Condoms: Benefits, types, size, & precautions


Condoms are one of the most effective methods for preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs). There are many different types of condoms, so it’s important to know what type is best for you. This article will give you an overview of the most popular types of condoms and how to use them correctly.

How Condoms Work

Condoms are a type of “barrier” contraception. They are made of extremely thin latex (rubber), polyurethane, or polyisoprene and are intended to prevent pregnancy by preventing sperm from contacting an egg.

When used correctly during vaginal, anal, and oral sex, they can also protect against STIs.

Make sure your penis does not come into contact with your partner’s genital area before putting on a condom – semen can come out of the penis before full ejaculation (you have come).

If this occurs, or if sperm enters your partner’s vagina while using a condom, you may require emergency contraception.

Benefits of Using Condom

Condoms are a popular form of contraception and there are many reasons why they should be used. Here are the most important benefits listed below:

Increases pleasure

The variety of forms, shapes, and textures available in condoms enhances the experience for both parties. And putting a condom on your penis with your partner can be sexy during foreplay, especially if you use lube. By delaying ejaculation, condoms can even extend sexual contact.

Condoms can be used for oral, anal, and vaginal intercourse, so they can prevent STDs regardless of how you get down. The most seductive aspect of condoms is that they allow you to enjoy yourself and your partner without having to worry about getting pregnant or contracting an STD. Better sex is safer sex because it prevents stress from depressing moods.

Prevents unwanted pregnancy

Including condoms in your birth control portfolio can provide you with additional pregnancy protection. Because no method is 100% effective, having a condom on hand as a backup helps you avoid pregnancy if you make a mistake or it fails. It’s also a good idea to use condoms to help protect yourself from STDs.

A condom can supplement almost any other method of birth control, including the pill, shot, ring, IUD, and implant. However, do not combine the internal and male condoms, and there is no need to wear more than one condom at a time.

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Less chance of transmitting STD

Condoms and internal condoms are the only birth control methods that also help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, chlamydia, and gonorrhoea. Even if you’re already using another type of birth control to avoid pregnancy, it’s a good idea to protect yourself from STDs by using condoms or internal condoms every time you have sex.


Condom and the birth control pill or I-pill are two very different types of contraception. One prevents pregnancy by affecting your body’s biology, while the other prevents semen from entering your vagina in the first place.
In terms of effectiveness, the pill is slightly more effective than condom in preventing pregnancy. It also has additional health benefits, such as the ability to treat and prevent acne and some health conditions, which condoms do not provide.

Condoms provide additional protection against most STDs, making them a more effective option if you want to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections.

The best option for overall protection is to use the birth control pill and condom whenever you have sex. Using condoms and the pill at the same time reduces your chances of becoming pregnant while also protecting you from most STDs.

But the preference is to use condom because pills have some side effects also.


Condoms are budget-friendly alternatives to other contraceptives. They are cheaper and better to use. The most important thing about them is that they are easily available in the market. They are also easy to use and decomposable. You can also consider it for regular use.

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Condoms do not have any side effects

Most people can use condoms without incident — there are no negative side effects. Latex (rubber) condoms can occasionally irritate people who have latex allergies or sensitivities. In addition, the lube on some condoms can be irritating.

If you have a latex allergy, try switching brands or using plastic condoms. Latex-free condoms and internal condoms are made of soft plastics such as polyurethane, polyisoprene, and nitrile. Non-latex condoms are available in most of the same places as standard condoms.

Types of condoms

Types of condoms

There are many types of condoms available in the market, Each has its unique benefits. There are many types of male condoms, some of them are mentioned below:

Latex, lambskin, or plastic

The majority of people use latex condoms. If you are sensitive or allergic to that material, you can substitute polyurethane or polyisoprene. Condoms made of latex or plastic can protect you from STDs during any type of sex: vaginal, oral, or anal. Natural or lambskin condoms are made from the intestines of lambs. They prevent pregnancy but have tiny openings like human skin. As a result, they do not protect you from STDs.


Lubrication, also known as lube, is a thin layer of liquid on the condom. It can lessen discomfort and pain during sex as well as prevent the condom from breaking. If you buy one that doesn’t come with lube, you’ll probably want to add some to make sex more comfortable. Make sure to use a sex-specific water-based product. Petroleum jelly and other oil-based lubricants can damage the condom and prevent it from working.


Nonoxynol-9 is a sperm-killing chemical. Some condoms are sold with it coated on them. This may reduce the risk of pregnancy, but the amount of spermicide contained in a condom is unlikely to be effective. If you want to be extra safe, use a sperm-killing product. Nonoxynol-9 may irritate your genitals, increasing your risk of contracting HIV.

Textured condoms

The most recent entry in the market for textured condoms is Trustex Ribbed and Studded, a product of Line One Labs. The California-based business is a strong supporter of safe sex with latex barriers made without phthalates. Other well-known brands from Line One Labs include Rain lubricants and Lixx.

