El Conquistador Resort

el conquistador

El conquistador resort is one of the most famous iconic destination resorts in the Caribbean, It is located on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. They offer a stunning background for all sizes of wedding parties, as well as families, couples, and honeymooners. They also offer a lot of activities like golf, tennis, and a trip to the private island of palomino.

The resort is near El Yunque Rain forest. It also has white linens and bright places with clean white walls along with a TV, DVD Players, iPod Docking Stations refrigerators as well a lot of prehistoric elements.

History of El Conquistador

history of el conquistador

El Conquistador was closed for more than three years due to Hurricane Maria. But the resort was opened again on 21 May 2021 in Puerto Rico. And that was a significant boost for the tourism industry of this Island. It was founded in the 1960s in Puerto Rico and it has around 750 rooms. After the grand opening of this amazing resort, it was closed in 1968. In the beginning, when the resort first opened, there were no paintings, no textures, and even no floors according to the people who got there.

The resort was designed by architecture Annie Graham Rockfellow. He graduated from M.I.T. Further, the first building in the desert sanatorium was also designed by Annie Graham.

What’s Special In El Conquistador


The resort also has a lot of unique things that you can access like the Coqui waterpark, Arthur Hills golf course as well as restaurants. However, the resort is still recovering from damage caused by Hurricane maria. The resort was purchased by Royal Blue hospitality group in 2019 and renovated with a budget of $220 million.



The resort offers authentic oceanfront beauty and features world-class amenities, stimulating activities as well as personalized guest services. They can go above your every expectation with a wide range of activities and special services designed for every guest.

They also have four cool pools, you can relax there with a cool tropical drink in your hand. You can also play golf anytime on that large golf course. If you are feeling hot then you can also cool off in the exhilarating coqui water park, Even you can enjoy a water slide at Puerto Rico’s seaside waterpark. Puerto Rico’s seaside waterpark also has a lazy river and a huge pool.

Again, you can find white-sand beaches, beachfront dining, and drinks near the El Conquistador resort. They also offer three more slides that are height restricted. The Huracan, Gigante Dormido and Marohu slides. So, if you are under the height of 48, then you are not able to enjoy these rides.

The Golf Course

the golf course

They have an 18-hole award-winning golf course. It is challenging as well as player friendly, it is a masterpiece with upgrading changes as well as with great views of the Atlantic Ocean Including the Caribbean sea and El Yunque Rain Forest.

Coqui Water Park

coqui water park

This is the passive river pool of Puerto Rico. You can slide from 253 feet with high speed and more thrills that are available exclusively for the guests and members of the resort. There is also a lazy river along with an expansive infinity edge pool. It is a 2.4-acre water park that can be awesome for the whole family. You can hear and can feel the presence of coqui during the night in the tropical rainforest. They are here on the island for generations and they control the population of herbivorous insects. The coqui has become the legend and official animal in Puerto Rican culture.

The water park was also named in honor of this fabulous frog. It is a great water park for the family’s fun and energetic adventure.

Water Slides In El Conquistador

water slides in el conquistador

El Gigante Dormido is a sleeping giant vertical slide along with a 40-foot drop. So, if you like shocking and extreme adventure then this water slide is the best slide for you to experience the powerful thrill.

The Huracan water slide is a single-lane water slide and is one of the newest water slides for those who want a full pool. It is most popularly known in New Orleans. This is an 18 feet high water slide with a full pool for extra excitement. It has 3 inches by 3 inches that are easy to climb. You can also use handrails to make it so easy. It also includes 26 feet of intense curves and velocity. The slide can hold three or four people at a time.


The El Conquistador offers a lot of amenities and super specialty services like a lounge on the beach, water slides, and much more. You can do much more things here, you can enjoying a variety of water slides and you can feel the amazing presence of Conquis at the night.

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