Zodiac Signs and their dating interests

Zodiac Signs

The Zodiac sign is associated to the state of the solar system. We all are very curious to know who has choose on our name. How they have conclusion that?

We all know the earth is revolving around the Sun. The path in which earth revolves around the sun has been divided into 12 parts. These twelve parts are named differently. In which region of the earth is there when you are born? That is your Zodiac sign. This is defining your personality and your character. That is the source through which some astrologers sometimes also can find your future.

But there is no scientific proof of this. This is a faith of people which we all are following. To have some idea of our future. Generally, there is a proper system to decide your Zodiac sign. The following ways are taken to decide the zodiac signs of a particular person.

Aries ( Sheep)

First is Aries. This is the Latin name of the first Zodiac sign. The meaning of this is shep. In Hindi, this is named MESH Rashi. This category refers to those who were born from 21 march to 19 April.


Positive things of Aries (Sheep) Zodiac sign people

Generally, they are open-minded. They are courageous and they believe to do things easily. However, They are ready to take risks. They are so confident about their thoughts. They are not only incredibly innovative and creative but also very compassionate and caring. Natives of Aries are well organized and on time. When it comes to planning, they enjoy being organized. In addition to everything else that makes them exceptional, their loyalty and integrity are what really stand out about them as people.

Negative things of Aries (Sheep) Zodiac sign people

However, they are short-tempered. They have frequent aggressive nature. Arrogance is thought to be the most prevalent personality trait in Aries, and this arrogance frequently hurts other people’s feelings. And it is seen as one of Aries’ worst qualities.

Taurus ( Bull)

This is the second Zodiac sign. In Latin this is Taurus. English, it is representing the bull. In Hindi it is popular with the word “Vrishabh”. These people were born between 20 April to 20 May.


Positive things of Taurus ( Bull) Zodiac sign people

Generally, they have patience. They take decisions calmly. They think about the thing deeply. Mostly they are so focused on their goal. Although they work for money mostly. They know their responsibility and reason. They are introverted in nature. This is showing they have a creative mind. They love to spend time with themselves. This makes them happy inside. They are trustful also. Because they are not interested to talk a lot of people. So they don’t share things with everyone. This is the main reason why they are trustworthy.

Negative thing of Taurus ( Bull) Zodiac sign people

Most people like those who are interactive. Mostly they don’t start a conversation from their hand. This is why they have a small circle of friends. They are limited to them. The material world is frequently linked to the sign of Taurus, which is not ideal when it comes to emotions. Taurians might be sluggish, passive, too stubborn, and overly materialistic because they are an Earth sign.

It’s possible for them to become overly controlling because they’re typically frightened of losing other people and their own fortune. They can, however, swing from one extreme to another, and when they realize they need to improve some aspects of themselves, they become these endearing and appealing people.

Taurians can occasionally be too stubborn, just like the animal that represents them. Due to their challenging beginning, many people view them as sluggish, but they are actually the sort who gathers their energies and concentrates only on what is necessary.

Gemini (Judwa ladki)

This is the third Zodiac sign. In Latin, this is named Gemini and in Hindi, it is popular with the word “Mithun”. These category people are generally born between 21 of may to 20 June. That is at 11 positions as a risk factor for the zodiac signs.


Positive things about Gemini (Judwa Ladki) Zodiac sign people

They are so talkative in nature. Or we can say they are extroverts in nature. They are ae also very clever and sharp-minded. Even if they don’t have that much knowledge. Still, the way they use to talk is so wise. They can easily make the mouth shut of a knowledgeable person also. Generally, they are sociable, funny, adventurous people. They are just plain adorable. These kinds of people are highly flexible like grumpy. This means easily adapt different personalities. They play well and generally don’t manipulate for something bad. They just stay too busy while living life to the fullest.

Negative things about Gemini (Judwa Ladki) Zodiac sign people

Generally, they are double face. So, you can’t understand them easily. This is the reason why we need to make efforts to understand them.  This is named duality. That is why the second person never knows what you will be doing the next.

No one can match Gemini’s verbal wit and irony, to put it mildly. No matter how grave a crisis is, they always respond in a bland and sardonic way. They definitely have dry humor, that’s why!

If you spend enough time getting to know a Gemini, you’ll discover that their sarcasm may be infuriating at times, especially when you’re seeking their honest advice. They can offer it, but the manner they answer you will undoubtedly irritate you.