Female Condoms

Female condoms are a type of barrier contraception that is worn inside the vagina. By preventing sperm from coming into contact with an egg, they stop conception. A female condom can be placed in the vagina before sex, but the penis should not come into contact with the vagina before the condom is placed. Even before a man has had an orgasm, sperm can still exit the penis (fully ejaculated). Condoms are the only method of contraception that protects against both pregnancy and STIs when used correctly.

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Sizes of condoms

Sizes of condoms

Condoms come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different body types and preferences. For example, a condom that is designed for an average-sized man may not fit someone who is taller or shorter than average. Similarly, a condom designed for a woman may not be large enough for a man. Knowing the dimensions of different condoms can help you choose the right one for your needs. 

Condoms are available in the following sizes: Small/Medium, Large, Extra Large and Jumbo (sometimes called double sized). The size of the condom is determined by the width of the base and the length of the shaft. The width of the base is measured at its widest point, while the length is measured from the base to the tip of the condom. When choosing a condom size, keep in mind that most condoms are not 100% stretchable. Therefore, you may need to try on a few different sizes in order to find the one that best fits your needs.

A smaller person looking for a small condom will pick a Small/Medium, a larger person looking for a Medium or Large would pick a medium or large condom, and so on. It can be difficult to determine which size will be right for you without trying a few at first. If you are buying condoms for someone else, it is a good idea to ask for their height and measure it to choose the right size for them. You can also find recommendations for condom size on the box or in the instructions.

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Condoms are a very important part of sexual health and safety. There are many popular brands of condoms available on the market, and each has its own advantages. Some of the most popular brands include Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles, etc. Each brand of condom offers something different from the others.

Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms

Trojan Extended Pleasure condoms are excellent all-purpose products. This has a smooth lubricant that helps to extend the duration of pleasure. They are made of high-quality latex, which reduces the risk of pregnancy and STIs.

They also include a Climax Control penile desensitizing lubricant, which may help to reduce the likelihood of premature ejaculation.

Okamoto Crown Condoms

Okamoto Crown condoms are marketed as “the closest thing to nothing at all,” which means they’re thin and ultra-sensitive, providing a more natural feel for those who have a penis.

Regardless of how thin they are, each condom is electronically tested to ensure its dependability.

Skyn Elite Extra Lubricated Condoms

Lubrication is essential in anal sex. It’s a good idea to use a condom with extra lube, such as Skyn Elite Extra Lubricated condoms. Don’t be afraid to go out and get another bottle of lube! (Just make sure the lube is water- or silicone-based.) Condoms can be degraded by oil-based lubes). The smooth lubricant in this condom is flavorless, so it is unlikely to irritate the sensitive tissue around the anus.

Durex Tropical Flavoured Condoms

These condoms are made especially to stop issues with early ejaculation. The UK-based company also introduced the first condom with an anatomical shape and was the first to create and employ electronic testing for its condoms. In addition to condoms, Durex also produces rings and lubricants. Durex contributed significantly to society in 2002 by assisting Brazil’s “Program H” initiative for gender equality. Such initiatives have subsequently been continued in nations like India.

Astroglide Lubes

Since a few years ago, Astroglide Lubes’ water-based, petroleum-free condom has continuously been among the best condom brands. The California-based company Astroglide specializes in producing desensitizing sprays and intimate lubricants. The products from Astroglide are hydrating, durable, and promise greater consumer enjoyment.

Trustex Condoms

A product of Line One Labs, Trustex Ribbed and Studded condoms are the newest entrants in the area of textured condoms. The California-based company is a strong advocate of safe sex using phthalate-free latex barriers. Rain lubricants and Lixx are other popular brands from Line One Labs.

Cupid’s Female Condoms

Cupid Limited, a leading manufacturer of female condoms, also produces male condoms and lubricant jelly. The Indian firm has a strong presence in 40 countries worldwide. It is the world’s first company to be pre-qualified by WHO/UNFPA to supply both male and female condoms.

Crown Condoms

Crown Condoms is another popular Okamoto condom brand. This brand is known for its thinness and is specifically designed for highly sensitive users. Like the other condoms manufactured by Okamoto, uses Japanese technology to design products with low latex odor.

Beyond Seven Condoms

Beyond Seven condoms are an Okamoto brand product made of advanced latex called Sheerlon. Okamoto, a Japanese company formed by the merger of four companies, is now a world leader in latex technology. The number one Japanese condom brand also has customers outside of APAC.

Kimono Microthin Condoms

This brand is well-known for producing condoms that meet FDA and ISO standards by utilizing advanced latex engineering. Kimono has made the list of top global condom brands, boasting products that are 38% thinner than traditional condoms. Kimono condoms are vegan and paraben-free and are made with premium natural latex and cutting-edge Japanese technology.

