Steep Ravine Cabins

steep ravine cabins

Steep Ravine is located on Rocky Point Rd, Stinson Beach, CA 94970, USA. It is one of the most gorgeous places in Mount Tamalpais State park. You will find the best views of Stinson Beach and the Pacific Ocean.  These cabins have no kitchen but you can prepare your food on a counter which looks exactly like a kitchen. There is no electricity, only the candles and the lanterns used for the light. You have to bring your own mattress pad and sleeping bags with you. There is a lack of amenities, but it is considered one of the best places. Also, tourists come here to experience this life across the globe.

The best thing about Steep Ravine Cabins is that it gives expansive ocean views, which attracts tourists a lot.

How to book the ticket for Steep Ravine Cabins

Its booking starts from 8 am in the month being booked and after a few minutes, it is fully booked. If you want to visit Steep Ravine Cabins after 6 months, the booking has already started. That means if you go to the reservation page today, the date you book will be 6 months from today.

The weather in Steep ravine

There is always cloudy or foggy weather because of the ocean. But if you go camping here and if you climb the hills, you will find sunny and sunset weather. So, if you are planning to visit the Steep Ravine Cabins you should know the weather first.

Steep Ravine Campgrounds

For Mount Tamalpais Camping, the steep Environmental Campground is a fantastic option to do camping here.  If you like to enjoy ten camping, this is the best place for you to do so. There are only seven campsites, so they fill quickly. You can enjoy camping near the Ocean which makes it amazing.  For this reason, it is very popular and has become the best tourist spot.  

Each cabin can feature a picnic table, several benches, wood stove, outdoor barbeque and a sleeping platform. But, they don’t have everything like running water and electricity. But you can experience the expensive ocean view. Besides all of these critical things, there’s a lot of privacy and you can do a lot more things here. Furthermore, it’s one of the best places to watch sunrise and sunset as well as you can sleep under the stars and even you can experience the calming sound of waves.

As mentioned before, it has critical drawbacks like lack of cellular service. But it’s also the best place for you if you just want to get rid of your worries or stress in a little period of time. You can escape from your real world and experience the best moments here.

Each cabin has a wood-burning stove in the middle of it, So you can feel warm and toasty in the cold nights. Again, here’s one more drawback that you need to bring warm blankets in order to stay warm because the heat of the wood-burning stove couldn’t reach the bedrooms.

You can camp here and experience this place along with the awesome wildlife. You can see a lot of raccoons, deers, and newts.

History of Steep Ravine Cabins

On the coast, 13 cabins and the Kent family home were constructed in 1938. Each cabin has a hardwood stove, a basin, and a bathroom along with a shower and toilet that costs around $1500 to build.

During World War II, the military took control of this whole place including the area of Mount Tam. After World War II, Kent’s family had no choice but to rent out the cabin to their friends and family at a low price of $450/year.

In 1983, the cabin started to be refurbished again. The 3 cabins that were so closest to the ocean were just knocked down. Bathrooms and sinks were also removed.

Services offered by Steep Ravine Cabins

  • It’s a sheltered cabin with a wood burning stove.
  • An Indoor dining table.
  • Wooden platforms for you to sleep.
  • There’s no food available.
  • You will only get potable water.
  • No electricity.
  • You need Sleeping bags, pillows and an air mattress.
  • Since fire doesn’t reach bedrooms, you need warm blankets.
  • A lot of natural light comes inside the cabin.


The Steep Ravine Cabins is an awesome place for camping. Besides, it has some of the drawbacks like lack of running water and electricity. But, these are not critical things because you can spend your time with nature and the natural world along with wildlife instead of these artificial things like electricity or anything. You may consider it a critical problem just like I said before, but it’s not so. There’s a chance to experience nature and wildlife in a broad way. Also, you can make this trip one of the best memories with the natural world in this awesome place.


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