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Cancer( Kekda )

This is the Latin name of the fourth Zodiac sign. In Hindi, this is popular with “Kark”. This category belongs to those people who were born between 21 June to 22 July.


Positive things about Cancer (kekda) Zodia sign people

They are really beautiful by appearance. However, They are diplomatic in nature. They are voracious. This means they are habitual to speak the truth. They love to love and care for others.

Everyone wants a trustworthy buddy, but if you choose Cancer, you will receive a trustworthy friend who will spend the rest of their life committed to someone else. It is not simple to acquire the trust of people born with the Sun in this zodiac sign but people who succeed to achieve that will get plenty in return. There are more committed signals than this one since they are constantly willing to lend a helping hand to those they adore.


When the Crab feels affection for someone, he is overcome with the desire to shield that person from any harm. They place high importance on family and close friends, and they will do anything to protect them when things are tough.

Negative things about Cancer (kekda) Zodia sign people

Sometimes they show so much attitude, And self restain. They acted like they doesn’t care about others. In a very worse they. This is the primary negative point of their character.

Because they are so repulsive, crabs can easily be made to cry with little time or effort. Any critical remark triggers their sensitive nature, and even if the transgression was not serious, they have a propensity to remember it for a very long time. They harbor resentment while remaining in their shell, which frequently negatively affects their self-esteem.

It’s well known that the Crab’s mood swings can be used to control others. People tend to believe that someone is lying when they appear to be happy with everything but then start crying out of pain.

Leo (lion)

This is the Fifth name of the Zodiac sign. It Is popular with the name: “Singh” in Hindi. Generally, they are born between the 23 of July and to 22 of august.


Positive things about Leo ( Lion) Zodia sign people

They have leading quality. Which can guide very well. They have group handling capability.  By birth, they have this quality. They have responsibility for their team. However, They know how to manage them. this is the best positive thing about them. They have a different kind of energy. Although, They always look active. They work very effectively. They live life with courage. Mostly, They always feel like lions in the forest.

Negative things about Leo ( Lion) Zodia sign people

However, they are very good but there are some negative things also. They always try to control others. They are short-tempered in nature. That is why they have a lot of enemies. They betrayed others easily. They focus a lot on what he has said to me and what he does not give to me. These kinds of things make them separate from others. They always want to hear their name at the top. However, They are so overconfident about themselves. They are liars too. They love to build their reputation.

Virgo (kuwari Kanya)

This is the sixth part of the Zodiac sign. In Hindi this is named Kanya. In Latin, this is Virgo refers to an unmarried girl. They were born between 23 August to 22 September. They are organized witty and highly practical.


Positive things about Virgo (Kuwari kanya) Zodia sign people

They are very stubborn about their goal. Although, They achieved what they decided to complete. They know how to make themselves much better. Because they always want to be at the top. They are organized witty and highly practical. This is a good thing to have. They are the true masterminds of the zodiac signs. Virgos plan everything in a precise manner.  They focus on every detail of their scheme and make sure that they leave no clues behind. Most Virgos do not have this kind of thinking. They use it in a good way generally. They are hard workers and definitely not fans of getting something without putting any effort. This is the reason for the more chances of their success. Thanks to their talent with determination. Not for the cheating or manipulation of others.

Negative things about Virgo (Kuwari kanya) Zodia sign people

They think a lot about a particular thing. This resulted in them converting a small thing into a big issue. Generally, they are so irritating in nature. They don’t like so many things. However, They believe in old things. They feel the old system should be continued in that same manner. Although, They don’t allow so many changes in that. They like to dominate themselves. Some Virgos also use their intelligence in a bad way. That harm others for their own profit. If they are doing something bad that they can do even perfectly.

Libra ( Maapak/taraju)

This Zodiac sign is named Libra in Latin. It is the seventh sign. This means a measuring machine. In Hindi, it is popular with the name Tula. These people were born between 22 September to 22 October. Libra is the charming one. This is one of the best qualities but it is also a double-edged sword.


Positive things about Libra ( Taraju) Zodia sign people

They are so attractive in nature. They have introverted personalities which give them both things. Positive aspects or negative aspects. They always like costly and attractive things. However, They always think of high things. They don’t want to be only on the ground. Although, They want to feel the sky. Generally, they are so romantic in nature. So, they got active in the romance. They hate arguments and conflict also. They always prefer to keep a healthy better life.