Astroglide Lubes

Astroglide Lubes’ water-based, petroleum-free condom has consistently ranked among the top condom brands for several years. It is a California-based company that specializes in the production of personal lubricants and desensitizing sprays. Astroglide’s products are moisturizing, long-lasting, and promote user satisfaction.

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How to use Condom

  • Remove the condom from the package, taking care not to rip it with your jewelry or fingernails. Do not open the packet with your teeth.
  • Place the condom over the erect penis tip.
  • If the condom has a teat, squeeze the air out of it with your thumb and forefinger.
  • Roll the condom gently down to the base of the penis.
  • If the condom will not roll down, you may be holding it incorrectly. If this occurs, therefore, discard it and try again with a new one.
  • After sex, remove the penis while it is still erect while holding the condom at the base of the penis.
  • Remove the condom from the penis while taking care not to spill any sperm.
  • Put the condom in the trash, not the toilet.
  • Make sure your penis does not come into contact with your partner’s genital area again.
  • Use a new condom if you have sex again.

Things to Avoid while Using Condom

There are few things that can potentially go wrong when using condoms, so it is important 

Not Checking The Expiry date

Never utilize one after it has expired. Like everything else that is consumable, condoms have a shelf life. Using one after the expiry date can result in breakages and other unfavorable outcomes. As a result, it is always advisable to check the expiry date when purchasing one, as you may not be in the mood to check dates during the act. Also, avoid stockpiling condoms because you are less likely to check and use one before the act.

Wearing the Condom Too Early

A condom should be slid over an erect penis. If you put it on before you’ve reached that stage, there’s a good chance it won’t fit properly and you won’t feel arousal. So, always wait until you are ready to wear a condom and are not in a rush to enjoy the act fully.

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Not Wearing The Right Size

One of the most common condom mistakes is not purchasing the correct size. Yes, wearing your size is necessary to ensure that a condom does its job properly. Using a condom that is too big for you can cause it to slip off during the act. Wearing one that is smaller than your actual size can not only be uncomfortable, but it may also break in the middle of the act. Both methods expose you to the risks of unprotected sex, so selecting the proper size is critical.

Leaving air at the tip

The condom tip should be left alone. When a man ejaculates, the sperm requires some breathing room within the condom. The reservoir on the condom’s tip is designed for this purpose. If you do not leave this space, there is a high risk of the condom spilling or breaking, increasing the possibility of your partner becoming a partner or the risk of infection.

Waiting Too Long Before Taking It Off

When a man ejaculates and loses his erection, he should remove the condom as soon as possible to avoid spillage. After your ejaculation, dispose of a condom. Also, do not throw them out the window or flush them down the toilet, as this can clog the drainage system. Condoms should always be discarded in a trash can.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of people have numerous queries concerning this topic. Below are some of the more well-known ones mentioned.

Do condoms break or slip while having sex?

No. During sex, on average, 2% of condoms break or come off completely, mostly due to improper use. Condoms rarely break when used properly. In studies with higher breakage rates, it’s common for a small number of users to account for most of the study’s breakage. According to other research, even though most people use condoms properly, a small minority consistently misuse them, which might result in breaks or slides. As a result, it’s critical to educate individuals on the proper technique to open, put on, and remove condoms as well as to discourage behaviors that raise the likelihood of breakage.

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Can a man put on double condoms at once for more protection?

Wearing two external condoms simultaneously raises the risk of the condoms rubbing against one other during sex, according to health care specialists (such as OB/GYNs, nurse practitioners, etc.). They might be more liable to tear or rip as a result. There isn’t a lot of scientific literature that explains why using two condoms is unsafe because it is challenging to perform research studies that examine the practice of double bagging external condoms.

However, the majority of medical professionals concur that wearing two external condoms simultaneously is likely to cause excessive friction, which can raise the likelihood that one or both of the condoms will break.

Are condoms effective for avoiding pregnancy?

Male condoms are effective only when used properly during each sex act. Only 2 out of every 100 women whose partners use condoms become pregnant during the first year of use when they are used consistently and appropriately. However, many people either forget to use condoms or misuse them when they do. This reduces pregnancy protection.

Does the risk of STI transmission during anal sex decrease when condoms are used?

Yes. Any sexual act that involves inserting the penis into any portion of another person’s body can transmit STIs from one person to the next (penetration). There are riskier sex acts than others. For instance, unprotected receptive anal intercourse carries a five-fold higher risk of contracting HIV than unprotected receptive vaginal sex. A water- or silicone-based lubricant is necessary when using a latex condom during anal sex to prevent the condom from breaking.

Does one size of condom fit all?

No, not always. The standard size should be big enough to fit most penises. However, some people may require a larger size. It’s also critical to make sure the condom isn’t too big. There are also “snug” sizes available.

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