How to Unmatch on Tinder

how to unmatch on tinder

Everyone takes a different strategy to using Tinder. Some individuals use it to find love, some just want to meet new people, some are just looking for a hookup, and some just want to fool about it. This is why there could be many reasons to Unmatch on tinder. Since it all depends on what you’re searching for, there isn’t really an optimal method to utilize Tinder.

For instance, I frequently ignore people who message me on social media, and on the rare occasions that I do respond, I end up ghosting them at some point during the chat. Because this software feels more like a game to me than anything else, I realize it’s a bad habit, but the only thing I take seriously is the “Keep Playing” button.

Choosing to unmatch someone is one of these decisions. You may wish to unmatch someone for a variety of reasons, such as to free up space on your phone or to stop someone from sending you messages. Whatever your motivation, you will probably wish to remove someone from your list of matches at some point.

Tinder has thankfully considered this and provides the ability for you to unmatch someone. Although the unmatch option isn’t as obvious as some of the other alternatives, Tinder focuses more on building connections than breaking them, so you might not even be aware that you have it.

Simple Steps to Unmatch

Sometimes we found some difficulties in matching someone on tinder. There can be many reasons like we are new to the application or we are not that technical person. Here are simple and quick steps which help you to unmatch someone on Tinder.

1. Click On The Person You Want To Unmatch

On your page of matches, locate the person you wish to unmatch. I’ll choose X, for instance, out of my list of 250 matches as an example. The program will take me to a page where I may message them or, in this example, unmatch them once I click X.

2. Click On The Three Dots In The Upper Right

Click the ellipses in the top right corner once you’re on this person’s private chat page. This will present you with a variety of possibilities, including the specific option you’re looking for.

3. Select “Unmatch”

The three options “Unmatch,” “Report,” and “Show Profile” will appear at the bottom of the page when you click the ellipses. You can “Report” this user to Tinder if you feel they are acting inappropriately, and “Show Profile” will take you to the person’s profile you saw when you first matched with them. Click “Unmatch” to remove this individual from your matches, though.

4. Choose A Reason

The actual action begins here. Click “Cancel” if you have second thoughts and decide not to unmatch this individual any longer. Choose a justification for unmatching if you’re really done with this person. Tinder has your back and provides “No Cause” as an option if you don’t have a reason for ending this virtual relationship. Finally, unmatch this person by really clicking the red “Unmatch” button.

5. Say Goodbye To Your Match

When you unmatch someone on Tinder, the person you just unpaired will no longer be on your matches page. X is now permanently gone, as you can see, and I now have 249 matches.

Reporting and Unmatching On Tinder

Sometimes we have connected with the wrong friends with us. Or we are facing some technical issues on the application in such kind of conditions we have to report the application for a better experience.

Unmatching on tinder

Open the chat window with the person you want to unmatch > press the flag (iOS) or ellipses (Android) icon in the top right corner > Unmatch.

When you unmatch someone, both of you are removed from each other’s match lists. Unmatching is a constant state.

Reporting on tinder

Open a match’s Tinder profile, scroll down, and tap Report to report them.

After you report someone, both you and they will be removed from each other’s match lists. Reporting is a permanent action, just like unmatching.

On Tinder, select “unmatch” by tapping the flag icon on iOS or the ellipses icon on Android in the upper right corner. Both users will stop communicating with one another after this deletes the chat.

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Why You Might Unmatch On Tinder?

You might wish to remove someone from a Tinder match for a variety of reasons. We advise keeping in mind that if the other person learns you are not a good match for them, they can become unhappy.

When they learn they are mismatched, users have described feeling perplexed and shocked. Always explain to the other user why you could be disabling their match or let them know that “this isn’t working.”

Visit this page to view our comprehensive Tinder user manual.

Unmatch Unsuitable Users

Users of Tinder frequently experience this when getting unmatched. The people that use Tinder frequently tend to be crude, blunt, and lacking in class.

As soon as the conversation begins, these users frequently utter offensive things. Users should immediately click the unmatch button as many single users don’t want to treat improperly. This is the very common reason why the vibe does not match

Even worse, a nice conversation could start on Tinder between two single individuals, only for it to end badly. The female or the guy could feel awkward as a result, which frequently results in a mismatch.

Users who are boring are avoided mostly

It’s thrilling to swipe right and match with another user. When you match with users on Tinder, there is a big animation that gets us excited. We anticipate a wonderful life with this person, especially if the user is visually appealing. Somewhere social apps we use to avoid boringness. This can be a reason for unmatching on tinder.

However, speaking in person and texting are two distinct abilities. Users who are attractive/handsome and personable may not be the best at texting. This can often leave us bored and unsatisfied.

When boring users appear in the match queue, it is common for users to unmatch them, as there are more entertaining and inspiring profiles than boring profiles.

If you find texting boring, try enlightening the conversation by asking interesting questions and staying engaged in the user’s life.

Unmatched Users Who Could Be Catfish

It is in your best interest to unmatch users who appear to be spam or a possible catfish.

Tinder has recently done an excellent job of removing bots and spam from its platform. However, an account will frequently pose as a fake or catfish account in order to trick you into having a fake conversation.

Unattractive Users Must Be Removed

Many of us will unmatch because we are not attractive to the user. If you swipe late at night, chances are you’ll wake up wondering why you swiped right on that person.

The same is true if you use Tinder while intoxicated. When you wake up in the morning, you may wonder why you swiped right while under the influence.

Do Tinder Messages Go Away When You Unmatch?

Tinder messages do vanish after you unmatch another user. Anything you said to that user is no longer visible to both you and the other user.

It’s worth noting that the user can still take a screenshot of the conversation before you unmatched them.

Tinder does not support screenshot notifications, so there is no way to tell if you or the other person screenshots the conversation.

It’s also worth noting that if you delete the conversation, there’s no way to return to it. It’s gone for good.

This is why we strongly advise getting the other users’ phone numbers or Snapchat handles before unmatching them. If you want to continue the conversation, you must stay connected for as long as possible.

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Unmatch on Tinder by clicking the icon in the top right corner of the chat window and selecting unmatch from the dialogue box.

Users who have unmatched without explanation frequently wonder why they had unmatched. This usually results in a perplexed and painful feeling of having done something wrong.

Always let the other person know why they unmatch, especially if they did nothing wrong and you simply no longer feel attracted to them.

Although it is easier to unmatch and never talk to someone again on Tinder, we always recommend that you explain why you are leaving the conversation.


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