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elegant airbnb in new orleans

If you are finding an Airbnb in Orleans for your vacation this summer, then here are a few awesome places for your accommodation. You are not suggested to reserve a room in an expensive hotel in New Orleans because there is no point in spending high on your accommodation. Instead, you can just go straight to Airbnb and can get an entire place, a private room, a hotel room, or even a shared room at a very affordable price. Airbnb is a short-term rental business that is established in 2008 for sharing houses. Here are the Top Airbnbs in New Orleans that you can explore in detail.

Top Airbnbs In New Orleans

top airbnb in new orleans

Airbnb is used to get private rooms or hotels at low cost. You can also offer your home to Airbnb if you are not using it. Down below are the most popular and best Airbnb in New Orleans that can be one of yours just for a little period of time. It is one of the best Airbnb in New Orleans.

Amazing Condo

amazing condo

It is the most popular and amazing condo in New Orleans. The Condo has modern interior designs and historic charm. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms along with the capacity of four people. As well as it has a very old hardwood floor including architectural elements. Further, it has two balconies and a lot of room amenities. You can also access a pool and a hot tub along with a 24-hour Janitor service.

Online Ratings: *4.7

Contact no.: +123-456-789

River House

river house

The River House of New Orleans can invoke a relaxed vibe. It has one bedroom. This beautiful ancient house is created to satisfy your every need, whether you’re a couple looking for a quiet break or a family-looking room to break out in your own fully furnished three-floor home. River House offers luxurious hospitality like that found in top hotels, but in the practical and more personal setting of a perfect independent home, just three blocks from the French Quarter, on a historic, tree-lined street.

Online Ratings: *3.2

Contact no.: +123-456-789

Renovated Marigny Home

renovated marigny home

It has one bedroom with historical elements mixed in it. As well as, it has a private outdoor area that has a relaxing atmosphere. This Airbnb is best for those people who are looking for an extended stay.

Online Ratings: *4.8

Contact no.: +123-456-789

Historic Mansion With Courtyard


This Airbnb was built in 1820. It is a historic mansion with stunning design and historic elements that can make you swoon. A 200-year-old wooden floor, ceilings with exposed wooden beams as well as a sparkling chandelier. It has two bedrooms, and a Capacity of up to 8 guests.

Online Ratings: *4.1

Contact no.: +123-456-789

Library room

library room

If you are a book nerd and you love to stay in the library room, then library room Airbnb is the best for you. It’s a cool place to stay. It also has a red room and a haunted bedroom. You will also have a lot of books that you can read at any time. You will also get a queen-size antique bed, a private shower, a wide-screen tv, a mini fridge, and a lot more.

Online Ratings: *4.6

Contact no.: +123-456-789

Treme Guesthouse

treme guesthouse

It’s a tiny house which is just stepping away from the french quarter along with the capacity of two people. You can reach out to French Quarter just within a short walk. It also has a garden and a guest house. It’s also a rare property with a lot of historic elements. It was built in 1837 and it is renovated recently. Further, you will also get eight sets of french doors and some windows. This Airbnb is the best, If you have your loved one then you will definitely choose Treme Guesthouse to spend time together in this Tiny and beautiful house.

Online Ratings: *4.9

Contact no.: +123-456-789

Irish Channel Apartment


It is a spacious apartment with one bedroom, new lights, and a lot of room amenities. You will also get a clean, open floor plan as well as high-end appliances. You will have secure and private access to your spacious room. Further, it is one of the oldest residents of the city. It’s just a little walk away from Magazine Street. You will also see cypress doors, three fireplaces, hardwood floors, and modern ceilings along with kitchen and laundry facilities.

Online Ratings: *4.3

Contact no.: +123-456-789

Historic Neighbourhood

historic neighbourhood

This Airbnb is outside of the french quarter and it’s located in the hip Marigny neighborhood. You will also get the gorgeous saltwater pool in the backyard as well as a beautiful garden. This Airbnb also has a private entrance, a full kitchen, TV, Wi-Fi, and washer/dryer along with the bathroom.

Online Ratings: *4.5

Contact no.: +123-456-789

Cozy One Bedroom

cozy one bedroom

It’s a beautiful apartment near magazine street. It has hardwood floors, pocket doors, tall shuttered windows, and a garden of cypress. Also, it is close to a lot of popular city spots. It was built in the 1860s. You will also get a fully furnished apartment with a large living room, a kitchen along with one bedroom. The Airbnb has room amenities like wifi, large flat screen tv, a burglar alarm, a granite counter, and a deep tub along with stainless steel appliances. The Airbnb is specially designed for two people.


If you are planning for a vacation then you don’t need to spend all of your money on expensive resorts or restaurants. You can just go straight to Airbnb and you can check the awesome rooms and houses at different prices. These amazing Airbnb in New Orleans has magnificient views.

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