The Secret Behind Sex Positivity

Secret Behind Sex Positivity

Sex positivity is the most important but most embarrassing topic in the group for so many people. We know this is necessary of which our children must be aware. But we never know how to give this message to them so that they can get that moral. They must know the real meaning of sex and its importance. Here are some effective ways and methods how we can aware our loved ones about sex-positive without hesitation.

I was having a guess on the water the limbs that most of you had sex at least with yourselves or something right? Sex is one of the most fun things we could ever enjoy. I think we need to prioritize the more that we do. You know what we do is fit it in. Afterward or late at night or retirement that’s not enough so in my talk I’m going to deal with all of this.

What is Sex Positivity?

What holds us back from being you know really positive about sex? I mean most people don’t realize their erotic potential. It’s because they’re really not sex-positive enough that’s part of it. What does that be it means you’re caring, joyful, emphasizing, equality and seeing, lust and fun. Playfulness is all part of the sex-positive.

It means that you clearly emphasize mutual consent. That you see sex with a sense of class that we have manners and evident in the way we approach sex rather than trying to exploit someone or push them into a relationship they’re not ready for. So, what I think is we need not just sex-positive as a trigger of the attitude but also actual size.

Yes, So I am melting with two concepts so that we have sex posture today. I’m going to talk about that what holds us back from being you know sex-positive one of the limitations. We have to look historically back to the Puritans. You know non-marital sex is considered. Here, are some Secret Behind Sex Positivity that will give you more clarity.

Two important concepts of sex positivity

You know like people were impressed and uptight about anything not arable. Then later the Victorians which was a very male dominant society. Women were put down for being normally sexual and for desiring and enjoying sex. It mostly considered unladylike after that we have to look at the institutions of society. How do they affect our attitudes let’s start with the law?

The law about sex positivity

 I think we need to really look at the law as protecting us. Which makes our sexual choices rather than infringing on us from implementing choices. So, if you look at censorship if you look at laws about sex in general. A lot of mergers totally arcade hard to enforce and they shouldn’t be on the books at all.

If you look at the family how many parents really are open and discussing sex. When you don’t discuss it. You think there’s something wrong with it. That you’re ashamed and you feel guilty about it later on. In addition to the family, we have religion rigid religion is the archenemy of sex.

So rich of religion changed people into feeling guilty about something as normal and natural as pleasure. There’s all this fear, shame, and guilt. Now not all religions are that way but rigid religions are and then we have an education. We have a lack of sex education in the schools today after with all my efforts.

Also, despite all my colleague’s efforts over years we still do not have comprehensive objective evidence-based sex education in the schools and that’s deplorable.

Let’s have change so we don’t regret it later

I think it’s time for us to really look at the Dutch and the Scandinavians. Who do have comprehensive education where they don’t just emphasize the dangers of sex. But the pleasures of sex orgasm clitoris whatever not just. Oh! you’re going to get pregnant. or you’re going to get suffering from sexually transmitting disease. This whole fear approach has never worked and it’s never going to work.This is the hidden Secret Behind Sex Positivity.

sex community Sex Positivity

Why do we have Fear of sharing sexual things?

Fear is not a good motivator for responsible behavior. A huge study found that 82% of parents won in sex education in the schools but what did they want they wanted their values to be taught. As the only way to be in other would sound like the whole emphasis on abstinence that we’ve had so long in the schools. It’s starting to shift but it hasn’t shifted enough yet.

So, the schools are really important for developing sex education so we would have true education with novels based on research.

Internet Pornography

In addition to the schools, we have a focus on internet pornography Censorship. Internet pornography has become the primary sex educator. In our culture, not just for young people of all people. I think that’s too bad because a lot of it’s inaccurate bias.

You know some pornography is arousing and healthy. That’s fine but violent pornography child pornography is not such a good idea. So, the answer is not the censor all pornography on the Internet the answer is to create better explicit sex calling it erotica.

so that we have something with a script to make an erotic at least a new next-door neighbour borrowing sugar and Happiness ass. so I think that all of you can contribute to creating better explicit section. with some kind of script that makes it meaningful.

