How to unlock iPhone without a passcode or face id

How to unlock iPhone without passcode or face id

Want to know How to unlock iPhone without a passcode or face id

However, we all know that Apple follows a trustworthy data security procedures.

It is difficult for someone to unlock your iPhone without your passcode, whether you use Touch ID, Face ID, or a passcode.

It can be an excellent way to prevent hackers from accessing your iOS device. However, it implies locked out of your iPhone if you forget your passcode.

Apple is well-known for its data protection features. To lock your iPhone with Apple Pay, you can use Touch ID, Passcode or Face ID. Without the passcode, anyone can access your iPhone. It could be a great way to protect your iOS device against being hacked. However, it means that if person forget the password becomes difficult to open.  

You may find yourself in the “Forgot iPhone Passcode” category more often than you think. 

Why you’re searching for “How, do I unlock my iPhone without a passcode?” now. You can unlock your iPhone by bypassing the passcode.

How do I unlock my iPhone without a Face ID or passcode?

  1. There are several methods for doing this. Using Siri is one option.
  2. Say, “Hey Siri, forget my face,” while keeping the home button depressed to accomplish this.
  3. It will turn off Face ID.
  4. If you have a passcode, you may also input it.
  5. Another option is to enable Assistive Touch under Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button.
  6. Then, select Device > Lock Screen > Disable Face ID by pressing the Assistive Touch button.

Although apple technology is a much more secure platform, cracking apple security is not an easy task. Other users in the market take the assistance of another resource to unlock phones.

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How can I get into a locked iPhone?

There are a few techniques for unlocking a locked phone. You may unlock the smartphone in one method by using the credentials for your Google account. Utilizing the backup PIN established when the phone is enabled is an additional option. You can try to reset the phone using the recovery mode if you don’t have one of these pieces of information.

Use iCloud to Find My iPhone to Unlock Your Phone.

You can use the Find My iPhone option to reset your iPhone without entering a passcode or using a computer if you have an iOS device other than the iPhone. 

How it works:

  1. Download and install find My iPhone on another iPhone device.
  2. Use your Apple ID password to log in. Enter your Apple account login credentials, then click the Sign In button.
  3. You will now see all the devices linked to the same account on the map.
  4. To select your locked device, tap on it.
  5. Select Erase iPhone in the menu. It will erase all data on your locked device.
  6. After you have erased your iPhone, you need to set it back up. Next, choose Restore from iCloud Backup and enter your iCloud credentials to restore the Backup.
  7. You have now entered your passcode for the iPhone.

Can you unlock iPhone Face ID with a picture?

Indeed, everyone can easily unlock the iPhone with official face recognition. However, the image quality should be clear. Although, we need a nearby good quality image angle. So that to be recognized by the Face scanner id. 

Using iCloud, unlock an iPhone without a passcode or face ID.

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Find My iPhone activated on your iPhone?

If so, the easiest way to unlock your iPhone X/11/12 without a passcode or face ID is through your iCloud account. Take these actions.

Step 1: Use any browser on your computer or another access device to log in to iCloud.com.

Launch any browser on your PC, navigate to iCloud.com, and sign in using your Apple ID. The Apple ID must match the one you used to sign-in on your iPhone.

An OTP verification code will be sent to your iPhone. If two-factor authentication is set on your Apple ID.

You must input the code before you can sign in.

Click “Didn’t get a verification code” and then select “Text Me” to receive a text message to read the verification code since you are now unable to unlock your iPhone. Although, the verification code will be received to your iPhone with a message.

Following these steps you can easily iPhone without a passcode or face ID.

Now, you may check the verification code you received on your iPhone screen without unlocking it. Then, sign in to iCloud by entering the code on your computer’s screen.

Step 2: Click the Find iPhone icon on iCloud.com after logging in. Then person is prompted to enter your Apple ID password again to access iCloud Find My iPhone.

Step 3: Choose the iPhone you need to unlock on the iCloud Find My iPhone page. Click Erase iPhone on the activation prompt when it displays. All data on the iPhone including the password and face ID. It will be deleted if you do this.

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Major Step to unlock iPhone

Step 4: Your iPhone is now unlocked and accessible without a passcode or face ID when the wipe is finished. Of course, you now have to reset your iPhone to factory settings, establish a new password, and enable facial ID.

Continue to the next way if your iPhone doesn’t have to Find My enabled at all or if you are unable to login in with your iCloud Apple ID on any other device.

Unlock iPhone with Siri

Siri assists you in unlocking the iPhone devices, but you need to follow some steps. Moreover, it will not clear your iPhone data. Unlocking iPhone with Siri is only available for IOS 8.0 to IOS 13 devices.

  1. To activate Siri, long-press the home button of your locked iPhone.
  2. Ask Siri, “What is the current time?” Siri will show you the current time at your place.
  4. As shown in the below image, you’ll see a World Clock Menu with small icons.
  5. When the clock symbol appears, click it. Click the + Sign in the upper right corner.
  6. You will see a search window. Type any character in the search box and click the Choose All button.
  7. Select Share to continue. Select the Message app.
  8. You will see a new message window. Tap any character in the box and tap on the Return key.
  9. Please wait a while, then click on the Home button to unlock it.


AnyUnlock is the best option for unlocking your iPhone without using iTunes or iCloud. This guide will show you how to unlock your iPhone without a face ID or passcode. From the list, you can select the one that best meets your needs.

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