Why Do My Teeth Hurt?

Why Do My Teeth Hurt

Many times we feel pain or any sensation in our teeth. This is found in a survey that approximately 20% of Americans are facing this problem. The good thing about it is that most of the problems can cause by dentists easily. But it comes again if you do not do the proper care of your teeth. So, it is quite important to know why do my teeth hurt. So, that we don’t have to face the problem again.  

Experts describe various factors that can cause tooth sensitivity, which is characterized by a sudden, sharp pain when eating or drinking certain substances. These factors include exposure to extreme temperatures, gum recession, enamel erosion, tooth decay, gum infections, cracked teeth or crowns, sinus infections, grinding or clenching of jaws, recent dental procedures, and use of teeth bleaching products.

Gum recession occurs when the gum tissue surrounding the tooth wears away, leaving the roots of the tooth exposed and vulnerable to infections. Excessive brushing or a highly acidic diet can cause enamel erosion, which can lead to the wearing away of the enamel that protects the teeth. When tooth decay reaches the nerves of the tooth, it can cause pain, also known as a cavity. Gum disease can also cause tooth sensitivity.

Other causes of tooth sensitivity include clenching or grinding of the teeth, recent dental procedures such as fillings or drilling, and the use of teeth bleaching products. A sinus infection can also cause tooth sensitivity as the inflamed sinuses can compress the nerve endings of the teeth.

To alleviate tooth sensitivity, practicing good oral hygiene, including regular brushing and flossing, using a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth, avoiding highly acidic foods and drinks, and seeking dental treatment for underlying dental problems as cavities or gum disease.

Due to Tooth Decay

There might be a cavity in your teeth. In this situation, a layer is starting to produce on top of the tooth. They cover the upper part and slowly result in tooth decay. Generally, the risk of germs gets increases when you eat too much sugar-contained food. Or after that, you do not take care brushing your teeth. 

Due to Extreme Heat or Cold

Our Teeth are directly connected to the nerve cells. When you eat something extremely warm or cold there is some sensation. There is some sensation in the teeth. Tooth sensitivity is due to the tooth enamel or nerves in your teeth. When you eat or drink something extremely hot or cold. Most of the time feel sudden pain or sensation in their teeth.

Changes in temperature can cause cracks in tooth enamel. Thermal shock is due to a sudden temperature change. Even small changes in temperature cause the dentine and enamel to expand and contract at slightly different rates. Teeth become more sensitive and discolored over time.

Due to Gums

Gums are of pink color. They make a layer at the top of the teeth. It directly acts on the nerves of the top. Gum tissue starts to build a layer which is the result of the gum sensation. This leaves the exposure of your teeth. It makes teeth more vulnerable and infected. Due to this, we have to face extreme pain in our teeth.

Taking a High acidic diet

This is also called Enamel erosion. There are some bacteria present in the mouth that are helping in the digestion of food. But when they act they act as a result they produce acid in the mouth. If we intake so much acidic food this can result in a bad situation. Slowly it can result in tooth decay too.  

Acidic foods and beverages weaken the enamel that protects your teeth, a process known as tooth erosion. This alters the appearance of your teeth and allows bacteria that can cause cavities or infections to enter. This is why teeth hurt.

Infection Due to Gums

This is a kind of virus that is present in the teeth. It can stay there if you intake a lot of sugar-contained food or not brushing your teeth twice a day. This virus slowly starts to act on your teeth. Resulting in extreme pain or tooth decay. This is the reason why do my teeth hurt.

Taking Lot of Sugar Contain Food

When we intake a lot of sugar contains food, the bacteria start to act. If we do not brush the teeth after a long duration they start to hurt the teeth. In this process, acid is produced as a by-product which starts to decay the teeth and results in extreme pain too.

Your Daily Chewing Things

Chewing on hard objects is a bad habit that can seriously harm your teeth. Many people develop the unhealthy habit of chewing on foreign objects such as pencils and pens. It is also common to bite your nails and chew ice.

Crack in the tooth

Due to the gums, Tooth decay, or taking too, much acidic diet the tooth starts to crack. It can be due to some other reasons also like a sinus infection. This can cause extreme pain in your teeth. It compresses the nerves which cause pain in your teeth. You cannot see the cracked tooth with the naked eye. Because they are too small to see. 

Grinding or Clenching the Jaw

Grinding or clenching the teeth. This act slowly in your teeth. And start to decay the layer of your tooth slowly. It is the habit of so many people. And on this, we do not focus so much. But this has a great impact on your tooth. It works so mysteriously on your teeth.

Why Do My Teeth Hurt

Gentle Procedure on Teeth

When the dentist refills the tooth. They need to do the drilling there. It can make your tooth sensitive also. This result can show after a few weeks of tooth filling. So, this is to advise you to be careful while going for the filling or any other procedure for a tooth. 

Dentists are only human, and even a minor movement of the hand can result in a cracked or chipped tooth, an incorrect wound, or, worse, an incorrect extraction. Having said that, even if many dental accidents are the result of unintentional errors, a dental professional can still be held liable for the resulting damages.

Use of Tooth Bleaching or Whitening Products

Now we have so many products which we are using like whitening gel, bleaching products, etc. These are helping to have bright and shiny white teeth. But we do not focus on the cons of these products. Some products can result in extreme pain in teeth also if this is done frequently. This pain can stop if you stop the use of tooth bleaching or whitening products. So, we need to be careful while using these products. 

When to See a Doctor

To overcome this extreme pain you need to do some immediate action. Do, that there is no permanent harm to your teeth. Some things you can do at home also but for some other cause, you need to go to the Dentist as well. If the pan is extreme first you need to take an appointment with a dentist. Dentists will suggest you many other things to have the proper care routine for your teeth.

Like he can suggest to you which toothpaste should use if you have this problem. He will prescribe you some medications too which help you reduce the pain immediately. If you are at the early stage of tooth pain you should not ignore it. Because in the early stage you can have the best solution and also you don’t have to face the problem in future.

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