Natural Ways to Manage Period Problems

Ways to manage period problems

Hello, Every woman goes through a menstrual cycle and the cycle ranges from 21 days to even 45 days. It regularly comes every 20 days, every 30 days, and so on. Many problems occur during periods, like irregularities in periods or menstrual pain, We will discuss Natural Ways to Manage Period Problems in both conditions. And how to get rid?

So, First of all, let’s discuss,

Natural ways to manage Irregularities in Periods:-

Irregular Periods problems

If periods coming regular there is no problem at all, But when it becomes irregular then there is a problem. It could become painful, it can affect your mood, and it brings uncertainty to many other activities of your life. So, it is an irregular period that should be handled and it can be removed with a yogic way of living.

So, Here are some methods we will discuss with you that help bring irregularity into regularity in period problems

1) Hip Bath

The first, thing we will strongly recommend is a hip bath along with yogic asanas. Hip bath is a technique when a person goes for a bath, he has to spend 10 minutes more in the bathroom.

First, she has to fill water in a tub and have to sit in that water, holding both her knees with her arms. So you are sitting in a tub and hips are in the tub and legs are outside the tub. Sitting in this position do one exercise, which is called Ashwini mudra. Ashwini mudra is the contraction and relaxation of the inner muscle and vaginal muscles.

So sitting in the water person should contact the inner muscle tightly pull upwards and relax. Contact vaginal muscles tightly pull upwards and relaxed. This tightening pulls upward and then relaxes, this person should go on doing it for at least 4 minutes and then, a person should still sit in the water and relaxed. This hip bath should be done regularly and till start getting your period in regularity. Very a very effective exercise because it really helps the uterus and the fallopian tube, function very well. So automatically person get better and better and periods start coming normally without any pain without a problem.

2) Eat Unripe Papaya

Green unripe papaya is considered to regulate the menstrual flow. It contracts the muscle fibers in the uterus. Consume unripe papaya, make grated unripe papaya, make a salad out of it, make vegetables out of it, and juice it. Only don’t take this during menstrual periods.

3) Take Ginger Water

Taking ginger every day is the most important natural way to manage period problems. Take a pinch of ginger, grate it with water and drink that water with little jaggery or sugar. This will help you to manage period problems.

4) Manage your Weight

Being overweight is any case problem for many, but understand when people do lots of workouts and sweat out and reduce weight suddenly, that also creates a lot of problems. Deficiencies arise, and many more factors come in the way. Manage your weight Overweight and obesity definitely cause problems but understand that sudden loss of weight also can cause problems. Nowadays, people want to make zero figures. People start doing lots of workouts and all that now such sudden changes in lifestyle is going to create more problems. So try and do whatever you want to do but gradually maintain a standard weight for your body, and that would help your body come back to normal health.

5) Yoga Asanas

Yoga asanas are very very useful to bring hormonal balance into our body. Certain asanas are regularly by every woman. There are some asanas:-

  • Hastapadasana
  • Bhadrasana
  • Vakrasana
  • Yashtikasana
  • Hastapadangushthasana
  • Dhanurvakrasana
  • Sarvangasana

All these asanas are very much required for the pelvic region of women. The pelvic region has to be very active. Walking very often, getting up and moving around is all we have to do all day. But certain asanas should be done twice or even thrice. So, try and see that when you do all these asanas automatically.

6) Most effective natural way to manage period problems is by doing Meditation

Stress is one of the major causes of problems. If the person is under stress all the hormones are getting totally disturbed and so, to bring the secretion of hormones back to a normal person should be doing meditation. A person should learn to sit quietly and see and that the cluster of thoughts is reducing Relax and sit peacefully stop thinking, stop getting tense, stop getting worried, and just be in a peaceful happy stage. It would help you to bring balance into your body. Make sure among meditative techniques you need to do these two techniques:-

  1. Sitting in sukhasana and just watching your thoughts.
  2. Nishpanda Bhava-It is a motionless state of mind, Listen to some sound which is in the atmosphere, Be in a very passive listening state and that would be a very beautiful meditation and it is a really very effective Way to Manage Period Problems.

Second, problem is,

Natural way to manage period problems that is:-Menstrual Pain:-

Menstrual pain main period problem

The irregular period can be very easily managed if a person follows the path of yoga. Yoga is the answer to all such problems, so here are some natural ways to manage period problems easily:-  

Menstruation is when the uterus sheds its lining in the woman, menstruation is a normal phenomenon, every woman goes through it, it should not cause any pain as such, but sometimes when there is pain in some, it hampers the activity very badly, it destroys your whole day, practically 2-3 days woman is under problem and here we should do something about it, we should do something to prevent it and if there is a pain, what to do? some natural remedies are there, but we have to work on ourselves, there is somewhere some congestion, some weakness some deficiency and so such things arise, try and use these natural remedies and be free from pain.

Here are some Natural Ways to Manage Period Problems:

1) Heating Pad

A heating pad or hot water bag in the stomach and the back muscles will help in relaxing the muscles and so overcoming the pain, you can do this once or twice a day, rather more if required, a warm bath or shower can also give you a soothing effect in a day.

2) Dietary Remedies

Add anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic herbs, they are fennel seeds, saunf, cinnamon and ginger, all these 3 ingredients should be added to your herbal drink, boil these things in water and drink this fresh, it would help, even peppermint tea could be very calm, food rich in boron can minimize your period pain, consume avocados, bananas, chickpeas, and peanuts.

3. Minimize intake of saturated fats and trans fats

Minimize dairy products and processed foods during the period, and increase plant-based unsaturated fats like almonds, walnuts, sunflower, seeds, and flax seeds.

These are the following yoga techniques to ease the pain: supta bhadrasana, supra bhadrasana releases the tension of your groin, abdomen, and inner thighs, another asana is matsyasana, which releases the stain on your lower abdominal region; setu bandhasana, to exercise your pelvic floor muscles; ushtrasana, to release the congestion of the abdominal muscles, and then Shavasana and makarasana, to relax your entire body.

All these asanas would help in relieving menstrual cramps. Nature is there to protect us, nature is there to help us not give us the pain we create because of our bad habits, because our bad thinking, because of our tension, our food habits are wrong, we eat junk food and refined products, package products. These things have to be avoided and a person should just see that during this period of time, which is a sensitive time, your body is a little warmer also, your body is going through a change, you help your body not to add stress but for relaxation.


So all these things which we have discussed with you right now, follow these things systematically. Try and see that you do these asanas properly. Avoid eating junk food. Try and see that you are mentally also free from tension and worry. Unnecessary thoughts should be avoided. Learn to be calm. So, these are some natural ways to manage period problems.

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