High Cholesterol Impact on Body

high cholesterol

Technically this term is popular with hyperlipidemia. Cholesterol is fat. In the human body, many different cells produce this. Most commonly this is in the liver, sometimes in the blood. It contributes to our diet also.

Is Cholesterol  Important to our body?

This is surprising to know. Some of that is essential for the normal functioning of the body. Actually, this provides the proper structure of the cells in the body. That is also essential for making hormones such as testosterone. However, the Doctor may be concerned if discovered to have high levels of Cholesterols in the blood.


In some cases, this can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. That increases the chances may suffer a stroke or a heart attack. That is through the development of fatty deposits within the blood vessels. This is mostly famous for the word Atheroma.

Doctor reviews that there are different types of Cholesterols in blood. That indicates the real risk to someone’s profile. Whether there is any need for intervention.

Good Cholesterol

 Generally, we all have heard about good cholesterol.  Actually, this is HDL (high-density lipoprotein). This shows protective effects on cardiovascular disease.

Bad Cholesterol

A bad Cholesterol is LPL (low-density lipoprotein). This has a negative effect. Which increases the risk of Cardiovascular disease.

Cause of High Cholesterol

We know generally, that we all have circulating Cholesterol within the blood. Different people have different levels of it. The noticeable thing is that all have different ratios of good to bad cholesterol. It is known to be influenced by genetics. Some people with high cholesterol may find this runs in their family also. This can represent a genetic disorder in how your body controls your levels of it.

Diagnosed with this genetic condition that may doctor generally use.

high cholesterol

Familial Hyperlipidemia

Generally, doctors use this term. This is very clever but rarely. This just stands for family high blood fat. The ethnic group can also influence the risk of high cholesterol with the highest seen amongst those patients. Amongst that patients from southern Asian countries several other factors. This may also increase the risk but cannot be readily changed. Such as being of male sex women who have also experienced early menopause.

Older individuals also have a higher cholesterol likelihood of having higher cholesterol tested. Certain other medical conditions also have the potential to influence your cholesterol levels. These include Obesity, Hypothyroidism, kidney and liver disease, and excessive alcohol consumption.

Symptoms of high cholesterol

As a result, it’s likely that your doctor won’t diagnose excessive cholesterol in you until after he or she orders a blood test.

Your doctor may however be able to identify some rare signs of it. Including arch Cialis which is Cholesterol deposits seen on the cornea of the eye.


Which are cholesterol deposits seen around the eyes and xanthomas which are cholesterol deposits sometimes found on the tendons.

Diet impact on Cholesterol

A proportion of Cholesterol circulating in our blood originates directly from the food we eat. Therefore diet forms an important factor in managing it. Well, a balanced diet helps a lot to overcome it. However, it is unusual that dietary changes alone will be effective enough. In many patients, meditations can also be a good way to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Also, it also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Plant sterols, stanols & fish oils

Some important products are easily available in the market. Like plant sterols, stanols, and fish oil.  Whilst there are several practical examples also. Where it has shown its practical impact of it in day-to-day life. Currently, there is some uncertainty as to whether that also reduces the risk of strokes or heart attacks. Fish oil contains omega 3 which is also helpful in this.

However, this cannot place an effective level of balance diet. This means a balanced diet is the best way to overcome this.

Reducing cardiovascular risk

high cholesterol

Stop frequent Smoking

There are several lifestyle choices also which will help in lowering cardiovascular risk. Sometimes it also reduces the risk of heart attack or a stroke. Generally, to overcome this doctor advises stopping frequent smoking. The form of smoking cessation reduces alcohol intake to comply with the nationally recommended allowance.

Physical activities

Increasing physical activities not only increases your cardiovascular fitness. But also a very effective way to lose weight. An overweight person generally faced cardiovascular disease. We need also want to ensure radical conditions. High blood pressure and diabetes.

When to see a doctor?

One must visit to doctor. The doctor will review blood tests in combination with several more factors. They

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