How to Clean Electric Stove top  

electric stove top

If you are working in the kitchen, then it is natural that the foods get spread here and there. You clean the entire kitchen, but cleaning the electric stove top can be difficult for you. Your stove likely suffers the most spills, splashes, and stains on any kitchen surface. If you use an elective stove, of course, you must be looking for ways to clean it too. Electric stove becomes difficult to clean as you cook food on them. Your stovetop can be hard to clean because of food spills. 

A clear stove top maintains an attractive kitchen while also keeping you and your family healthy. The burned pieces of food that didn’t make it into your meals can develop bacteria that can make you sick. Additionally, splattering grease and sauces onto your stovetop might harm the finish.

If you do not know what an electric stove is, an electric gas stove is a modern-day stove that can cook various types of food without using a flame. If you want to clean your electric stove, then follow this guide.

Requirements for cleaning Electric Stove

requirements for cleaning electric stove top

A simple sprinkle of cleanser and a swipe with a moist cloth all that is needed for a daily wipe-down during your regular kitchen cleaning.

  1. Dry Towel
  2. Scrub
  3. Vinegar
  4. Baking Soda
  5. Dish Soap
  6. Spray Bottle

Precautions Before Cleaning Electric Stovetop

precautions before cleaning electric stove
  • Cut off the power before cleaning your electric stove. To protect yourself, you can turn off the electricity of your entire house or unplug the circuit to which the stove wire is connected.
  • Before doing anything, let the burner finish cooling. Ensure that your stove is comfortable to touch. Using a silicone or plastic spatula, clear the burner of any debris.
  • Use soft scrubbing pads rather than rough ones that can scratch your cooktop.
  • Make regular use of the ceramic cleaner to polish your cooktop.
  • Avoid moving pots and pans across the cooktop’s surface to prevent scratches.
  • If you are using electric stoves with coils, remove them first. Otherwise, they can be destroyed if you are cleaning your electric stove without removing it.

How to Clean The Electric Stove Top

Glass tops or metal coil burners are both options for electric stoves. While glass is usually easy to clean and most electric stovetops’ coiled burners are made to be self-cleaning, occasional spills and accidents may call for a more thorough cleanup.

Step 1: Remove The Dirty stray Crumbs on top of your electric stove

remove the strain on electric stove top
  • To clean your electric stove, first, use a dry soft cloth to remove stray crumbs of food on top of it. 
  • Some crumbs will be cleaned with the help of a dry cloth, but if some stains or marks remain, for that you clean them with the help of a sponge and warm water.
  •  If there are any stubborn particles that are not going even with the sponge and water, you can use a silicone or plastic spatula or a blade to remove them.
  • Apply gentle pressure while holding the scraper at a 45-degree angle to the surface to scrape away the crumbs or wastes. 
  • Remember not to damage your electric surface with a blade or spatula.

Step 2: Use a kitchen Cleaner, Dish Soap to Clean

cleaner for stovetop

In this step, you clean your stove with a dry towel. 

  • Now sprinkle a little water on the stove and add 4-5 drops of the cleaner. Shake the cleaner well before applying the cooktop’s surface.
  • To clean the electric stove thoroughly, use the harsh side of a sponge to clean it. Clean the sponge by keeping it in a round direction. 
  • Now leave it like this for 5-10 minutes.
  • To remove any remaining cleaning agents, spray water on the stove and give it one more wipe-down with a clean cloth or paper towel.

In Step 3: Remove Burn Mark with Baking Soda

remove baking soda on stovetop
  • If the burn marks are not going on your stove than you can also use a baking soda to get rid of stains and burned-on food. Directly sprinkle baking soda over the soiled area, then mix in a little water to create a paste.
  •  For 30 minutes, leave a warm, damp cloth on top of the area. Then make an effort to clean the place.
  • Add a few drops of distilled white vinegar to the baking soda if the stain is particularly difficult to remove.

Step 4: Remove the Cleaner on the Stovetop

electric stove top
  • To remove the cleaner from the stovetop, pour water on it and use your hands to see if your stovetop is smooth. If the stovetop is still rough, clean it again with a sponge.
  • Now add water and clean it from top to bottom, so that your cleaner gets completely clean from the stovetop.

Last Step: Add Shineness to the Stovetop

electric stove top shininess
  • First of all, dry your stovetop thoroughly with the help of a dry towel. You will notice that you will find your stovetop much cleaner than before. 
  • You can use glass cleaner to add shine to the stovetop. Spray glass cleaner on your stovetop and clean it with a dry towel or tissue.
  • Your stovetop will now shine like a new stovetop.

How to Maintain Electric Stove Top

maintaining stove top

When your stove has finished cooling down, you should wipe it down with a fresh, lint-free cloth. This will keep your stove well-maintained and clean. Additionally, it helps in avoiding heavy deposits that can be time-consuming to remove.

Even if you wipe your stove every day, stains and dirt will finally appear. If left for too long, the buildup on your stovetop’s surfaces may become challenging to clean. Making a once-a-month deep-cleaning program would be ideal.

These simple steps can ensure you always have a clean, well-maintained electric stove.


A number of diseases can arise from the stovetop being dirty, as stray crumbs are generally particles of your food, and leaving food outside can cause bacteria to grow into it. Therefore, on a daily basis, it should be cleaned with a normal wet cloth, and once a month you can clean it thoroughly.

Your electric stove top should always be clean. Your stove adds shine and cleanness to your kitchen, keeping your stovetop clean becomes very important for the beauty of your kitchen.

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