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Negative things about Libra ( Taraju) Zodia sign people

Generally, they stayed last at fighting or cross-questioning. They don’t like to argue so many things at a particular time. They want things to be closed and done. In lira with bad intentions would have no problem getting along with someone gaining trust and gaining the advantage of them. Their hatred habit is holding their emotions back. Which letting is bottle up until snap. They exploit in huge outbursts later. That causes them to say nasty things they do not necessarily mean.

Scorpio (bichchoo)

The eighth part of the Zodiac sign is Scorpio in Latin. This refers to bichchoo. In Hindi, this is famous for the word “Grischuk”. They were born between 23 October to 22 November.


Positive things about Scorpio (bichchoo) Zodia sign people

They are so attractive. Even people love to talk to them. They come from their side to talk to them. Because of their nature. They are so jolly and happy while talking to others.  They are excited to do things, and also the best performers.

Many Scorpios can be characterized as stubborn because they are ambitious and fiercely competitive. They are competitive and frequently successful, but they never confess that they want to be the best at everything.

When they can’t find a method to express themselves, inhabitants of the sign of Scorpio can become destructive and reclusive. They are also bossy, constantly seeking control, and have an unmatched desire.

These people can never forgive someone who has wronged them, and it seems as though one of their own has invented revenge.

Negative things about Scorpio (bichchoo) Zodia sign people

Mostly they hide their feelings. That is why they are hard to understand. They are aggressive in nature. We don’t know when they will start to shout at you.

Many Scorpios are regarded as stubborn because they are ambitious and fiercely motivated to succeed. They are competitive, typically successful, and never confess they desire to be the best at everything.

When they can’t find a method to express themselves, Scorpio natives, who are also bossy, always looking to be in charge, and possess an unmatched desire, can turn destructive and reclusive.

It is difficult for these people to ever forgive someone who has harmed them, and it appears as though one of their own has developed the concept of retribution.

However, they make care to reciprocate kindness by giving twice as much to someone who is kind to them. They practice financial restraint and are knowledgeable about where to put their money.

Sagittarius (archer/tirandaa)

The ninth part in Latin is named Sagittarius. In Hindi, this is popular with the name “Dhanush”.  This means archer. They are born between 23 November to 21 December.


Positive things about Sagittarius (archer/tirandaa) Zodia sign people

Generally, they are so intelligent. They are knowledge by the birth. Also, They are smart. They know how to keep the trust of others. Hence they are so trustworthy. They are honest and innocent too.

Because they are overly open-minded and only perceive the big picture, Sagittarius people struggle to focus, which makes them particularly unable to handle life’s minutiae.

These locals struggle with practicality, but at least they have a very open and direct way of communicating. They frequently become confused and demoralized because they think everyone is wonderful.

It’s crucial for them to maintain their confidence in others because if they don’t, they risk becoming intolerable old people who only had huge aspirations.

Negative things about Sagittarius (archer/tirandaa) Zodia sign people

Although they are so aggressive and short-tempered people. This is the main negative e point of their nature. That is why most people are not that much like them.

Both mentally and physically, Sagittarians have a strong sense of adventure. They are open-minded and accepting of change, whether it originates from outside sources or from within themselves.

These individuals have a true gift for language and are interested in any event or unfamiliar culture because they both present opportunities for learning.

Sagittarians can seamlessly integrate into any group or culture, even ones they had never heard of before, thanks to their adaptability and ability to understand people or the psychology of the masses.

Capricorn (Goat)

The tenth Zodiac sign is Capricorn in Latin. Which means goat. In Hindi, it is popular with the word “makar”.They are born between the 22 of December to 19 of January. In many, they are very similar to the Virgos.

Capricorn Zodiac

Positive things about Capricorn (Goat) Zodia sign people

Mostly they think a lot of things. They always know what is the responsibility of them. A part of this most people who belong to this category is stubborn in nature. They ok a decision and make that true. However, They believe to achieve goals. They are stuck to them till when it did not achieve. Also, They are organized, rule-abiding, and extremely hard working. Still, they have completely different dynamics with these qualities. Most Capricon is responsible and noble. They would not hesitate

Negative things about Capricorn (Goat) Zodia sign people

Although they are responsible and noble but still if they turn into negative parts they can easily sneak and plan their attacks. Some Capricon can be reckless on their way to achieving their goal.

