The Hotel Californian: Visitors Attraction

The Hotel Californian

The Hotel Californian has 121 seaside guest rooms, along with a rooftop pool, a Moroccan-inspired spa, three restaurants, and a beautiful event deck. If you visit this hotel then you feel like you entered into history. The Hotel Californian was Constructed in the year of 1925 in the Spanish Revival architectural style. It is built near the Santa Barbara Country which is in California, United States. This hotel has amazing amenities and services with a traditional feel.

Contact No: (805) 882-0100

Address: 36 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Establish in: 1925

Online Rating: 4.5*

Hotel Style: Trendy & Business

The Rooms of Hotel Californian

The Rooms of Hotel Californian

The Structure of Hotel Santa Barabara looks like a Moroccan-inspired and Spanish colonial. The Almeria and rooms of hotel California are the kings or double queen size. Also, it has a grand room with balcony options. 

The Sestina or Cordova Rooms provide the Ocean view from the balcony side.

There are Juliet balconies, fireplaces, or verandas in front of the Santa Ynez Mountains which gives an amazing view. If you sit here and see the mountains, you will find extreme calm and peace to see them and you feel you need nothing. 

The one more Magellan Suite is the most beautiful bedroom suite in this Hotel Californian. It is a separate sitting room for the VIP people.

Available Room Types:

There are a variety of rooms available. Which you can explore from the balcony of the room. In a normal room also you will feel a five-star facility. All the rooms are luxurious and give you real comfort which you never feel. Different kinds of amazing view are there which helps you to be free from all the problems in life. Rather than this, there are different kinds of rooms available in this hotel.

  • Mountain View: From here you can have a window view and have a real experience of the flawless mountain. The freshness of the refreshing air and the calm in the atmosphere you can feel by heart. There is a different kind of piece that makes you feel refreshed from the inside. So, if you want to have some real pieces choose this one for your amazing trip.
  • Ocean View: If you choose this room you will feel the sound of the air. The refreshing and the freshness id coming from your window. This gives you the feeling that you are in heaven. So, if you want to have some really amazing experiences choose this one.
  • City View:  This room gives you the latest digital view of the city. From there you can see many multi-store buildings with amazing luxurious different towers. So if you want to have some luxurious experience must choose this room for yourself.
  • Non-Smoking Rooms:  These are rooms specially designed for people who don’t like the irritating smell of smoking. Here you will feel the freshness in the air and which no one can even destroy. What will be better than it? So, why miss it out if you are having an opportunity to choose the perfect one for you?
  • Suites:  They are specially for couples and also for the family. So if you like to stay in suites rather than rooms this facility is also there. 

Food and Drinks of Hotel Californian

Food and Drinks of Hotel Californian

Hotel California provides various types of cuisines and has different dining options. There is a very famous gourmet cafe, Goat tree which provides you with fresh and different types of cuisines. If you are visiting the hotel then start your day with coffee baked goods and the cold-pressed juices offers by the Goat tree. 

If you want to do some dinner then Hotel Californian’s Blackbird restaurant is the best for offering various kinds of meals. It is the best restaurant in that area for having some seasonal ingredients. All the kinds of Drinks are available with some special ones so if you visit here don’t miss to try your favorite one.

Drinking and Dining

While checking the hotel there is Wagyu Burger at the blackbird. If you visit this hotel you should never miss visiting this place. Their burger has the specialty that they are the perfect bite for you. I will personally suggest you visit this place And must try the burger of this place. 

For the breakfast, there are lots of options you have. You should try out Hotel Californian’s special marketplace. It is specially designed for foodies. 

Spa of Hotel Californian

Spa of Hotel Californian

This hotel has amazing services as it provides a spa and some beauty options here. The hotel Californian spa transport you to the other side of the world. You will get extreme relaxation here. They offer you many best experiences like massage, body treatments, nail treatments, and much more. There is also a salon, steam rooms for men and women, and indoor and outdoor lounges. 

They provide you the different types of massages according to your problems like better sleep and stress recovery theory offers botanical massage oil with sandalwood and also they provide this massage with a sugar scrub and shea butter wrap. You should definitely experience the Hotel Californian Spa. 

It is one of the most famous places for relaxing. They have the most loving and greeting aromas which make you feel refreshed from the inside. There are multiple facilities which you can take. 

Activities Around the Santa Barbara

There are many activities done in the Santa Barbara Hotel. There is so much to do and see in Santa Barbara. 

Santa Barbara is famous for its best wines. So, you should definitely taste the wine of Hotel Californian.  

Why Should Stay in Hotel Californian

This hotel is built in, a perfect place. The surrounding of it gives it the benefits to have all the above mentioned rooms. Which not only helps you to have a luxurious experience but also helps you to have some real refreshment by heart. For several years the conditions were not the same as now. But in the last five years, there are many hotbeds that are specially designed for visitors. And now this is not only the attraction but also the hub of the visitors. Although it is the first choice of the visitors to come while they are coming to visit California. 

If you visit the hotel now you found it the best luxurious hotel which you have visited. Because a single stay in the hotel gives you so many different kinds of experiences like the middle part of California. This literally gives you the best culinary experience and that is in downtown Santa barbara. Although if you are looking for a modern place with the facility of giving refreshments from inside so, this is the perfect choice for you. 

Property of the Hotel California

Property of the Hotel California

You can see in the images the infrastructure of the hotel is too good to visit. There is no doubt about this. All the things from the infrastructure to the management everything is best. Which you can personally experience also. But from where this idea has come to make this hotel this gorgeous?  

The tiles of the hotel break up in the architectural style of lanterns and Moroccan mirrors. In the hotel, there is a total of 121 guest rooms, It also has a clothing boutique with a fitness center, luxury spa, library bar, and rooftop pool for sunbathing. There is a huge hall where many of the events are organized like wedding hosting, conference, and other huge group gathering. 

When you will stay there you will get the pool deck and lounges, terrace levels with a real sunset view. If you are a morning person so especially for you there is the library. 

The California Hotel is the best place to go while visiting California. This hotel has really amazing infrastructure, facilities, and management which will give you a relaxed and calm feel from the inside. So, if you are planning to have a wonderful trip must visit this place once.

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