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Every so often in everyday life, we need to take a bathroom break and the process doesn’t guarantee a second thought. For most people, it’s a cause of great discomfort and anxiety for many. Peeschute, a pocket-sized toilet that anyone can use at any time especially designed for medical use cases like 

  • Surgery fractures
  • Arthritis 
  • People with decreased mobility 

There are times when you got to pee but you just can’t

  • Long and unstoppable journeys
  • When your loved ones are in pain
  • Annoying dirty toilets

Peeschute is the secret to handling pressure with ease even for travelers who prefer to stay safe on the go. Once you used this unisex disposable urine bag, it turns instantly into a solid keeping it leak-proof, odorless, and hygienic. No mess, no hassle, and total freedom from unsanitary toilets and dependency on others. With the recent rise in infectious diseases an innovation like Peechute becomes a necessity in hospitals and homes, and to avoid public toilets. Adjusting to lesser mobility is difficult to make that journey easier and feel like regaining independence, confidence, and dignity with Peeschute medi your handy toilet.

Peeschute – A Disposable Pocket-sized Toilet

Peeschute - A Disposable Pocket-sized Toilet

We all know holding Urine for too long in your bladder can weaken the bladder muscles and will lead to urinary tract infections due to Bacteria. In the short term, you will not realize its consequences but in the long term, it will be the cause of many health problems.

We face these types of problems usually during times of travel. Traveling is a part of our life. People usually travel from different routes and there is a possibility that we are not able to find the toilets, firsthand on many occasions. If we find it, it will eventually have a probability that it will not be hygienic. 

So, Mr. Siddhant Tawarawala had also faced this problem and found out a solution to this problem i.e., Peeschute. This is an innovation of a disposable, gender-neutral urine bag that allows many people to urinate without the hassle of leaking.

The disposable pee bag is lined with a proprietary gel that rapidly freezes urine, transforming it into an odorless, non-liquid that may be stored and discarded as needed. The pouch itself has an envelope-like form and you can easily be closed it after use in addition to fitting into your pocket.

These disposable urine bags are Spillage free and also do not emit any foul odor. You can also store these bags with urine in them for up to 10 days. Once full, It can be disposed of like all other sanitary materials are disposed of. Along with India, it is also sold in the US, UK, and Canada. 

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The story behind the making of Peeschute/Peechute

The story behind the making of Peeschute/Peechute

Siddhant, the maker of this product is from Janla, located, 400 km from Mumbai. He left his hometown and moved to Mumbai to pursue Engineering. He used to use public buses to return to his hometown. At that time, he didn’t even drink too much water so that he could travel without holding urine.  But the driver would not stop too much during the journey and he feels uncomfortable during his journey. He had to empty his bladder into an empty bottle. It was not a good experience for him at all. This stayed with him and he finally not just conceptualized but even made that product for the facility of the people who travels a lot.

How does it start?

Peeschute wasn’t his first business idea. It really helps him to think as an entrepreneur. During his second year of engineering at a brainstorming workshop on commercial problems that didn’t have a solution at that time, he came up with the idea of Peescuhute. During that session, sanitation has come to be a prominent issue. Finding a solution to that problem really excites him.

He had the problem and a possible solution to it. He reached out to VentureStudio, a startup incubator that is in Ahmedabad. There they allow him to work under one of their schemes, call it Nidhi Prayas. It is an initiative that gives college students a chance to work on solving a problem that has a larger impact. That’s how Siddhant got his first investment of Rs 10 lakh from VentureStudio itself.

He worked deeply with VentureStudio for 18 months from 2018 to 2020 on how he can produce the product. The idea was especially in usage to materialize the idea and the process was filled with valuable learnings. He recalls using empty bottles, zip lock bags, balloons, and condoms made with cotton and wood pulp to find an effective way to store the urine without any leaking.

He successfully launched the product in 2020. Peeschute finalized its first angel investment around June 2020  by Marwari Angel’s group, Hyderabad. Then, he came to the show called Shark Tank. There, he found an investor named  Aman Gupta, co-founder, and CEO of boAt Lifestyle he made an investment commitment of Rs 75 lakh. And that show Peechute grow.

Sanitation is the main issue in our country that can be resolved by the use of Peeschute.

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Peechute Products

Peeschute products
  1. Peeschute Medi

Peeschute Medi is a unisex disposable pocket product that can be used to urinate when holding nature’s call is difficult. It solidifies urine immediately and there is no odor after the solidification of urine.

  1. Parachute travel

Peeschute Travel is a unisex disposable pocket product that can be used to urinate when holding nature’s call is difficult during traveling. It solidifies urine immediately and there is no odor after the solidification of urine. You can travel without any urine-holding issues.

Features of Peeschute Products

  • Paper-based  

It is the first world’s paper-based urine bag that is made concerning environmental issues.

  • No dependency 

This will save you from embarrassment and also it is effective in the case of tiny babies as they pee many times a day. It will make you independent and there will be no worry when it comes to the concern of the family members.

  • Portable

 It is very lightweight and easily fits in the pockets. You can easily carry this anywhere.

  • Hassle-free

It is very easy to use and dispose of these peechute urine bags. There will be no spill and splash because it solidifies your urine.

  • Odorless

The odor will get trapped in the bag after you pee in that bag and will not spoil your mood 

  • No Cleaning required 

It is very easy to use and the gel formula, used in the making of the Peeschute bags ensures no spoilage or splashing of urine.

  • Affordable

Peeschute Medi is a reusable product. It can be reused up to three to four times with the price of  Rs 100 for the pack of three. On the other hand, Parachute Travel is a one-time use product with a price of Rs 10.

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How to use Peechute 

  • Open and press the edges of the pack 

Place your forefinger and thumb at the corners of the opening of the bag. Press the edges gently to make an opening.

  • Rightly position the bag

Rightly hold the bag near your urinal area and place it right so you don’t miss the aim.

  • Release the pressure

Adjust and place the opening of the bag to cover the flow of urine between the legs.

  • Fold and seal the bag

Fold the bag at the dotted line marked “fold hereafter use” to seal and avoid spoilage.

  • Dispose of the used bag

Dispose of the urine bag in the nearby garbage bin. If the garbage bin is not available, this disposable urine bag has a standing base that allows you to keep it aside after use and dispose of it later.

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Now Peeschute is helping of senior citizens, people with low mobility issues, patients on bed rest after surgeries, pregnant women, and also children. Some people have a fear to used a public toilet because of UTIs, bad odor, and unpleasant experiences. Peechute is the most effective solution for all these challenges and is making easier travel journeys. The personal care and hygiene products market is booming In India and the market needs innovative and disposable products like Peeschute which will make a huge impact on the sanitary conditions in India.

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