The Science Behind Astrology And Its Effects On Human Lives


Science, Behind the Astrology and How it affects human life. However, it goes to a programme, what does a human being mean? Is it that we are evolving in a consciousness that allows us to go beyond the natural tendencies of the materials with which we are made? In Astrology That’s what it means that we can go beyond whatever directions the wind is blowing. There was a time when if the wind was blowing this way, all the ships would go that way. Today, it doesn’t matter which way the wind is blowing, they will go where they want to go.

Does Planets and Stars In Astrology Effect You?

So there is material in this world, the five elements of water, wind, earth, fire, and space. Some products have come from these five elements, from simple plants to animal life to human beings. All of these are products of that, and it’s just that the products have evolved.

For example, there was a time when you looked for ancient civilizations. You looked for pottery pieces, yes, pieces of pottery.

Whatever kind of pot they could make a thousand two thousand years ago, five thousand years ago, or whatever many years ago, today you are digging the same earth and making a computer out of it same earth or not the same soil with which you made a pot.

Today you are building a spacecraft isn’t it so this is what life has also done with the same soil with the same elements that it created an amoeba today it has created a keravani all right so can you treat a pot and take proper care of it It’ll break if it doesn’t break, but today you can build a computer that walks, talks, and travels all over the place.



Do you read your horoscope?

Moreover, I am sure you have at least two horoscopes of those who had married.

The first Horoscope had produced to fit the alliance, and the other horoscope had made at birth. Those in the business know these things okay.

Now, the reason I’m calling it a horoscope is that I’m asking you a simple question. If there is a truly intelligent human being here, can you predict what they will do tomorrow? They might do something that has never accomplished before on this planet, isn’t it?

But if you see a fool, you can predict what he will do tomorrow and for the rest of his life. So if it may written down on paper and given to you.

Do you believe that inanimate things in the world, planets, stars, and whatever else is superior or that human consciousness is superior?

You must decide which one should determine the destiny of which one should we decide the destiny of the planet or the planet should decide the destiny of who we are. So if you believe that inanimate things in the world, planets, stars, and whatever else is superior.


If you tell them I’m on a spiritual path, even the top astrologist in the country will say no, we won’t make forecasts for you because you’ve taken life into your own hands, and we can’t make predictions for someone who’s put life into their own hands. I’m eager to see how each of you takes control of your life.

This means that if you have mastery over your physical body for 15 to 20 percent of your life, your destiny will be in your hands; if you have power over your intellect for 50 to 60% of your life, your destiny will be in your hands.

According to Astrology If you master your life energies, you will have complete control over your life and destiny. There are many uncertainties. I may think of you as a great driver. But I can still hit something or can hit by something at any time. You must understand that this chance exists in every aspect of life, not just on the road. The problem is that you lack the courage to deal with it. You want to know what will happen tomorrow.

If you want to know what will happen tomorrow, one thing that will happen to you is that you will not play today’s game.

Yes, and you are essentially a match-fixer in that you want to know the result before you play the game.

Isn’t it? Before you get married you want to know whether you will live joyfully or not. You must get married, take responsibility for each other, and see that it works.

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It has nothing to do with magic. Every object has an effect on you. The planets are undoubtedly enormous objects, so they have certain vibrations and some influences on everything around them if they are close to this planet. Do you know about power nami and amawasi days, full moon and new moon days?

People who are mentally disturbed or imbalanced become much more imbalanced. Yes, even the ocean is going crazy isn’t it? Do you all go crazy? No compared to that person who has an imbalanced mind you are much more stable much more established.

You don’t go insane everywhere the moon moves, and if you’re much more established, you don’t go insane wherever any planet goes.

That is the main purpose of your life if you don’t go nuts; your future is entirely in your hands this is how Astrology impact our life.

But you, yes, everything has an influence, but what you make of that influence is still yours, isn’t it?

If you’re going to be pushed around by inanimate objects, you can be pushed around to that extent, it’s true.

Why are you allowing inanimate objects to have an impact on your life?

when the divine is functioning within you when the creator is functioning within?


According to Astrology If you allow this dimension to blossom, you will watch life happen in a magnificent way. The stars will travel anywhere, the planets will go anywhere, and you will only go where you want to go. Whether you want to go where you want to go be pushed around by inanimate objects is a choice.

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