Choose Right Career with Astrology

Choose Right Career with Astrology

Human beings always need help while decision-making. Many years ago we were depend on our elders for this help. These civilization has developed a scientific system. This system is now helping them in choosing the right decision. The science of astrology changed throughout history but it remains an important part. For how many people make sense of themselves? How people are changing around us?

A Quick History of Astrology

Many historians believe that several civilizations including  Mayans and chines developed independent systems of astrology. In each system, they are using stars and planets to work with. Which is helping to predict the future and gain insight into a particular person.

The most common astrology which is using today comes from Hellenistic astrology.

Hellenistic Astrology

This astrology developed during the 4th century by blending concepts from Babylonian and  Egyptian scientists. This system is playing crucial roles throughout history. And running life wars and scientific attitudes toward Hellenistic astrology shifted some during the enlightenment but people still turned to stars. Whenever they needed help in the prediction of the future.

The main reason is other signs could not offer any idea about it. Mostly they are only thinking about Hellenistic astrology. However, this is the main dominant system of today’s life. There is many more other systems also which we are using.

Other Astrology

  • The Hindu Astrology
  • This astrology is based on Vedanga Jyotisha.
  • The Chinese astrology
  • This largely focuses on yin and yang. Various celestial systems.
  • The Thai astrology

This part of astrology uses the lunar calendar to make predictions. Each of these systems has its strengths. Most people today however find Hellenistic astrology to be the best. In the Hellenistic astrology system, most of the experts are using Zodiac signs. People who are born under these signs tend to have certain characteristics also.

Zodiac Signs

Even a layperson can also gain minor insights also. In this, they need to learn astrology. The current system of signs is twelve in number.

Names of Zodiac signs

Aries(March 21- April19), Taurus(April 20- May 20), Gemini( May 21- June20), Cancer( June21-july22), Leo( july23-Auguts22), Virgo( August 23- September 22), Libra(september 23-october 22), Scorpio( october23-november21),  Sagittarius(november22- Dec 21), Capricorn( December22- January 19), Aquarius (january20- february18), Pisces( February19- March20).


Advantages of using Astrology in the Modern World

Using astrology in the modern world. Some teaching from astrology is really simple to understand. Scorpios for instance are known for their purposeful, personality. Knowing this can help people born between October 23 and November 21.

Astrology science is a complex study that helps us to simplify several complex things. This contains astrological charts and mathematics to ancient wisdom. Astrology often devotes itself to having studied before they can master science. To get the most out of astrology most people need to speak with lots of experiences. They always try to know how to calculate complex number results. So, that they can have a meaningful effect on someone’s life.

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How to find a career with the help of Astrology?

Astrology can help in various ways. Just like other components astrology can also help in building a career. Here are the way to find a career in astrology:

Work on your Atmkarka

Aatmkarka is not a charity. Actually, this is sold lesson. What kind of situation you are dealing with? What your soul is here to learn? This means a planet that is another planet in the sun. Which is holding the highest degree.

This highest degree is known as giraffe Macaca but the sun also has the highest degree. If the sun has the highest degree between your Amtarka and chratmakarka. You need to look at the planet which has the highest degree. Look where it is placed. Focus on the sign where it is placed. At the nutshot, it’s placed in, and then look at where the natural lord saying.


But mainly you need to look at the sign at the house that the earth macaque has placed in.  Because the nakshatra will tell you how good or bad. It is going to be against not in anyone’s hand. Anyone can have a good or bad both kind of career. Actually, this belongs t our karma.

We need to focus on what kind of carer we are focusing on. Look at the placement of that which will tell you. What will be the right field? Let Sun is representing atmkarka, represents politics, government, arts, and cinema. These are the things that the sun represents. Actually, the sun is representing authority. It is like a manager somewhere, a CEO somewhere. So, is the sun is your atmkarka. You can choose any line or file of work.

So many times, we are thinking about something and doing something else after a few years.


This is like ministering to the soul. This is the guide of the soul. So if the soul has a destination to your goal. Than only amatya karka will help to atmakarka. That gives you the maximum,m possibility to get success in life. Amatya karaka is the holder or control of your car. This means it is the transport which will transport you. This is holding the second highest degree of your horoscope.

Besides Uranus, Neptune or pluto, and gay to never count these planets as the atmakarka or the amtya larka. Always try to choose another planet for these dominants. The second highest point of your horoscope will become a car for your soul. So, if the sun is your politician. Then Rahu will become your amatya karka. It will be the sun that car is here. Start your journey. If the sun is representing entertainment and joy then RAHU is pretty much the same. Illusion magicians, entertainment, Art, photographers, etc all it contains.

Let’s say Rahu is in seven towels so through a law that person will be a lawyer. Through the prediction of RAHU if someone is a lawyer or a businessman. This shows I can lead myself.