I mean who are these people it becomes like open-heart surgery. After a while a penis to vagina get together for what reason? what does it mean? and so I think a sacrum has some meaning it doesn’t mean. It’s going to have the same meaning every time with every person . but then it has some meaning we hear a lot today at all the second. The negative shaming and labelling of sexual behavior and a part of that Gus relate to pornography this whole sex addiction concept.

Role of Sex counselors

How these sex addiction counselors are running around? Saying they’re going to cure people of addiction as a sexist of disease. None of that is true and so it’s irresponsible for marriage and family. Some sexuality professional groups not to clearly-disapprove of this approach. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of therapists uses to diagnose mental health problems. soundly rejected both sex addiction and hypersexuality. As not a legitimate diagnosis now why did they do it? that because there’s not empirical research to support the existence of either concept. Yet you have the certified sex addiction conference running around and spending all this money to get certified.

Charging all this money to help people get rid of an addiction that doesn’t even exist so it’s just amazing to me that the media sex addiction and about sex.

How we can overcome this?

Gentlemen so I think what we need to do today is look a little bit at the gains and the losses of the past from the past to revolutions. Most people don’t know that we’ve had to sexual revolutions in the last little under a hundred years. The first is the least well known and that’s from the 1920s. That was during the era of the flappers the Bohemians.

Sexual Revolution

What was emphasized was premarital intercourse. Homosexuality access to birth control and free love so what was done by a rebel of young women in the 20s became more of the norm in the second revolution. Which was from 1963 to 1975. So, it’s been 41 years since we’ve had a sexual revolution. Don’t you think we’re ready for another one? so what happened in the second revolution?

We went from repression to expression and we got rid of some of the guilt. not all of it the double standard weakened but it’s still there. that we do not need a double standard for women to deserve to be treated equally with men. when it comes to sex so we had an attitudinal change in the second revolution. where some of the behavioral changes in the first revolution were assimilated during the second revolution. what does that mean?

Dr. IRA Reese’s research real Secret Behind Sex Positivity

It means that we had attitudes change Dr. IRA Reese a famous sexologist did some important research where he compared attitudes about premarital intercourse from 1963 to 1975 and what he found was that in 1963 only 20% of Americans approved of premarital intercourse. Under any circumstance by 1975, the figure was 69 percent that’s a huge attitude of Shipman 12 in here. Additionally, A behavioral change because more people were involved in gauged premarital intercourse fewer Jews. it was all there.

Mackenzie: The famous Kinsey Report Secret Behind Sex Positivity

So now Mackenzie of the famous Kinsey Reports found that in the first three decades of the 20th century. Of women who were born in those first three decades, 45% of them were not virgins of marriage. today the figure would be well over 90% so we’ve had an integration of the changes in the first two revolutions. In our culture but we’re still priming for more change. Our society plays an important role in Behind Sex Positivity

Why do we feel Hesitation while sharing sexual things?

What was left over was the double standard, Shane. We still have shame. Shame is not a good thing for sex so, we need to get rid of it. I feel shame every day in my office that people who come to me with sexual problems are inhibited. They’re fearful they’re guilty and it’s because of shame what good. Does that do us so I believe we are now ready to start a new sexual revolution?

How to overcome the hesitation?

I want to proclaim today as the first day of that new revolution. I’m gonna call it the sex-positive enthusiasm revolution. I don’t know why but I have been all my. I’m saying that I’m predicting something starting now right here. That’s going to continue to multiply it’s going to happen. It’s going to happen in spite of the government, in spite of religion because we have micro-communities that support this revolution.

Now look at the LGBTQ community on sex

LGBTQ community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender)

LGBTQ community Sex Positivity

same-sex marriage look at the whole issue. Transgender issues at look at polyamory. Many loves swinging or making swapping all of these changes are tremendous for a kink community. We have more focus on sex for senior citizens. Which ought to be the case for the graying of America. so the senior citizens deserve privacy to be sexual.

The disabled are supported to be sexual. There’s no reason that people can’t be sexual from birth to death. The infant submitted when Kenzie did his research infants were observed having orgasms. We’re not just sexual at puberty. which is a small town near there it’s more than that you know going through puberty.

