Types of fasting, its Benefits, and Cautions

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Fasting means not eating anything, or you are skipping your meals for days sometimes it’s for, months also. In ancient culture, fasting is mostly for so many more reasons for culture, religion, etc. But the main reason behind that is to give rest to our digestion. Fasting benefits are the reason why people have added in religion also.

This resulted in better functioning of our digestive system. Fasting does not mean you can’t eat anything. Some important things had allowed to eat or drink like water, tea, coffee or even a small amount of food also. The fasting period depends on the particular types of fasting, its benefits, and cautions. In various ways, there are so many kinds of fast.

Types of fasting

Fasting benefits & importance
Fasting gives you health

There are multiple benefits of fasting. Due to those reasons, fasting is from many years. On the basis of scripture fasts are of three types:

Full Fast

In this type of fasting, person has not allowed to eat anything. Exception water allowed to drink. This is the real idea of fasting. It has planned to give proper rest to entire digestive system. Technically it will also excrete the remaining waste in body. That give you internal healthy body. Which improves effective functioning of body. Nowadays it’s a very fruitful thing to start.

We are eating anything we found good in taste. That is harming our body but it’s a very slow process that’s why we can’t even predict what is going with ourselves. Daily consumption of those harmful substance is not allowing our internal system to fight with. One day of gap will give time to our internal organ to overcome.

Partial Fast

This category is easily acceptable also. Because in this type of fasting we don’t have to miss our meal for long time. Even a foody person can also do this easily. In this category we can eat partially. We are just not allowed to intake high consumption of unnecessary food kind of dieting we can say. We can easily do this because we don’t have to be with empty stomach. Any light food we can eat a part of this any fruit juice, fruits, dry fruits we can intake for good health.

This strategy is popular because most individuals already fast when sleeping. It’s practical since it allows you to stretch your overnight fast by missing breakfast and not eating until lunchtime. “For many people who have interested in trying intermittent fasting for the first time, this sort of fasting is a safer bet,” Taylor adds.

Marital fast

These fast are spiritual based fast. A wife completes this fast for the long-life of his husband. In India, there are a few fasts that are kept for a good married life. On the Chaturthi Tithi of Krishna Paksha in the Kartik month, the Karva Chauth fast is celebrated. It is observed by ladies for their husbands’ happiness and long life. On the third day of Shukla Paksha in the Bhadrapada month, it is observed.

Intermittent fasting occurs when you alternate between eating and fasting periods. Fasting “patterns” or “cycles” are terms that are frequently used to characterise this eating strategy.

Intermittent fasting isn’t about starving yourself; it’s about limiting your calorie intake for brief periods of time. Smaller portions are thought to satisfy your body while also reducing. That is, as long as you stick to a healthy diet while experimenting.

How fasting work

There are a few viable options, but it all boils down to personal preference. “Be prepared to figure out what works best for you if you want to try intermittent fasting,” Taylor says. “It may take some trial and error to get it right.”

According to Taylor, some people find it easy to fast for 16 hours and limit their meals to only eight hours of the day, such as 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., while others struggle and need to shorten their fasting window.

Is Fasting risky or not?

Some people, such as pregnant women, children, and those who are at danger, should avoid intermittent fasting.

the various types of fasting that you will find in the bible. We threw out the word fasting quite often and it might give you one image or another. Maybe you hear of different types of fast and you get kind of confused well. What does it even mean like what are you talking about when it comes to fasting? So, We’re going to look at three different types of fasts that have mentioned in scripture very briefly. The first is the full fast. Full fast is abstaining from all food and drink except water or sometimes people will allow juice.

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Especially if you’re never fasted before you need some type of sustenance going on so you have no food. Only beverages water or juice or something and it’s for a predetermined amount of time. Normally when you read about  fasting in the bible that’s generally what they’re talking about that’s what comes to mind that is the initial idea fast no food for a certain amount of time.

What Bible says about fasting

What Bible says about fasting

you do get to have some beverage jews often fasted twice a week in the first century at the time of jesus. It was just very common the type of practice that they had it was a normal part of their spiritual walk. Their fast generally started at sunrise and ended at some sunset .The same day so it just depends on what type of year at least in our part of the country. Our part of the world.uh! it might be a longer fast some parts of the year a shorter fast other parts of the year.

A sunrise sunset when i fast i tend to just go 24 hours because i know how i work if i’m going to fast sunrise the sunset. i’m going to have a nice big breakfast before sunrise and i’ll say well i’m fasting after breakfast right and then. I’ll have a big old meal afterwards so really I only gave up one meal that day so for me that just kind of takes away from the heart of really what the fast is all about so, i go 24 hours and then you know. I can eat up until the last second and and start the second the next 24 hour starts. types of fasting, its benefits, and cautions.. it just i knew i went 24 hours there’s no scriptural mandate on that.

Benefits of fasting

Benefits of fasting

That’s just how i like to do it that’s how they did it you figure out how god wants you to do. It but that’s just generally. My idea uh the idea in a full fast is when you would normally eat you take that time to pray.

I normally eat breakfast or have a cup of coffee and a protein bar. Whatever it is you do for breakfast don’t do that sit in your chair and pray or if you use that time that when you’re driving to work to eat.

Something you know you pray you don’t have to have your eyes closed when you’re praying the idea is replace your food. Time with prayer time and you will find throughout the day. You’ll have different little cravings. What you’ll think are hunger pains. They’re really not hunger pains.

So, we’re going to take a quick look at three different sorts of fasts recorded in the Bible. Whatever it is you’re praying about in your fast an extreme version of this.

Which I do not recommend for the average person. I have never done this myself is um a version that eliminate excuse me. types of fasting, its benefits, and cautions.Eliminates even water from the fat. So, no food no water the last video maybe you recall in nine hey didn’t eat food or water.

I mean that that is an extreme type of fast you see that with moses as well he did that once it just it’s just not normal you can only go three days without water and you’re not going to survive. Unless there’s something. really supernatural going on something earth shaking sprituality and uh so unless god specifically taps you on the shoulder and says. types of fasting, its benefits, and cautions.. I want you on a full fast. I don’t recommend it make sure you’re having some type of water or juice or whatever in an extended fast so that’s the full fast number two is the partial fast this one you don’t read about as much.

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After going through the details and some practical examples in day to day life. I will personally suggest you to have fast in a week. It will not only keep you healthy but also improve your efficiency of your work. You can see results in a few months or time. If you are a foody person like me & can’t stay with empty stomach. So, you can do with partial fasting also this will help you to keep healthy.
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