Smitten Ice Cream: Delicious Treat for Your Loved Ones

smitten Icecream

Smitten Ice Cream has different varieties of ice cream. The quick ice cream is just for you. It is not a typical ice cream shop that has just flavors with no quality. There is something which you really found worthy to eat. The freshness and the quality of the ice creams you want to have again. Especially They are having 2 classic flavors and 2 seasonal flavors. 

The machine they use to make the ice cream is smitten which has the liquid nitrogen and the other ingredients of the icecreams. Within 60 sec gets some really fresh smoothie. Delivery is also there and you can also get online orders. So, why should miss try something amazing?

Owner: Robyn Sue Goldman

Establish Year: 2009

Available Payment Methods: Cash & Credit Cards 

Location: 432 Octavia St, San Francisco, CA 94102-5186

Contact No: (408) 508-5360

Opening & Closing Timings: Different timings for different days

  • Mon :2:00 PM to 10:00 PM 
  • Tue  :2:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Wed :2:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Thur :2:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Fri    :2:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Sat   :12:00 PM to 11:00PM
  • Sun  :12:00 PM to 11:00PM

Delivery Facility: Yes Available

Wheelchair Facility: Yes

Why Should Try Smitten Ice Cream?

Why Should Try Smitten Ice Cream

There are so many reasons why should try Smitten Ice Cream. Because there is something for everyone. They are also providing the tasting option so, you can also first try and have the good one for you. 

Get the Best Icecreams of Different Flavours:

They are having some different flavors but the one you will get will be the best one. You will not feel any issue with the quality of the ice cream. They are literally churned and also have the cream at the top. 

Creamy and Yummy Icecreams

They are having lots of different ice creams which are creamy and too yummy. If you only order single ice cream you feel that you are getting something really worthy. Many happy customers also say that they have tried one of the most creamy ice creams till now. So if you are getting a chance to have it must try it once.

Get Awesome Icecream

They are providing one awesome ice cream. If you try the roasted banana it will be the good one you will find in the collection of different flavors. 

Smoothie Icecream

They are having many different flavors which are smoothies and the best ones to eat. If you are trying the sessional flavors you will have the taste beyond the great. The ice cream is the upper smoothie with a balanced texture and sweetness. 

smitten Icecream


Other than the health benefits there are some questions that are generally asked by the users. Here are some clear ans of that.

Is Frozen Yogurt Gluten-Free?

The smitten ice cream serves the real ice cream, not the yogurt. So, here you can freely trust all the icecreams are yogurt free and you can have your delicious thing quickly.

Is Double Scoop Option with the different Flavour Available?

There is really a unique thing about the smitten ice cream that is they are making the ice cream in a different machine. The machines are dedicated and suitable for a separate flavor. They are perfectly designed for that and have a specific temperature for the different flavors. 

It takes a specific time to make it reliable to eat. If you want to try the ice cream first there is a tasting option also. So, first, you can taste it and then get the one which you like to have. 

When all the different flavors of ice cream are available?

In the summer season, all the different flavors are available. And if you are coming to another season. So in October, they have special flavors too like creme fraiche with pear caramel and a special vegan flavor. In November they have Pumpkin spice with pepita brittle addition with some collaborated flavors. 

Currently Available Different flavors?

Now there are multiple flavors available but the special and most loving flavors are:-

  • TCHO 60.5% Chocolate
  • Classic Vanilla
  • Brown Sugar with Cinnamon Shortbread 
  • Cookie Dough with Pretzels & Chocolate Chips

And also they have some upcoming flavors which will be available soon:

  • Fresh Mint Chip
  • Mascarpone & Peach
  • Earl Grey with Milk Chocolate Chips

Are SmittenIce creams Vegan?

Purely no there are some amount of egg is added in it. So, we cannot say they are vegan.

Denise L
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We had a big shout-out in the Smitten Ice Cream. The team and the staff treated us very well and served nicely to us.
Chris V.
Read More
"Big shoutout to LARRY at smitten in Santana row, he is carrying the smitten ice cream team by himself."
Aarize D.
Read More
I have tried Classic Vanilla, this is really nice one. I wish to have the fixed menu, not the sessional menu.
Kay W.
Kay W.
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I Take the waffle bowl, this is actually a thick and good one to have. It has the taste of double flavors.
Travis M.
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The ice cream is made with liquid nitrogen and added with high-quality ingredients.
Anagha J.
Anagha J.
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I have tried the chocolate Ganache ice cream which has 61% of Guittard Cacao, more than any ordinary chocolate amount.
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