So all of these communities support this and also the book of community which means on a college campus or middle-aged. People who are divorced hook up and that’s fine. there’s nothing wrong with hooking up.

Norway about Sex Positivity

we don’t need the walk of shame the next morning to look at Norway. if you have sex with somebody new. it’s making a new friend it’s not so hooking up is there too. so we haven’t one of the things that spur the new revolution is the gap between what we believe to be proper.

what we do sexually if we go beyond what we believe to be proper or frustrated or guilty. what I think is happening here is we want to get the values in sync with the behavior. The new revolution is going to do that so people are looking for a way out of guilt and shame and fear it’s a good thing.

I think we’re gonna see more and better sex in the new revolution. which is great well it would like that better sex they’re so busy working on weapons during notice that they don’t have much sex right? I think we’re going to see a complete focus on fantasy.

What is the role of our minds about sex?

The fantasies orchestrate real status. so you act on fantasies you share you imagine them. first, it’s better than looking at most for an article why not use your own imagination? both what role-playing or whatever that you’d like to do with your lover. so fantasy I think is one of the frontiers. we still have to move toward there was a study at UCLA.

The last year indicated that we have the most liberal first-year college generation in this country. that politically that we’ve had since 1973 and that was from my perspective the peak of the sexual revolution. Maybe there’s a tiger.

I think political revolution is going to spur sexual revolution. It’s gonna happen anyway but it’s a spirit a little quicker and so we all understand that this culture is going through significant political changes. Secret Behind Sex Positivity also concluded that.

How can we create a revolution toward sex positivity?

Today and a lot of political conflicts. so I believe that that’s a big part of us. so how can we make this happen? We need to live our life on a desire. Wonderful work rather than duty and obligation. It’s not so much to live your life out of desire.

In fact, it’s very selfish to follow your passion. and to think to yourself instead of just saying oh well that’s what my neighbors do so. that’s what all it doesn’t add up and so I would say that if we ever gonna start this revolution. we all have to participate in it. In that way, we participate in it.

Ways how to adopt sex positivity?

It is by living out the example of a really exciting sexual life. That means you know having a home delivery from work going delivering your hot body. your lover for lunch instead of just you know having sex late at night or whatever.

I think it means going up in the mountains and having sex by a river we’re only the bear good watch that’s exciting any kind of types of equipment awesome but then he was running to collect on sugar I think we need to conspire together to create this revolution

Also, we need to be gentle warriors for change and that means a change in attitudes about sex and debates about sex. It means we all need to get involved in some way in our own way.

I think we can all get involved we can celebrate pleasure by having public celebrations of pleasure. like I started national orgasm we in there are the 80s for college students. Where I had but to say I came for national orgasm but some people tried to steal. We can put it in July I don’t believe it’s the first week of spring and no faking is not good you never get it right if you fake orgasms.

Effective activities for Sex Positivity

Most people fake at some point in time. Even myself the last time I was in a hurry fortunately it was a long time. Obviously, I think we need humor and playfulness to make sex good the best sex occurs when you laugh yourself into a pattern by the river or somewhere with each other also other public celebrations of pleasure it’s freaky nude my simple writing.

I know people in this audience that are really into this well. That is that was part of having a revolution to celebrate nudity. The body and to celebrate players including orgasm so what else can we do I think we can act as professionals to do things.

Role of Society in sex positivity

We can become sexologists we can work for the CDC to create cures for gays and other sexually transmitted infections or prevent these infections. We can work for Planned Parenthood. which is a fine organization we need birth control and abortion and women need the right to choose forever both for politicians that are green with that state. Awareness & open discussion Secret Behind Sex Positivity.

I’ve heard politicians that are trying to limit women’s freedom the truth is we could not have sexual freedom for a full revolution without equality and without women’s choice.


So that’s a clear issue if you want to cut off sexual freedom just before politicians are saying oh women don’t deserve that right oh yes they do so I believe we need to really work together so that we create this revolution.

That means we need to end the war on sex and then the war against women and start the new sex-positive enthusiasm revolution that means we need to just say yes the pleasure love peace lust playfulness and quality and many happy orgasms let’s start the revolution. Hope these Secrets Behind Sex Positivity help you.

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