Lifestyle Medicine: Real Future of Health

lifestyle medicine

Imagine waking up every single day with energy, calmness, vitality, and a sense of well-being all at the same time. Every single day for the rest of your life. Sounds too good to be true for most people. Now the question is what is lifestyle medicine?

Everything that you embody is your character, your attitude, and your physical appearance. everything that makes up you who you are as a person. Now just how do you look? most people are not able to feel the best version of themselves on a daily basis.

I want to add no 1 because of our planet is drawing with health care clues. As of today, one in five people is suffering from lifestyle disorders. These are chronic diseases. You see the food & the pharmaceutical industry are getting richer & richer & richer. By making you being sicker & sicker & sicker as the minutes go by.

Why choose Lifestyle medicine for a better life?

Reason 1:

Primary prevention is desirable but most people are not motivated enough to indulge every day. Consistent self-care but they are super motivated when they are suffering or in pain. Fight instead to a pharma critically ill. The nearest doctor or pharmacy gets you that pill. Where you just masking the symptoms, you are not addressing the root cause. It boggles my mind no end that people are doing anything when they are suffering but they are not doing anything to be free from it.

Reason 2:

I have seen so many people who are living in abroad for decades, & have seen so many people living In Silicon Valley. They are mending money they are making millions. They have a network but they are second depressed. What is their self-worth? what is the net worth going to serve them later in life? Because spend is more complex than the money they are spending all the time with their energy. Medical bills are there. You see the un-design world is not making us happy it’s only making us depressed.

Reason 3:

Look at a magazine every time when you look on social media, through my magazines. We are bombarded by the thing actually that we don’t need to have with us. We don’t even have that also we are thinking about how to arrange that amount just like women are spending in the market. Haven’t you seen those waste body shapers and cleaners? I have seen a lot on social media. They are giving you the tip of a slim body, size zero and you know kind of clinch your waist. You don’t even realize you cause digestive disorders by wearing this in order to give you a look. It’s a shortcut it’s not a long-time solution.

 We are focusing on shortcuts

You know that body shaper gives you so many permanent diseases. It is a shortcut that impacts your diaphragm. It doesn’t allow your core to function at its’ optimum. What is that skinny tea that gives you the perfect figure? Have you heard of those influencers, or celebrities who promote that tea? That gives you instant weight loss within a week or that figure you admire at that time.

That’s a benchmark your favorite actress has. I want to stop to abuse your body with this horrific, diet & weight loss culture with those horrific companies. There are out there who ruin your health don’t treat your body to be like an ornament that is elastic to appoint. Rather than this treat it with self-care, and respect honor that deserves to be cared for with you, through this adventure journal life. You see we are all so sedentary in our life.

We don’t even realize the price we have to pay to get eventually. People are being sick & tired & sick & tired. We are just moving from chair to chair and then to the bed. We are more concerned about our iPhone, accessories than we are about our physical and mental well-being. Imagine if all of us are in extraordinary health. You are happy that exactly where we were. The global economy will perish. They thrive on our flows by pointing to our flows and making us worry about things that we wouldn’t in an ordinary situation. You know we will all have to age && die but the quality we need to have in life that you live today matters a lot.

Story of Akshita Jain:

At the age of early 20. She was exactly standing like a normal person in front of a beaming crowd. Wants to be a dancer. She pops he knee on stage during the performance To cut the long story short. Then she was sent to doctor 7 the doctor said her to go through surgery & meditation advice. She advises not to do any movement for the next several years that come. That put her in a big shark because she can’t thrive without movement. She loves to do dancing & yoga.

This is not in her life now. Then she rebelled. Then she decided to go for physical therapy. She focused on that completely reversed her diet also. like other girls, she loves to eat Alu paratha but then she has to change everything. She has to change herself a lot. But she has to go with self-disciplined. That was the time and this is the time right now. When she is totally fit & as she wants that is she now.

This she has said in her statement also

Lifestyle medicine takes time, healing takes time. Don’t go with the shortcut that is being provided to you Because shortcuts are nothing again, they just mask your symptoms. You are not dealing with the root cause remember that.

Pillars of lifestyle medicine

There are many factors of lifestyle medicine. as per the importance and its values all the factors can easily classify into four parts. although there are four pillars of lifestyle medicine.


movement of body in lifestyle
Movement: any physical activity that makes you feel happy

When you feel good from inside, That’s good for you. Whether it’s Yoga, Weather it’s dance, whether it’s going to GYM, or skipping anything that flows your body. Do whatever makes you come alive. Get your heart rate up. This is the no one way to overcome anxiety & depression is by moving your body. Whenever you are feeling lethargic& lazy just stretch your body. You should like to try just now also. We don’t want to come out of our comfort zone.

