Mouth Ulcers: Causes, Prevention, and Treatments

mouth ulcers

An open sore on the skin within your mouth is referred to as a mouth ulcer. They usually develop in response to either trauma (such as biting your cheek) or internal changes (such as stress and anxiety). The spot is typically spherical or oval, white or grey, and has a red edge around it.
They are usually seen on the inside of your lips, cheeks, or tongue. It’s important to keep in mind that mouth ulcers can cause a little health risk. They could be uncomfortable when eating, drinking, or brushing, but they usually get better on their own.

Causes of Mouth Ulcers

You can have mouth ulcers for many reasons. Here we have mentioned some reasons, if you see such symptoms then you may have mouth ulcers.

    • If a sharp tooth keeps rubbing on one place inside the mouth, it can cause an ulcer.
    • Sometimes ulcers also occur due to the deficiency of vitamins in the body.
    • If you take too much stress, you can get ulcers in your mouth.
    • If you take antibiotics for a long time, then it kills the good bacteria present in the stomach, then due to the deficiency of vitamins in the body, ulcers occur.
    • Mouth ulcers also occur due to the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, and tobacco.
    • Alcohol triggers nicotine stomatitis (a reaction that occurs inside the mouth), which causes ulcers.
    • Apart from this, some diseases or infections also cause ulcers in the mouth, such as HIV, autoimmune disorders, and some infections such as – Herpes. The doctor can examine you and tell you what is the cause of the ulcer.
    • Even if you are not able to sleep properly due to any pressure, then you may have mouth ulcers.

Things to avoid prevention of Mouth Ulcers

Many times, because of some of our faults, it is hurting. If you avoid these errors then you can be prevented mouth ulcers.

    • If there is any sharp tooth in the mouth, then definitely get it checked by the doctor and get it rubbed and blunt.
    • Apart from this, oral hygiene is very important, so make sure to brush twice a day and do not forget to brush after eating food at night.
    • Your toothbrush should not be hard, always use a toothbrush with soft bristles because if you already have a problem with ulcers, a hard toothbrush can hurt you.
    • Increase the number of vitamins in your body by eating fresh fruits and green vegetables, by this you will not get vitamin deficiency.
    • Even after this, if your ulcers are not stopping, then you can go to the doctor and get treatment.

Mouth ulcer Prevention Tips

Here are some mouth ulcer prevention tips.

    • Keep your mouth clean. If your mouth smells, then brush it twice a day.
    • In addition, avoid acidity.
    • Avoid eating spicy things or too much-fried food.
    • Do not consume bidi, cigarettes, or tobacco.
    • Drink 3-4 liters of water in a day. Sometimes ulcers also occur due to drinking less water.
    • Eat fresh fruits, and green vegetables more.
    • If you have been taking any antibiotics for a long time, then eat curd things. Yogurt contains lactobacillus, which helps in relieving your ulcer.

Mouth Ulcer Treatment

Most mouth ulcers get cured on their own, you should look into such ulcers which do not cause pain and are there for a long time. So consult a doctor as soon as possible. Most mouth ulcers do not require medical attention. However, if you experience mouth ulcers that are really severe, a number of remedies and home remedies can ease and speed up recovery. These include:

    • Using various topical pastes to cover ulcers with baking soda paste.
    • Saltwater and a mouthwash containing baking soda and milk of magnesia can be applied to the ulcer. It will help you to get relief from ulcers.
    • Applying ice to the ulcer to reduce pain and swelling using a steroid-containing mouth rinse.
    • Using Wet Tea Bags to Treat Ulcers.
    • Using topical treatments containing benzocaine, such as Orajel and Ambesol, if you have nutritional deficiencies such as vitamin B9 (folate), vitamin B12, zinc, and iron.
    • The use of herbal remedies such as licorice root, myrrh, and echinacea. (can come in various forms, such as tea or oil)

When to go to the dentist or doctor

If any of the following symptoms occur, consult a doctor or dentist about your mouth ulcers:

    • If you have large black blisters in your mouth then you should see a doctor.
    • Normal mouth ulcers get better in 7-8 days, but if you have ulcers for more than 3 weeks, you should see a doctor.
    •  If there is no pain in the ulcer.
    • Your ulcers get spread on the lips and you find it very difficult to eat or drink anything.
    • Even if ulcers are not getting cured with natural remedies or home remedies, consult a doctor.
    • Whenever you have blisters in the mouth, high fever, or diarrhea, it can be a cause of major illness, so without delay, see a dentist immediately.


Mouth ulcer is a very minor disease, it gets cured within 7-8 days, but whatever time it lasts, it gives heavy pain, and you may have difficulty in eating and drinking. Having a mouth ulcer tells you what is the deficiency in your body, so if you see some such symptoms inside your body, then try to cure them. It is better than home remedies for mouth ulcers that you should consult a doctor, he will be able to tell you the reason properly and cure it.

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