Diners Club Credit Card and Benefits

diner club credit card

Diners Club Credit Card is a direct banking payment services provider that is extremely effective. For people who like to travel regularly and wants to take benefit from specific restaurants, golf clubs, entertainment venues, and other locations, a diners club card is the best option for them.  Diners Club cards are valuable. Anywhere Mastercard is accepted, Diners Club credit cards issued in the United States can be used. Wherever Diners Club and Discover are accepted, cards issued outside of the United States can also be used.

Story of Diners Club Card

The story of the diners club card began in 1950. The Diners Club card’s history is a unique story. When Mr. Frank McNamara finished his meal in a New York restaurant and realized he had left his wallet in another outfit, he found himself in an awkward situation. He promised never to be in that situation again once his wife had to pay the bill. 

At this time, the concept for Diners Club evolved. The Diners Club Card was the first all-purpose credit card in history, and it evolved.

The Diners Club International card work as any other credit card. Diners Club cards are offered by only HDFC Bank in India. There are three available cards.

  • Premium Diners Club International
  • Diners Club International Black
  • Rewardz by Diners Club International

How can apply for Diners Club Credit Card?

You can submit an application through the bank’s official website if you want to receive the best HDFC Bank credit card online. Please be aware that the Subsidiary Markets website does not provide any credit cards from HDFC Bank, including the HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card.

Benefits of Diners Club Card

diner club credit card
  • This card entitles you to annual membership on Amazon Prime, Forbes, Dineout Passport, Club Marriott, MMT BLACK, and Times Prime.
  • If you spend 150 rupees anywhere on your credit card then you get 5 reward points on every spend amount and if you do any spending in smartbuy on your card then you get 10x reward points for your The reward points have a validity of 3 years.
  • If you spend 80,000 or more in a month, then you have the option to suck 2 benefits. Month cult fit membership Or you can use Ola Cab 500 can take a voucher for rupees.
  • It gives you coverage of up to 9 lakhs in case your credit card gets lost. Coverage is given when there is a fraud transaction with your credit card. For this, you will have to give information to their call center that your card is lost. You can do this by calling customer service, using net banking, or going in person to a branch.
  • This gives you the benefit of fuel charges. If you are fueling 400 or more, then it gives you a benefit of 1%. You can get a benefit of up to 1000 rupees for a whole month.
  • Free golf games on some of the best courses in the world ( 6 per quarter)

Eligibility Criteria 

HDFC Bank Eligibility Criteria.

For Salaried Individuals their age should be 21-60 years and their monthly salary should be Rs. 70,000 and above.

For Self-employed Individuals, their age should be 21-65 years and per annum, ITR should be 21 lakhs.

Documents Required for HDFC Diners Club Card

PAN Card Copy PAN Card

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Voter’s ID Card
  • Passport
  • Driving Licence

Income tax returns with computation sheet

  • Bank statement for the last 3 months
  • Salary slips for the last 3 months
  • Audited financials for the last two years (for self-employed)
  • Form 16

Colorful Passport size Photograph

Residence proof and identity Proof

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport
  • Utility bills (not more than 3 months old)
  • Any other government-approved ID

Fees and Charges

  • If you want to take this credit card then you have to pay a joining fee of 10,000 + taxes.
  • Renewal membership annual fee is 10,000 + taxes.

Block or add your credit card to a “hot list” in NetBanking

  1. Use your NetBanking ID and Password to log in to NetBanking.
  2. On the left side, select Credit Card Hotlisting under the Credit Cards category. You’ll see a list of your registered NetBanking credit cards.
  3. To add a credit card number to your favorites list, click it.
  4. Decide on a hotlisting cause.
  5. Choose whether you want the card to be issued again.

Insurance Benefits of HDFC Diners Club Card

This card also provides you with insurance benefits. Mainly it has three insurance plans

  1. Air Accidental benefit worth Rs. 2crore:- If you die due to any reason while traveling in plain, then your family gets insurance coverage worth Rs. 2crore.
  2. Emergency hospitalization worth Rs. 50 lacs:- If you are traveling outside India and you have to hospitalize due to your ill health, then you get the insurance cover of 50 lacs.
  3. Travel insurance plan up to rs.55,000 on baggage delay:- If you are traveling and your bag gets late on arrival then you get insurance coverage up to Rs.55,000

Withdrawal cash from Diners Club Credit Card

With the HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card, you can make cash withdrawals up to your allowed cash withdrawal limit. Every transaction has a 2.50 percent charge added on top of the advance, with a minimum of 500.  3.49 percent per month or 41.88 percent yearly is the interest rate. Also, if you have to pay Credit card bills can be paid via multiple channels

  • HDFC Bank ATM
  • Drop cheques in the ‘drop box’ at HDFC Bank branches
  • Cash payments at the bank branch
  • Auto-Debit facility
  • Net banking
  • Customer Care Centre

Limit of  Diners Club Credit Card 

The HDFC Diners Club Black card’s credit limit ranges from 4 to 8 lakh rupees, with 4 lakh being the lowest. as soon as you apply and provide the necessary documentation. When you receive your card, the bank will process your application and you will get to know your credit limit.


Owners of Diners Club cards are frequently referred to as Club members, golf courses, and other service-based businesses. A Diners Club card is beneficial for common travelers.

Although Consumer card applications are temporarily stopped in the US, but travelers still have other choices for credit cards that offer the best travel benefits.