Best UFC Fighters of All Time

Best UFC Fighters of All Time

The UFC is one of the top famous boxing leagues. This was stated in 1993 but at that time it was not that populated. When Dana white was selected as the president for this. It takes a huge loving audience. Now it has covered a large audience. And there are multiple fighters who have given their best. From different weight categories, we can see multiple great fighters. Here, is the list of the Best UFC Fighters of All Time.

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva​

He is the middleweight champion of UFC. He has broken the record of the longest title reign in the memorable history of this boxing league. This is part of the 16 continuous records. He wins from everyone from Chris Leben. All his efforts and deviation towards the game are really appreciable and memorable. These thing is making SIlva an inspirational influenced legendary fighter. 

He is one of the most famous and top-ranked players of his time. However, He was the winner for continuous 6 years. UFC was at a great level successfully it was popular in the Japan and UK. but when he comes to the league he becomes the most famous and record-breaking player. He even destroys a lot so records. He also breaks unbreakable records like the record of Brazilian the best player. 

Nobody can slow him down. He did not stop there he fight against Irvin. And defeat him very well. He was winning and winning again but between this, he have to face failure too. Layer Weidman had successfully won against him in the year 2013. There is a rematch between them in that Silva has to suffer a lot. During this time period Silva get injured, he had an injury to his leg at this time. Instead of that he came back and fight again. He had won one match only over the last six matches. 

This means a lot to him but he does not lose his will to be the best. But the overall approach and his achievements make him the best player ever. To overcome the loss he started to take drugs. He got two positive drug tests. This resulted in him being considered the top latest player but not being the part of the Best UFC Fighters of All Time. 

Jon Jones

Jon Jones was the top-ranked player of his time. He was the champion not for a year, for a couple of years but was the winner for decades. The one heavy-weight champion ever seen. He started his career in the championship from an early age. Then he becomes the youngest champion in the history of UFC. He got this achievement at the age of 23.  

He Plays Lightheavyweight & heavyweight championships. There are lots of awards he had achieved like:

  • 4x Fight of the Night
  • 2x Submission of the Night
  • Knockout of the Night
  • Performance of the Night 
  • Youngest UFC Champion (23 years old)
  • UFC Hall of Fame

Archived belt: Lightheavyweight

These are all the achievements he got at the age of just 23 years 11 times. After winning it he moves to the next level. He was the winner for decades. Than He won several matches. Jone has fought with the Shogun during the UFC light-heavyweight championship. In the next match with Rashad Evans and Lyoto Machida, he suffered from injury. Then he has to pass tougher tests. 

It is the turning point of his life. He got suspension from the league. Due to the positive drug test. It is how there is a sudden change in his life. Then he fights for the next 5 years to justify himself. He also got success but this does not help him to be back in the field. He has the capability to be the best in the higher levels also. But despite that, he has to be there only. This is not impacting his spirit and his dedication to the work of Best UFC Fighters of All Time. 

Georges St. Pierre

Georges St. Pierre ​

The George St. Pierre creates a better record than the others. With his achievements and dedication to his work, he had become one of the best boxing players. He was the dominating athlete not only in UFC but also the best player in MMA too. In a single decade, he has won 20 matches. During this winning, he faced two large failures too. That had broken him from the deep corner of his heart too. One defeat was from Matt Hughes, another one with Matt Serra. 

There are lots of achievements like St. Pierre’s title shot. He is one of the greatest wrestling players who has created history. At that time he was non beatable fighter in the league. He was the ultimate fighter. The first shot of St. Pierre was in 2004 at the age of 20 years only. In that he got failure. Due to the overawed by Hughes. But this was the set off of the first dominant run only for GSP. 

That time was really quite difficult for all the wrestling players. When everyone was losing hope and will he overcame all the challenges. After that, he also reclaimed his previous loose from Serra. More impressively he wins many other matches too. He is the one who has not only defeat the situation but also won them. It was the time of the Octagon four years. This was the phase when he does not come back and not succeeded in becoming Best UFC Fighters of All Time. 

Stipe Miocic

Stipe Miocic is the most defending and the most unbreakable player. He was a great defender in the heavyweight championship. There is a well-set great record of winning two-win matches out of three. His history shows back to roar with a vengeance after all the setbacks.

At current times he has won many of the matches where he was the top winner. In the Great UFC championship fight he is the most dedicated fighter of all time. His consistency and the deviation of him was really the motivation source for the other payers too. He was the player for heavyweight.  There are a lot of awards won by him like

  • 5x Performance of the night
  • 3x fight of the night
  • Knockout of the night
  • Belt: 2x Heavyweight

Moicic was mostly considered the best heavyweight fighter. That weight category has a different role from the others. Heavyweight has the knockout rounds. But in that toughest race also he has shown his best in the championship. 

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