No one wants people to tell us what to do unless you make your lifestyle change. Push through that comfort zone. Until you don’t achieve the change you want to embrace yourself.

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Stress management

Stress  management
Make your mind stress free

No 1 cause of chronic disorder diseases like obesity, depression, migraine, and insomnia are all lifestyle disorders. In restaurants, people are just scrolling continuously. They don’t have time to greet other people because they are so consumed by that blue device. That is harming us more than we can ever imagine. We need to look it up. We need to manage stress, time & nature.

Getting barefoot on grass have you ever felt that? That is so theopoetic. Get the warm rays of the sun on your body. Even for like 10-15 minutes. Vitamin D, and Vitamin W nobody is focusing on it. It’s so meditated for a lot of people. Just clearing out your thoughts. This is the major problem of today Lifestyle medicine helps you to resolve it in the simplest way.

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lifestyle meditation
Meditation gives you relaxation

No one way to connect with your soul. Everywhere the world is just bombarded with so many things about us. Due to that we just forget about insiders us. But that time is just for ourselves. Just do it for five minutes a day. Sitting in silence is so important. Spending time with people. The things you love to do. That makes you feel alive. It’s mine body & spirit people are just talking about physical appearance or health but it’s so much more important than that.

We need to look at health that is just not fitness, these are two different things we need to talk about I want to shut the light on this. Fitness & health are two different things. Visibly fit you can have six-packs, you can have muscles, you can have size zero but you need to deal with insomnia, low immunity, same pains but you could be far from slim because that’s just not your body type. But you could have energy vitality, and energy strength, you are not with stress & anxiety.

That is true health to have joyful, meaningful, purposeful relationships with people around you. Because when you take care of yourself you become a better friend better spouse, better mother, father, colleague, a sibling. Most people want others to complete you. You don’t need anyone to complete you.

You alone enough to make you a happy soul. Putting that energy into yourself, investing in yourself, and getting out of this stressful life. Don’t live on people’s demands, terms & conditions. You want to feel adventure in your life. Have some excitement in life. Go with the world that makes you feel alive. Do something that makes you alive & happy. That will encourage you. Give you longlisted happiness. That is how you manage your stress.

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Provided sufficient nutrition

Specially plant-based nutrition. Fill your refrigerator with a rainbow, of different colors of fruits & vegetables, nuts, fruits, juice everything that makes you feel hungry.

Imagine that morning with yoga, meditation full of energy, fruit juice, and coconut water. These are such a really good way to improve your lifestyle. Give you happiness.

Plan your nutrition for a healthy lifestyle

Sit with your family on Sundays and plan something tasty to have, go out on a date with your girlfriend, get the music loud, and go to the grocery shopping hall. Just make a family night. Cut your vegetables, plan your meals, let your kids together and have some quality time with lots of memories. We need to have some change. There are lots of already made things just put it and open the box to have that taste. We are what we eat every single day on every meal in our mouths. It will change the way how you look. Put some effort into your food and start to live a happy life.

Healthy Relationship

 healthy relationship
healthy relations give you real happiness

we just never talk about it. But impact a lot on our lifestyle our work and productivity. But having a healthy and meaningful relationship will make you the happiest one from the inside. This will give you a sense of love. Make your soul happy. Everybody wants to be loved right? Everyone wants to have whether it’s a mother’s love’ Spouse love or child love, Or partner love. We cannot be happy without love in life. A healthy relationship with your close ones is the most important part of Lifestyle medicine.

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Quality sleep

lifestyle quality sleep

Adding some quality sleep is very important. Stop checking your phone every time before sleeping. The world will not collapse. Just go & have a peaceful sleep. Everything in your surroundings will change automatically when you wake up fresh. Everything will go to be fine when you will completely have a rest. You can pay your whole bill on hospitals. Go through mindlessly.

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Lifestyle medicine is the way to help you to feel your real life. The real experience of a live body. Most of us are just going with the things with the trend. We don’t have our self-choices now. Generally we, just focus on what people like to listen to, see, and want. We just change ourselves according to that. Never feel happy from the inside because we never focus on what makes us feel happy.

We don’t know about ourselves only we consider others’ choices shits. Mostly don’t have time for us. We need to just focus on a healthy lifestyle because it’s needed for a happy life. This lifestyle medicine will help you in a simple way. I will personally suggest you have a look at it. Not for me and for any other one but for your soul, for yourself.

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