Ways to make a difference in someone’s life

Ways to make a difference in someone's life

In this busy world, we don’t even have the time to talk to someone or listen to what a person is talking about. We all are busy in our own world and we even don’t care about the things that are happening around us. But these small things can make a big difference in our lives. Making a difference in someone’s life is a big statement, but every small effort made by us can make this difference possible. 

To make a difference in someone’s life

There are some ways in which we can make a difference in someone’s life. It is the possibility that its impact may not be that great but it will definitely contribute something to that person’s life.

1. Always smile

always smile

It is worth noticing that if you put a smile on your face, it will definitely put a smile on others’ faces. No matter if the person is totally strange to you, they will surely smile back at you. As we are so busy with our respective work that we have forgotten to smile. 

Just seeing the smile, the person can even forget all the problems in his/her personal life. It will just uplift your mood for a second, but if we see a larger picture we can give happiness to a person. 

Imagine the smile on a child’s face, that smile can give you a feeling of peace. I know the image is enough to make you feel good. So, if we all also smile for other people, how great they will feel and one more thing matters that you will also feel good. 

2. Talk to people

Talk to people

Like in old times, we generally just talk with the people and we feel lighter. But nowadays as technology is growing, we are giving much time to social media. We generally don’t talk to people much now. 

Even in our families or with friends, earlier we used to talk with them about how our day went or how are we feeling, or if we want a solution or suggestions on something. But now we just don’t bother to talk, we just take them for granted. But internally we know that this can be only solved by them only.so, just talk with your heart out. 

Sometimes, it will also help you in just solving the old grudges with people. This can give someone the confidence that they want from you to talk. Try this your heart will feel lighter and this happiness after that has a different feeling.

3. Respect Imperfections

respect imperfections

We all are not perfect. Everybody has some imperfections, some will get better with time or some can’t be changed. Accept the person in the way he is. Sometimes we just want the person to not only appreciate the perfections but also find good in the imperfections. 

Just respect the person, I know it can be irritating sometimes, but you can correct it. As we all know sometimes these imperfections can be hurtful, but if we stood with the person wholeheartedly no one can stop the person to get better.

It’s human nature, we can get demotivated if people make fun of us. Just stand with the person, your little support can do a miracle and change the person completely.

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4. Offer your help

offer your help

Volunteering is the best practice if you want to contribute to social work. There are many campaigns run by NGOs. Take part in these campaigns. 

You can also offer help during the time of natural disasters. You can offer your old clothes, basic necessities, first aid box, and other packaged food items so that these can be easily provided to the person in need. 

These are the things that a person should take into consideration. But there is something that we can do in our daily life. For example, if you see an old person unable to cross the road, help him in crossing the road. 

Similarly, if you see a lady holding many shopping bags and suddenly some of the bags just dropped from her hand, help her in collecting the things. These small things will give another level of satisfaction to you and also the other person.

5. Learn to listen

learn to listen

We usually ignore people if we think they are talking too much. But what I personally feel is sometimes the things we aren’t able to tell the person face-to-face, we tell them indirectly. 

Similarly, when our mood is not good, we want a person to be with us to just talk with them. We only want the person to listen. They even don’t want them to be interrupted in between. 

I know this happens a lot when we are with friends. They just want us to listen even if they are talking senselessly. But you also have to notice, that they feel relaxed if we listen to them completely and at the end give the solution to their problem. That is a must and we all know this!

6. Give [What you can]

give what you can

Small gestures matter. It doesn’t matter that you have to buy expensive things and then only you are making difference in their life. It’s a famous saying money can’t buy happiness. What matters is the intentions from which you are giving. 

For example, if you are a crafty person, just make a handmade card or craft on small occasions. People always appreciate the things made by hand. 

Even on birthdays, don’t do a formality of wishing on messages. I know we all think that it’s the ‘Birthday’ of the person, he/she might be busy. But you don’t know if you do call them personally, they will surely feel important and I know it’s not a big thing. 

I know there are many people that have many friends on social media that will send them long wishes. But they have no one to call them to wish them on their birthdays personally. Call them, wish them wholeheartedly and surely it will create a difference in both lives.

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7. Share your knowledge

share your knowledge

Knowledge is something that will only increase if you share them with others. Personally, I enjoy sharing thoughts with others. I like to know their point of view on the topic, this will also clear the doubts. 

Maybe your thought will help the person at some point, and they will surely remember you as the person who had shared this knowledge with you and it is helping you in present.

You never know, sometimes small learnings can make a big impact on other’s life. And this will also increase the person’s respect for other’s life.

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8. Ask what can you do better!

Ask what you can do better

You might have noticed, at the beginning of any step of your life, we always ask our seniors or experienced person how can we do it better. But when you achieve something in life, you just left that habit of asking. 

Many lives are connected with our lives. So, we as a person can make mistakes, and if you have a mentor that will guide you that is how you can improve. This is a great opportunity for you to get success. 

Make a habit of asking so that if you ever feel stuck, just ask the person and you will surely get the answer. And also the person who is giving the advice feels happy to guide you.

9. Say Thank You

say thank you

There are many people in our lives that just do things for us and don’t even expect something in return. Our parents had done so much for our life. Our parents and friends always take care of us. They always know what we are going through and always stay with us no matter how worse the condition is. 

Thank them every time to be a part of your life because they are the support system that will never break you down.

Say ‘Thank you’ to each and everyone, it can be your teacher or even a stranger, that helps you when you needed someone the most.

10. Give compliments

give compliments

We all love compliments. Appreciate the efforts even if they are small. These small compliments can motivate the person and also motivate them to work hard.

For example, if you are a boss and an employee has done a great job last month. if you appreciate that employee, he will feel happy and motivated and others also will get motivated to do better and will create a positive atmosphere. Take others’ success as motivation and take inspiration from them.

For instance, your mother is getting ready for a function. Just tell her how pretty she is looking. That wide smile on her face can make your day. These compliments can give you the happiness that you surely deserve.

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Wrapping up

These are the basic ways from which you can make a change in someone’s life. They are not the big changes that will impact your life but these small things can make a big difference. These are the suggestions that you can follow to bring positive change in your life.

Priyanshi Arora

Priyanshi Arora

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