Why does my Stomach Hurt When I Wake Up

why my stomach hurt

Everyone must know that most diseases arise due to a lack of nutritious food. If our stomach is fine, no disease will arise in the stomach. Sometimes you cannot understand why your stomach hurts. There are many reasons for stomach pain. Here we are mentioning a few that can hurt your stomach.

Causes of Stomach Pain In Moring

Most of the time, stomach aches are not serious and go away on their own within a few hours or days.

why my stomach pain happens


Constipation is one of the major stomach problems. It can lead to more serious diseases. There are many reasons for being constipated. If we consume more cooked vegetables or more fried things, then there can be a problem of constipation. Because the body has to work harder to digest fried food. Some people’s diet is low in fiber like vegetables and fruits, due to which constipation also occurs.

Another reason for constipation is that this intoxicating food gets stuck in the intestines of our body and you are not able to give your body the amount of water as it should, eventually due to its sticking, a dirty rot arises in it and they leave the rest of the body. Does not allow substances to come out easily. as a result, If this is not taken care of, then later major diseases arise like cough, asthma, and later Tb. At the same time, you feel full throughout the day even though you have not eaten anything and you also feel hurt in your stomach.

Remedies to relieve constipation

  • To remove constipation, you can do exercise or morning walk for at least 10-15 minutes, this will increase the movement of the intestines and make it easier to pass stool.
  • Apart from this, you can drink hot water in the morning. This hot water will go into your intestines and try to remove the sticking material. Rather, you should drink 1 glass of hot water daily in the morning, so that your stomach will always be clean.
  •  If you do not get relief from constipation in a week, then definitely get tested, because constipation can take the form of a very serious disease.
  • Along with this, it is important to have up to 20-30 gm of fiber in your food, such as – Green vegetables like spinach, and fenugreek. Along with this, you should consume fruits like pomegranates and apples regularly.
  • The most important thing is that you should chew your food properly.


Having periods is also a reason for abdominal pain. Every girl has her period at a regular time. There is weight loss in the body of girls at an average time in periods. Many periods are quite normal at regular intervals, but many times, some girls start having abdominal pain before the period. If they have to take pills to reduce the pain at the time periods, then it can be a serious problem. Painful periods are scientifically called dysmenorrhea.

Causes of Painful Periods:-

If you have an infection in your cervix lining, uterine wall, or fallopian tube, you may have painful periods. Sometimes a neoplasm is formed in the uterus, due to which you can have painful and heavy periods. Sometimes blood gets accumulated in the fallopian tube and does not get a place to drain it, due to the accumulation of blood in one place can lead to inflammation and scarring, which can lead to painful periods.

Remedies to get rid of painful periods:-

Place a bottle of warm water on your lower back and abdomen. Also, you can massage your lower abdomen and back with essential oil. You should avoid food items that cause water retention and bloating. Also, you should avoid salty food, high amounts of caffeine, and tea. Avoid smoking as it causes pain during periods. You should try to add the herbs like cinnamon and turmeric the periods will be very beneficial during the periods.


Acidity also sometimes causes pain in the stomach. In this, along with abdominal pain, discomfort is also felt in the upper parts of the abdomen. Due to this, the stomach appears bloated, sour belching or nauseous.

Causes of Acidity

Acidity is mostly caused due to improper digestion of food. Apart from this, stress and weakness can also be due to acidity. Irregular routines such as staying up late at night, eating late at night, and sleeping less are other causes of acidity.

Remedies to Treat with Acidity

Spicy food and an excessive oil diet should not be taken to avoid acidity. Apart from this, we should also not consume tea or coffee. If possible, exercise should be done for at least 20-30 minutes on a daily basis, this keeps our stomach as well as the whole body right.


Usually, morning stomach hurt is nothing to be alarmed about. Inflammation of the peptic ulcer, IBS, IBD, constipation, and indigestion are a few frequent morning stomach discomfort causes. You should go to medical help if your stomach hurt lasts or gets worse, or if you have any other unsettling symptoms.

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