Barcelo Maya Riviera

Barcelo Maya Riveria

If you are looking for a fantastic resort near the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean. And also have the beauty of the riviera Maya in the surrounding. The “Barcelo Maya Riviera” is one of the best and most luxurious adult resorts with exclusive services. Finally, The hotel offers services of 6 restaurants, all are there near the Caribbean sea. Additionally These restaurants have many of the world-wide famous cuisines. It is an internationally renowned guest hotel where visitors come and stay there for the entire day of their vacation.

Rooms In Barcelo Maya Riviera

This hotel has different facilities which are reliable for the customers. In a single hotel, you can get the service of the different five 5-star hotel facilities. Whenever, Here are many facilities available in the special hotel benefit to booking this hotel is you can get the prime customer benefit in the normal rooms also. Additionally, There are four kinds of rooms available for you with the best facility.

There are different kinds of luxurious room facilities which are available. Whenever, Because there are five different five-star hotel facilities which you can enjoy. Finally, But specifically, this resort is good for adults. Different rooms are:-

Junior Suite
Junior Suite in Front of Ocean
Junior Suite Ocean Front Premium Level

Junior Suite

This room has an area of 495 square feet. Also, There are many facilities available like here at Barcelo Maya Riviera you will get one king bed, or two double beds also. Additionally, From the window or the balcony, you can enjoy the garden view also. Finally, In this room, there is a capacity of a minimum of one adult and good for a maximum of three adults. So, enjoy your weekend in the privacy with your loved ones. 

As per the management and the facility in this room only three guests are allowed to come at a particular time. Additionally, The bathroom has the facility of a tub and shower where you can relax. However, All the rooms are air-conditioned and with a heater but the ceiling fan is also available here. 

Available facilities:

  •  Best garden view from your balcony.
  • Only 3 guests in a room are allowed.
  • The bathroom has both a bathtub and a shower
  • Have ceiling fan
  • Have 2 double beds and one king-size bed
  • Coffee makers are available in every single room
  • Iron or ironing board are available
  • The mini bar which is stocked daily by hotel management
  • TV
  • The terrace has the hot tub
  • Have bathrobes also in the bathroom 

Junior Suite in Front of Ocean

The Junior Suite has a size of 495 square feet. Additionally, This has the same feature as the one king bed and two double bed options. Here the availability of a minimum of one adult and a maximum of only three adults are allowed to come once. Further, No more than three guests are allowed to come at a particular time. 

In this suite bathrooms also have a tub and a shower for proper relaxation and comfort. Although, All the rooms have an air conditioner and heater but with it, they also have a ceiling fan. Additionally, there are many otter facilities all rooms have a coffee maker, iron board, and mini bar stocked for daily purposes. Also, Rather than it, the place is also safe to stay in. Additionally, For special hygiene here you can also get the slippers. Moreover, TV is available in this suite with a subscription so you can enjoy any online movie or show.

This class is different from the others. Finally, It also has a hot tub on the balcony. Further, From there you can have a hot bath with your loved ones. Whatever, And from the front, the ocean is there so you can enjoy the view with the calmness and the fresh air of the ocean.

Available facilities:

  • King bed or 2 double bed set
  • Good for max 3 adults
  • The bathroom has a tub and shower
  • Mountain view
  • Coffee maker
  • Mini Bar stocked
  • Safe
  • Slippers 
  • TV
  • Hot Tub in Balcony or Terrace

Junior Suite Ocean Front Premium Level

You will get the 495 square feet area room in the junior suite oceanfront premium level. Finally, Here you will get all the features of the junior suite. Here there is the availability of the 1 king bed and the two double beds. Additionally, As per the facility, only 3 adults are allowed at a particular time. However, You will especially get concierge services with all the essential room services. 

Here the bathrobes are available and also the coffee maker. Although, The ironing board is especially available for the customers. Finally, Apart from this, you will get safe, special room slippers and Tv is also there. You will also get the hot tub on the balcony or the terrace so have some really special time with your partner.

Special Premium Facilities:

  • Check-in and check-out desks are separate.
  • Exclusive Premium Level Lounge offers international drinks, canapés, continental breakfast, board games, books, newspapers, and free international internet access (7 am to 11 pm)
  • Service Termination
  • Premium brand drinks are available in all hotel bars and restaurants.
  • WiFi is available in designated areas (2 access codes per room)
  • Local calls are included.
  • Reservations at à la carte restaurants are given priority (unlimited. subject to availability)
  • Amenities in VIP rooms
  • Daily replenishment of the mini-bar (water, soft drinks, beer, and light snacks)
  • When you arrive, you will find beach towels in your room.
  • Premium Level guests have access to an exclusive concierge service.
  • Hydrotherapy circuit access (once per day/stay)
  • Upon arrival, a welcome gift
  • Room service is available

Why Choose Barcelo Maya Palace

Now the resort has added many excellent features like swimming pools, and different water parks for adults and children. Whenever, In the same place, you get the complete services of the shopping, U-spa, U-kids Spa and also Fitness studio. Also, Suppose you are a sports person so there is one more advantage. Finally, You can practice that in the sea. Additionally, There are also some beneficial entertainment and exciting activities daily in the evening. 

Additionally, there is one more advantage to going here because in one you can get the facility of the five different luxurious five-star restaurants. 

  • 4 diamond-rated hotel
  • Certified by AAA
  • Have a Spectacular Beach area around 2 KM
  • Go to 1 place and have 5 five stars hotel facility
  • Especially have junior and suites 

Check in Check out Timings:

Check-in is available from the 3 pm 

Checkout service is there at 12 pm

Specially Have Connectivity of Wifi in:

Wifi available in:-

  • Lobby
  • Some Selected Public Areas
  • In all Hotel Rooms

Services and Shops in Barcelo Maya Riviera

#1 Gift Shop in Barcelo Maya Riviera
#2 On-Site Medical Services in Barcelo Maya Riviera
#3 Meeting Space in Barcelo Maya Riviera
#4 Mall facility in Barcelo Maya Riviera
#5 Amazing Activity Place in Barcelo Maya Riviera

In the hotel, there are different shops also. So, if you are planning to stay here for a long time period also this is the perfect place to choose. Also Here you don’t need to worry about things. Different kinds of shops are available in the hotel like a gift shop there so you can also have something for your family. Additionally, Laundry is also there so no worry about the clothes. 

They will help you and deliver it to your door. Moreover, For the medical services even you don’t need to go somewhere outside. Also, Rather than this here are many more services and shops like:

  • Gift shop available
  • Laundry services are available
  • Medical services are available
  • On-site medical services are available 
  • Meeting space is available 
  • Parking is available, as is a photoshop
  • On-site shopping is available 
  • Wedding services are available

Health and well-being Services in Barcelo Maya Palace

  • On-site fitness center
  • On-site sauna and steam room 
  • On-site spa 
  • Spa treatments are available on-site.
  • Yoga classes are available 

The Barcelo Maya Riviera is an excellent Riviera Maya resort, 47 miles south of Cancun International Airport. However, And 12 miles south of Playa del Carmen. Although The all-inclusive, adults-only experience at Barcelo Maya Riviera is ideal for couples, groups, and conventions. So, if you want to do something really special and amazing for your partner this is the perfect place where you should go once.Also

Bar and Entertainment facility in Barcelo Maya Riviera

If you wanna enjoy your favorite drink during your vacation so the bar facility is also available. Also Rather than that there are special shows available during the night. So, you can also enjoy the nightclub facility in the same hotel. Additionally, But this place is age restricted so you need to have id proof also then you are free to enjoy your favorite one with no worries.

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