Best Pinot Noir That One Must Try

Best Pinot Noir

One of the most beloved wines in the world is Pinot Noir. Its smooth, fruity taste and easy drinking style make it a perfect wine for enjoying with friends or family any time of year. Many people choose to serve it during Thanks giving and Christmas meals, but it’s also delicious paired with roasted chicken, beef, or pork dishes. Some of the best Pinot Noir wines are mentioned below.

Domaine Lecheneaut Les Pruliers 2016

Domaine Lecheneaut Les Pruliers 2016

Les Pruliers have a vibrant colour. When it is young, it asserts its personality. Fresh red fruit aromas mingle with fine plant fragrances remind of wild prunes, as well as licorice and spiced rose notes. Mature, depth, and roundness conceal a rigid final frame. Aromas of cocoa smoked meat, and undergrowth will detect. Age produces a generous and sensual smoothness.

The nose is rich, complex, and powerful in this wine. The palate is intense, and rich, with notes of blackcurrant, cassis, cherry, and spices. Lovely spicy sensation, with good length. A brilliant wine that is definitely one of my favorites.

2019 Beaux Frères Doration Pinot Noir 

2019 Beaux Frères Doration

The 2019 Beaux Frères Duration Pinot Noir is a beautiful wine that features layers of dark fruit, spices, and a long finish. This wine is perfect for enjoying with food or on its own. The winemaker is Mikey D. Etzel, who has a long history in the wine industry and has visited over 150 wineries across France and Italy. He is very passionate about winemaking and makes outstanding wines that reflect the style and terroir of the region.

The grapes for the 2019 Beaux Frères Duration Pinot Noir had grown in Burgundy, a region in France known for its delicious wines and rolling hills. The wine makes using traditional winemaking techniques, including hand-harvesting and carefully monitoring the fermentation process to ensure the wine, has all of the flavor and complexity

2017 Copain Tous Ensemble Pinot Noir

2017 Copain Tous Ensemble

The 2017 Copain Tous Ensemble Pinot Noir is a red wine from Napa Valley that produces in a limited quantity. This wine has a distinct flavor that pairs well with a number of different dishes. It is the best way to enjoy with linguine with tomatoes, grilled salmon, beef wellington, and mushroom pasta. This wine retails for $27 per bottle.

This wine was produced from grapes grown in the Napa Valley by Bill Foley of Foley Estates in Carneros, California. The grapes were harvested by hand in early September and then gently pressed to extract the juice. This process ensured that only the highest quality wine was produced.

2021 The Marigny, St Reginald Parish, Carbonic Pinot Noir

Marigny Carbonic Pinot Noir

The Marigny is a charming neighborhood in the heart of New Orleans’ French Quarter. The winegrowing area of St. Reginald Parish is located just a few blocks away, and the vineyards themselves are part of the magnificent landscape that makes this area such an appealing place.

Pinot Noir is a wine that can make in several styles, including Chardonnay and Zinfandel. This wine prepares from pinot noir grapes that have been fermented with carbon dioxide gas instead of ethanol. The result is a much lighter-bodied wine that is naturally lower in alcohol content than traditional red wines.

These wines tend to have much more complexity and flavor than traditional red wines. Because there is no oak aging involved, the flavor profile tends to be very similar to that of fresh fruit. The wine is medium-bodied with flavors of black cherry, raspberry, and vanilla. It is crisp and refreshing with a slightly tart finish.

2018 Corazza Pinot Noir


With an absolutely gorgeous nose of blackberry, raspberry, and cassis, the 2018 Corazza Pinot Noir offers up layers of flavor on the palate, with a beautiful mix of blackberry, raspberry, and cassis leading to juicy, ripe fruit notes, with hints of cinnamon, toast, and cocoa. The wine has lots of body and a lovely silky texture in the mouth with a long finish. This wine can enjoy on its own or pair with a wide range of dishes including grilled meats, cheese, pasta, and salads.