Effect of The tenth house

This house people have started to say career house. But actually, this is KARM STHAN. Actually, it could be anything other than a career. It does not matter where the mechanic is but it will help other poor people. This is the authority. What kind of authority do we need to have?

This means what kind of ownership has. Actually, do we need to think we have any authority or not? We will be an employee only or we will be a manager also. Let’s suppose the tenth house is Capricorn. Lord of Capricorn is Saturn. Capricorn is representing structure, discipline, and order. That can apply anywhere. This is the place where we need to focus where is Saturn placed now? Astrology tells to focus on it.


The tenth lord is your place in the fourth lord a fourth house. The sign of cancer represents several things structure, order and discipline, and realism in-home business. These three things will be in order to take care of others taking care of elderly people.

Mostly this has seen a combination of Saturn the Capricorn in the fourth house of cancer having open up nursing homes.  Because Saturn represents old people.  Besides the oil and the iron that is usually, in the fourth house.

Is the Homeless shelter business good for you?

A home environment a real estate home and old people. Cancer is a sign of taking care of other people. Mother’s nourishment so this can be a place where somebody can open itself. This will be taking care of other people. We are taking care of any homeless people. Although, They have a homeless shelter. This can be a business also. Who has a private shelter they can earn money? Orphan homes kind of things is representing this.

We just need to see where the authority is going to be placed. Then we need to focus on what should be chosen. If the tenth house is authority 11,000 is gain of authority. This means from where you are taking the authority let’s say that is Aries. However, Aries is your tenth house. Which is ruled by mars. That is impulsive the energetic force like a soldier. That want to put in your career. It is pretty much like a cancer ascendant that is why they are ten thousand mars.

Is the fashion Industry good for you?

But the source of that energy must be from the eleventh house. In this case, It should be You Taurus. Whose lord is Venus? So, we need to know where our authority lies. So, if we have Aries ascendant Mars is placed at the fourth house. And now it is represented by libra. Moreover, Libra’s future possesses beauty design and fashion. This represents somebody who could be good in the fashion industry or in home decoration. Like an interior decorator.

Can I choose a singing profession?

 Again, the source of authority should be from the eleventh house. Meaning this matters where is Venus placed. Focus on the eleventh house which the sign is holding by the eleventh house. Also is Taurus Again Venus it representing the singing phase?

It represents beauty and same time finance. Financial industries. So, if your authority is being in the fourth house of real estate. And the beauty and fashion interior design but the source of that authority are really now helping up by eleventh. Lord, will you gain that authority? What you are gaining will be held by the eleventh house. So, make sure what you are focusing on. Type of source you need to focus on. Venus represents the music industry and can represent art and finance. This is the astrology of a singing career.

So, you need to focus on what is your authority. And where you are gaining that authority? In what manner you are achieving that authority?

What does the Third house say about a career?

The third house is the house of your efforts. How you are giving your efforts to it? In which direction you are putting your effort?  So if lets your Capricon. Capricon end your third house is ruled by Gemini or mercury. With your efforts, you look at the lord. Where is the lord of that has placed? The third house lord with his mercury where is it placed and if there is any planet sitting there.

Role of Courage and your efforts

Based on that we can judge our courage and effort. Will you put forth the effort to in your authority or gain your authority? Make sure are you putting in your efforts or not. So what is the third house debilitated like mercury in Pisces?

That means your efforts are going to be lazy, to be worried, to procrastinate a lot about whether you would do it. It doesn’t do it. Your communication is going to be like that. However, Out of the ordinary and people will just like think you are not serious about your craft. You need to look at that. Let’s say in Gemini, Mars is there so lord of the third house above your effort mercury is debilitated but then you have more sitting there. So, what Mars is doing?

D1, D9, D10 Charts of astrology

Mars is not providing that energy. However, Mars is in the third and tenth house and is absolutely a phenomenal Mars. Mars pushes you. So it will go to make your communication even the Lord is debilitated. But now that mars is there. So Mars is equally bringing that balance to your efforts. This becomes a very important picture in your horoscope in your D1 chart.

D1 chart will show you the real picture of 60 to 70% of the thing that you need to do. Then you need to go to the D10 chart. The Samsu chart. Opening up your 10th house surgically and look inside.

Where you can get that 10th house? Who will be there in the 10th house?

Where the tenth house lord is placed? All the time the structure of the D1 chart is going to support or complement the D10 chart. That is going to complement the D1 chart. When you are looking at the tenth house. Then the D10 chart we need to look at the third house of your efforts.

How your efforts are opening it up? How are your actual efforts in your career? Here another good thing is the name on a chart on D9 chart. Moreover, That represents your efforts. All three charts always complement each other. They will tell the same picture.

  • D1 chart is a sing surgeon.
  • D9 chart is saying a musician.
  • D10 is saying a politician.

We can where we will be at the right time as per the Dasha of these three charts. Once you can practice it again and again. you have that much clarity about it. Generally, Which will tell you the real meaning of the future prediction.