so what happens is first it is a habit of pleasure and to escape the family or the life that is challenging for you as a teenager.

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Brain Releases Happy Hormones During Orgasm

During orgasm, the brain releases numerous helpful substances, including dopamine, often known as the happy hormone; endorphins, the body’s natural pain relievers; and oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. All of these hormones are useful to your brain and body in a variety of ways, as they work together to improve your overall well-being.

But in the brain, a switch has flipped, and when it flipped on. We know that it’s a chronic switch. So when that switch flipped on in your brain, it has not flipped back off. So now you have to go out to your habit. And you have to go masturbate more and more or at least frequently on a schedule not for pleasure now but to escape the pain of your actual life. Now the kicker is your life it may be actually a joyous life that is lovely and fun. But what happens in your brain is it is getting this immense dopamine dump every time you masturbate. Especially if it has coupled with something sexual or pornography.

You are getting 40 or 50 milligrams of dopamine dumped into your brain. And in your real-life experiences that only gives you a 10-milligram dump into your brain. As it has supposed to that’s home space homeostasis that’s the way it has supposed to be for you.

Your brain has only supposed to get that much of the neurotransmitter. So that you can feel joy so joy is lower levels of pleasure. But healthy levels make it so that if you’re jet skiing with your friends. You feel like you’re having fun and you’re excited. But it isn’t this just an incredible rush. So now that’s what masturbation does it makes it. So 10 milligrams in your life are no longer adequate. so to be able to feel like you can get through your life now you need to go back to your habit and give a little dump into your brain and then that will linger around and then you’ll get back to your life you’ll muddle through it until you can get back to your habit again to give you that dopamine release.

Masturbation Is So Destructive In Long Run

Masturbation Is So Destructive In Long Run
Masturbation Is So Destructive In Long Run

Now, why is this so destructive over time is because you can no longer exist in the world without going back to your masturbation habit now so many people don’t even know that this is happening they don’t get it they think it’s good for them they think it’s a tension release and that it’s a de-stressor but they don’t realize it’s actually causing all the stressful feelings that they have in their world.

that having dinner with friends and family isn’t boring it’s actually very pleasurable just on a lower level and that everybody else in the room is really getting a lot of joy out of it and there’s no joy for you because you need quadruple that amount of dopamine to feel any type of pleasure and to get away from the pain so how do you break that habit.

Well If you’ve been doing it for a very long time it is not going to be easy and when it comes to the withdrawal effects of not having so much dopamine dumped into my brain and that’s an awesome question.

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How to Break the Habit of Masturbation

What you need to do is you can work out, especially if you work out to exhaustion we know that can create levels of dopamine you can do things that are extra exciting like I just talked about so you can go jet skiing or you can go rock climbing do something that you’ve wanted to do that provides thrills and excitement but gives you a little bit more of a dopamine release than you might get from just playing cards with friends and family.

Because that’s going to dump it into your brain and offset that withdrawal from your habit okay so how do you really break the habit in the long run?

It is simple but not easy as you can imagine so simple in that what you’re looking for in the masturbation habit like I told you is to offset the pain of your reality and get a little feeling of pleasure so the real way to reboot it is to find the thing in your life that makes you feel completely on purpose and that can either be your work or a hobby or hopefully it’s both and I’ve changed careers multiple times in my life I was thinking about this when thinking about advising you to find your purpose.

I have changed careers a few times and it’s never because I didn’t want to do the thing I was doing before it’s always because I felt more on purpose I felt a draw or a pulling to the new thing which has landed me here because I feel a pull I feel like I’m one of a thousand people who know how dangerous this is becoming for you and for your family and for society because it’s gonna mess you up and it’s gonna mess up your interactions with your family and then that messes up how families interact in the world slippery slope.

If you can find a way to make your days highly purposeful and then you pattern interrupt with neurofeedback and you add those activities that give your brain a little dump of dopamine while you’re offsetting withdrawal from your masturbation habit you will be on your way to breaking that habit for good and in the long run you’ve actually set yourself up with a life of purposeful engagement that isn’t painful to do.

Now that’s the most important thing that you can do because that creates a permanent reset for you if you’ve just tried to stop masturbating or just tried to stop watching pornography without adding something that excites you more hopefully then it will be difficult.

For example, it’s kind of like you know that you are wanting to lose 10 pounds. Which is when you lose weight and you want to lose 10 pounds. That doesn’t sound that exciting but if you’re training for a marathon or if you’re trying to become a better boxer you get excited. Because you have always psyched to get down there to try to learn some new combos. And you can feel yourself getting better at many combos. You have not worried about if weights come off you are trying to crank out some new combos.

So get on purpose and rock out your best life and you won’t even miss all the time that you’re wasting artificially dumping dopamine into your brain you’ll be doing it naturally creating a better life for you your friends and family and the world okay so now remember to control your brain or it’ll control you.

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