2021 Angeline California Pinot Noir

2021 Angeline California Pinot Noir

Angeline is the top-of-the-line Pinot Noir from California. The wine is light and delicate with a cherry flavor. It has a great acidity that balances the sweetness of the cherry. This wine pairs well with fruit or chocolate desserts and would go great with grilled salmon.

The term “Angeline” refers to the pale color of this wine, which is achieved by using less skin contact in the winemaking process than some other red wines. This results in a lighter-bodied wine that still has plenty of flavors.

2020 Flowers Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

2020 Flowers Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

The 2020 Flowers Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir is a wine with great potential. It is a beautiful and delicious wine that can be enjoyed by any palate. The wine has a light, refreshing taste that is perfect for any occasion. This wine pairs well with appetizers, kinds of pasta, and light dishes. It is also great when served with desserts like chocolate or cheesecake. Mostly, the flavor balances perfectly to produce a great wine that is delicious to drink for any occasion. This is a great wine to enjoy with friends or at dinner parties. Overall, this wine is a great value for the price.

2016 LaRue Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

2016 LaRue Sonoma Coast

The 2016 LaRue Sonoma Coast is an anticipated wine. The wine produces from 100% Pinot Noir grapes grown in the Alexander Valley. The winery discovers in 2005 by Aaron LaRue and specializes in Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and sparkling wines. Over the years, they have won numerous prestigious awards for their wines. Their wines widely distribute throughout the United States and internationally. They currently produce over 100.000 cases of wine each year.

2017 Brooks Janus Pinot Noir

2017 Brooks Janus Pinot Noir

The 2017 Brooks Janus is a delicious wine that will delight lovers of fine wines. This wine prepares from 100% Pinot Noir grapes and has a lovely bouquet that will tantalize the senses. The Brooks Janus Pinot Noir 2017 has a dark color, flavors of dark cherries, and hints of vanilla.

This award-winning wine ages in oak barrels for 10 months to give it a distinctive flavor. It has a smooth texture and a long finish that makes it perfect for pairing with a meal. At $39 per bottle, this wine is affordable and is the perfect complement to any meal.

Bread & Butter Pinot Noir

Bread & Butter Pinot Noir

Bread & Butter is all about the juicy red fruit. Think cherries and raspberries with a hint of cassis. Delicate hints of cedar, smoke, and bay leaf cut the sweetness of the fruit, resulting in a well-balanced bouquet. The luscious fruit bouquet carries over to the palate, where it joins through soft oak flavors and savory notes. This Pinot Noir has a long and beautifully smooth finish that will melt in your mouth.

Pavette Pinot Noir

Pavette Pinot Noir

The Pavette Pinot Noir is a blend of 60% pinot noir and 40% Chardonnay. Mostly, the grapes are hand-picks and fermented in small, traditional oak casks. This wine has a fruity, spicy flavor with notes of cherry and apricot. The Pavette 2016 has a 14.5% alcohol by volume. It’s available for $20 a bottle at select liquor stores.

The best way to enjoy this wine is to serve it with beef or lamb, at a temperature between 55°F to 65° F. Pair it with a fresh green salad or pizza for a flavorful meal. If you are looking for a delicious dessert, pair this red wine with a chocolate truffle cake or a chocolate pecan pie.

Bouchaine Pinot Noir

Bouchaine Pinot Noir

Bouchaine is the oldest continuously operating winery in Carneros, a region on the southern tip of Napa Valley. Boon Fly, a Missouri-born settler, planted grapes and fruit trees on the property in the late 1880s. Johnny Garetto, an Italian winemaker, bought the land in 1927 and farmed it until 1961 when he sold it to Beringer. Gerret and Tatiana Copeland purchased the dilapidated winery twenty years later and transformed it into a cutting-edge winery.

The wine has a deep ruby color. The bouquet features ripe strawberries, cherries, rose petals, and spices. The palate is smooth, with lush red fruit, vibrant acidity, and silky tannins, resulting in an easy-drinking Pinot Noir that is ready to drink now.

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