Aquarius (pot)

The eleventh part of the Zodiac is Aquarius which means pot. In Hindi, this is popular with ”Kumbh”. These people are born between 20 January to 18 February. This is the least dangerous sign.

Aquarius (pot) Zodiac

Positive things About Aquarius (pot) Zodia sign people

They are so logical. Also, They can take decisions very easily. They are so clever. That is the main part of their cleverness. They can make friends very easily. Because of their interactive nature. Social welfare, they are always at the top. They have humbleness with them. However, They are so kind in nature too. They always try to help others. Although, They are exceptionally intelligent. They can easily understand the minds of others. This is why they can easily manipulate others. They are humanitarians too. Moreover, They always try to help others rather than control them. They are just independent, creative, and fun-loving people.

Every Aquarius is creative, enthusiastic, and always coming up with new suggestions on how to better the world or assist others.

These individuals have the power to upend situations and motivate others to change for the better in their lives. Strange and outspoken, Aquarians are never dull and have a great sense of humor. They probably have a wide range of experiences, and they enjoy sharing them with others, so their stories will always be fascinating.

Although, They are regarded as brilliant. Thinkers who can adopt the “outside the box” way of thinking despite being eccentric and having notions others wouldn’t even dare to consider. They are the kind who can come up with unexpectedly straightforward solutions to complex issues.

Negative things About Aquarius (pot) Zodia sign people

Generally, they are slow with the work. Or they are so lazy. They are so stingy in nature. They think a lot while spending money anywhere. This is the reason sometimes they have trust issues with others also. They think a lot like what will be the consequences of this. What will be the result of this? They think about a lot of points of a particular process.

Simply said, Aquarius’ lack of social interaction with their surroundings is a weakness. If they don’t show greater respect for others. They isolated or considered outsiders since they have a tendency to be distant and chilly with those that chance to be in their lives.

While they don’t mind taking care of their friends and family .They should understand that balance cannot pay attention to the group and assuming that everyone is fine. But rather by nurturing each and every individual who happens to be significant in their lives separately. No matter how hard others may try to persuade them, they might not budge. They also tend to lose patience quickly when their viewpoints misunderstand or come under fire.

Pisces (machlee)

This Is the last category of the Zodiac sign. Which means fish. In Hindi, this is popular with the word name “meen”. Mostly they are born between 19 February to 20 March.

Pisces Zodiac

Positive things About Pisces (machlee) Zodia sign people

Generally, they are kind and humble. They are honest too. The most important thing they are multitalented in nature. They have very logical and clever thoughts. However, They can clear anything. They are so caring in nature. They always care to keep the trust of people. Who truly knows them? They always do an effort for them. They are emotional too.

This thing easily makes them in trouble. People can see their emotions and get them into problems too. They can take every kind of decision on their own. Although, They are very good at controlling themselves. They can adjust themselves to a very tough situation too. This is the best advantage of them.

Important: They are just dangerous for themselves not for others. This means they always tolerate the negativity from their surroundings.

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Negative things About Pisces (machlee) Zodia sign people

They have short-tempered nature. Mostly, They succeeded but if they don’t so they blame others too. They can not take their decision on their own so, the company decides. Moreover, whether They either succeeded or get failed. They lose their hope very quickly. They are so aggressive if they start angry. This is very difficult to control their anger. But that anger is for a very short time. They switch things very easily.

They could start to doubt their character and feel uncertain or scared in these circumstances. However, They will begin to lose faith in humanity. As additional hardships inflicted upon them by others.

Many would view them as procrastinators and as people who don’t know how to be practical because they seem to reside exclusively in a fantasy world.

Pisces, who can be insecure and a touch lonely at times, can also be the most pessimistic individuals, particularly when events don’t appear to go their way or they’ve made a few mistakes.

When someone is more dominant. They are more likely to allow themselves to be swayed by them, and as soon as they recognize this, they start acting dishonestly and vulnerably.

However, given their numerous advantages, many would want them around.


Everyone has some positive and negative things by birth. We are humans and the best thing is we can change ourselves. We all can adapt things from our surroundings. This is really an easy thing to understand. This information will help you to know your plus point as a tool. And the negative points you can use to improve yourself. This is the main motto of this article.