What Do Termites Look Like

what do termites look like

You must have noticed termites on your furniture. Perhaps some people must have seen how termites look, but a lot of people get confused about identifying termites. We have mentioned in this article what termites look like.

So, basically, termites are soft-bodied insects commonly known as white ants. The termites are very small in size (4-11 mm) and similar to ants which. Because it looks like an ant, only then do people often have trouble recognizing it. Termites can be hard to detect, especially with an untrained eye. Basically, the termite’s species vary in size, body, preferred food, characteristics, and habits. Before going ahead Let’s take a look at how to identify termites and their species.

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How to Identify Termites?

what do termites look like

Structure of Termites

  • Termites have soft bodies structure. Their head is fixed with straight antennae.  
  • The Termite’s bodies are thick body along with the waist. 
  • Also, they have a blunt end to their abdomen
  • Termite wings are the same in size and usually white or transparent in color.

How long the termites are

Termites are typically ¼ and 1/2 – inch long. Species of termites depend that they are smaller or larger in size.

Color of Termites

Termites’ color depends on their species and caste

Species of Termites

There are different types of termites and different types of termites have different habitats and different structures. Let’s know the species of termites by their shape, size, color, and characteristics.

Formosan Termites

  • Size: 1/2 an inch long with six legs
  • Shape: Narrow, long, and oval
  • Color:- Generally creamy white and brown in color.
The Formosan Termites are generally similar to subterranean termites. They make their nests within the soil. like all termites, they consume cellulose material such as wood. They directly attack wood from the soil. In addition, they can create cartons that help to make moisture in the soil.

Drywood Termites

  • Size: ⅜ to 1 inch long
  • Shape:- Oval, Narrow, and Long
  • Colour:- Creamy light to white brown
Drywood termites live inside the wood and get moisture. They need to survive wood or humidity. That’s why they are found in humid and coastal areas. The colonies of these termites are smaller than the subterranean termites.

Subterranean Termites

  • Size: ⅛ of an inch long with six legs
  • Shape: Same as all termites.
  • Colour:- Creamy white to dark brown or black in color.
The termites live under the soil. Also, they come from very common species of termites. They can cause the most damage than any other termite species. Some of the termites have eyes and some termites don’t. The interesting thing even that they can differentiate between light and dark colors.

Dampwood Termites

  • Size: ½ to ⅝ of an inch long with six legs
  • Shape: Narrow, Long, and Oval Shape
  • Color: They are a generally creamy white and brownish color.These termites do not need to create shelter as other termites do.
These termites live completely in the wood and they do not need to depend on any other food because they completely depend on the wood. They have a specialized organism in their intestine which helps them to digest wood.

Conehead Termites

  • Size:3-4 mm with six legs
  • Shape: They are generally long and narrow in shape but the soldier termites have a pear shapes color.
  • Color: They have cream bodies with dark brown heads.
The conehead termites live in live trees, dead trees, bushes, and sticks that look like sticks. Also, they can find their food on top of the ground rather than underground. Some of the characters are similar to native subterranean species.

What do termites look like: Classification

You may get the idea of that how to classify the termites based on their species. Generally, you got an idea that what the termites look like. But if we combine all the species then what do the termites look like?

So, depending on their role in the colony and their age, they look very different. So, if you want to look like insects, then look at white ants with tan-colored heads. Also, in certain seasons the termites will grow their wings. They are generally known as flying ants. The flying ant generally has two sets of wings. The interesting thing is that one wing is bigger than the other.
These are all about how you can identify that it is termite. But if you have termites there are some signs that they show.

How do I Know If I have termites in my surroundings?

There are many signs which tell that you have termites in your house. Here we are mentioning some of the symptoms:-

how to identify termites

Damage Wood

This is the most common sign and most people are familiar with this sign. The termites eat generally wood. So, the presence of termites that lives in the wood.

Termites Tubes

Some of the termites create tube-like structures on wood or on top of the walls. This is the other sign that there is a termite. Generally, Subterranean termites create this type of structure. So, if you see this type of symptom then immediately call pest control.

Swarming or Wings

 If you notice a swarm of flying in your house then they are termites. They are very dangerous because they can harm your furniture. So, if you see this type of symptom then call the termite control service.

Wall Hollow

If you knock on your wall, and it sounds hollow, then maybe you could have termite damage. These termites slowly hollow out your walls. And if you put too much pressure on the wall, it breaks. This can happen in your wood as well. If you see signs even from the slightest of termites, delayed paste control should be called. Because termites slowly hollow out your entire wall’s furniture.

 Strange Noises

If you carefully notice that some clicking sounds are coming inside your door or wall. Then, there may be a termite. They generally sound when they eat wood.


Have you ever thought about why it looks difficult to identify termites? Well, the termites generally live under the wood or they look like ants. But they come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes as we mentioned above. Common species of termites come in ¼-½ inch long or generally, creamy white in color. So, You can identify the termites properly. 

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