Benefits of keeping Wisdom Teeth

benefits of keeping wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the final sets of teeth that people get in their early 20s and it is an asset that benefits you if you properly nurture them. But usually, people removed them because they are at the end and proper cleaning is not possible. They generally don’t create such problems but the eruption of these can be very painful.

What are Wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third molars that are found at the back of the mouth. They are popular as the last adult teeth as they are the last ones to come into the mouth. There are four wisdom teeth in total at the back. Two are on the top and the other two are on the bottom. As they are at the back of the mouth it is difficult to clean them. As a result, this will lead to tooth decay and gum diseases. It is not mandatory that this problem will start soon. But these teeth require more care for prevention.

Benefits of wisdom teeth

Benefits of wisdom teeth
  • Wisdom teeth provide support to the other teeth at the back.
  • It helps to maintain bone in the jaw.
  • It is beneficial for the health of the Temparo mandibular joint.
  • If you keep your wisdom teeth healthy you can avoid unnecessary surgeries.

When you can keep your wisdom teeth

You can keep your wisdom teeth  in the following cases and get the above-mentioned benefits:

  1. If they are healthy.
  2. If they have fully erupted
  3. If they are in a good position
  4. And you are cleaning them properly. 


The infected wisdom teeth have many benefits but side by side they can cause problems. So, there are some symptoms that indicate that your teeth are infected or damaged by bacteria.

  • Bleeding gums
  • Swollen red gums
  • Pain and swelling in the jaw
  • Bad breath
  • Difficulty in opening the mouth

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Causes of infected wisdom teeth

As already mentioned wisdom teeth grow at the end of the mouth. Usually, it gets infected at the age of 25. Sometimes the wisdom teeth can emerge with the second molars. It happens when the teeth don’t have the space to grow naturally. When they grow with second molars they become crowded and can be impacted. Sometimes it is partially impacted which means the crown is visible. On the other hand, it is fully impacted which means it can never break through gums.

The growth of these teeth can be in different forms:

  1. Angle towards the second molar
  2. Angle towards the end of the mouth
  3. Right angle to the other teeth
  4. Trapped within the jawbone

Benefits of removing Wisdom teeth

Benefits of removing Wisdom teeth

There are times when we feel extreme pain and it seems that there is a need to remove our wisdom teeth. In this case, it is necessary to remove it to get rid of the pain. The removal also can benefit you in many ways.

  • Less crowding

When wisdom teeth grow it will create problems for the other molars. Because they grow anonymously and if at the time of growing they didn’t get the way to make their space. They automatically push the others to make their space. You can even use braces to align the teeth but if you remove them, it will be better for you.

  • Reduce the risk of oral disease

Generally, all dental cavities and gum diseases are caused by infected wisdom teeth. And the treatment of this is very difficult. These types of bacterial infections affect the nerves and enter the bloodstream, this is known as sepsis, a life-threatening disease. It can also affect the rest of the body.  

  • Prevents jaw damage

It can become a home for the bacteria and that can cause tumors which will damage the jawbone and cause temporomandibular joint pain. That can be treated by a TMJ specialist.

  • Prevent the second molar

The infection can weaken the roots of other teeth and can cause cavities and bone loss. As you know it is difficult to clean and this can infect other nearby teeth. If you remove wisdom teeth, it can prevent you from the costly surgeries of root canals and fillings.

  • Reduce orofacial pain

Gum sensitivity and tooth sensitivity can be possible if we remove the third molar. As a result, we can enjoy meals. It can cause chronic headaches but after removal, we can get total relief from these pains.

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 Alternatives in place of removal

  • Proper care of teeth

It is very difficult to clean as they are at the end of the mouth. You can use cleaning tools to clean these parts. Then your teeth can be preventable from any damage.

  • Cavity filling  

If there is no such damage to the teeth you can fill the tooth structure. There is no harm in filling it.

  • Removal of the gum

If you are suffering from partially infected wisdom teeth, then also it is a home for bacteria and if you remove the gum, you will destroy their home. They will not be able to infect others anymore.

  • Irrigation

Irrigation is a process, used to clean the partially damaged teeth to get rid of the bacteria that is the main reason for the infection.

  • Visit your dentist

You can visit your dentist for a cleaning or for regular checkups. He can suggest to you whether there is a need for the surgery or not. And also he can give you medicines if the pain or damage is treatable.

How to clean Wisdom teeth

Whenever we talk about wisdom teeth, the main issue that always arises is cleaning. As you know they are at the back so it is difficult to reach there while brushing. If you want to keep your wisdom teeth make sure to clean from the back also. 

  • You can also use mouthwash rinse.
  • Use a toothbrush containing a tapered brush as it will reach the end.
  • Use an irrigator, and a small plastic syringe to rinse the third molar.
  • Floss teeth at least once a day
  • Saltwater is also good for cleaning the wisdom teeth


It is very difficult to keep wisdom teeth but it has many benefits. If you want to keep these teeth you have to give them proper care. Also, regular checkups will also benefit you to get regular updates about your wisdom teeth. So, follow the above steps and keep your wisdom teeth healthy.

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