Venus Mask: Anti Pollution, N95 Respiratory & Virus Protection

Venus Mask

Venus mask is the first step to preventing the spread of diseases and viruses. However, there are many different kinds of masks present in the market. In this blog, we will get the knowledge about the Venus mask. Venus Mask covers the oral and smells section of the mouth. Therefore, It is used to prevent transmission by holding back droplets.

What is a Venus Mask?

Venus masks prevent a human being from inhaling tiny bacteria, microbes, pollen, allergens, and sawdust. However, it offers complete protection against coronavirus. Therefore, a deadly virus that is recommended by medical professionals all over the world at these times.

Venus Mask V-410-V FFP1

It is a respirator Face mask that is a part of the V-4200 series of Venus respirators invented by VENUS Safety and Health Pvt. Ltd.

It is fitted with the most advanced microfine media technology. Therefore, it safeguards the user from breathing suspended particles.

Although, The filters are equipped with a sizeable dust-holding capacity. It does not become blocked, thus extending the lifespan of the respirator.

Venus V-410-V FFP1S Respirator Face Mask comes with various features. It includes a unique adjustable bead that sings it.

These Half Masks for Filtering are ideal for protection against dust particles. Moreover, It has a Butterfly Vent Valve for comfort in breathing, ease of communication, and much more. A person can easily store it in the pocket as per design.

However, it is a better fit to wear for long hours of wear during the hot summer months.

After research and user experience, Venus mask has created the flat design of the respirator folds. Therefore, it has a broad surface allows for comfortable breathing.

Venus Respirator Face Mask is designed as per rule and regulation of Indian Standard Institute IS 14746/1999. The all Venus mask is made to meet the requirements in IS 9473. While manufacturing the Mask, all operations have been held under the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Venus respirator mask is marked with an FF P1S filter. However, it is utilised against particulates that are generated mechanically. Such as those resulting from grinding, sanding, drilling, etc.

The Best Skin Mask to be found in India

Venus Mask is a comfortable mask with elastic headbands. It has an exhalation valve that maintains the flow of air exhaled. 

  • VENUS N95 Respirator (Face mask) authorized by NIOSH
  • Filtering efficiency greater than 95% protection: Non-oil-based particles.
  • Safe For Breathing
  • Venus mask Approved Certificate TC-84A-8126.
  • Superior high-tech filter media that has micro-fine fibers
  • The electrostatic charge can guard against liquids
  • Prevent from Oil based solids and non-oil-based aerosol particles.
  • Made of several layers, microfine filters, and the skin’s comfort layer.
  • Simple to store using a folding flat
  • Universal style filtering design that has a significant face coverage
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Elastic fitting made of textile for long Life
  • Not affected by high temperatures.

Suffering with Dehydration and Looking Treatment Causes & Symptoms

Dehydration in Adults and Children

List Some Venus Specifications

It has a movable nose clip and foam to ensure the perfect comfortable fitting. Moreover, Venus Mask is a cheapest mask equipped which includes an exhalation valve.

  • Brand: VENUS
  • Color: Yellow
  • Class: FFP1-S
  • M.U.L.: Up to 4 x OEL
  • Protection: Solid Dust / Mist etc.
  • Latex Free Textile Elastic for longevity
  • It Skin Friendly and doesn’t change shape in extreme temperatures.
  • Superior Microfiber Media Technology
  • Keep Cool Vent Valve for Butterfly
  • Indian Standard Institute I.S.I. Marked
  • Anti-clogging (N.R. D)
  • Flat Fold Style
  • Aluminum Nose Embedded Clip to prevent leaks
  • Effectively eliminates heat build-up
  • Offers Breathing Comfort and Encourages Simple Communication
  • Noise liner prevents leakage
  • Universal For all faces
  • Unique Fit Adjusters provide optimal security and ease of use
  • Transparent Valve
  • Large Surface Area
  • High Breathing Comfort
  • Pocket-friendly Style
  • V-410 V fulfills the requirements of IS 9473.
  • Lightweight Mask

How to use the Venus mask & N95 mask?

The world is in a state of panic because of COVID-19. Venus mask have become a vital part of our daily security. However, due to the spread of this disease. Globally, there is a massive shortage of respirators and masks.


There are a few questions that pop up during the use of these safety respirators. What is the best way do I reuse the masks? What is the best method to dispose of the shows without harming the environment? It’s not only about wearing safety respirators but also correctly disposing of them is equally vital.

Instructions before the reuse of Venus Mask Respirators:

  • Don’t reuse mask if blood comes
  • Sometimes, life issues arrive when patients’ blood comes from respiratory or nasal secretions.
  • If you are in extreme situations, consider using a washable face shield instead of a respirator or other methods (e.g., masking patients, using engineering controls) if it is possible to minimize surface contamination of the masks.
  • It prevents cross-contamination and storage.
  • Ensure that they don’t touch one another and that the person using the respirator is identifiable.
  • Storage containers cleaned frequently.

Best Instructions While Using Mask

  • Clean your hands using water and soap or an alcohol-based hand soap before and after touching.
  • It alters the size of the respirator. Suppose required to ensure comfort or keep the proper fit.
  • Be careful not to touch the interior or the inside of the respiratory device if accidental contact occurs through the interior of the respirator. Secondly, throw it away and follow hand hygiene procedures.
  • Ensure you wear clean gloves when wearing an old respirator while inspecting the seal.
  • Use Clean the gloves
  • Make an adjustments to ensure the correctly positioned
  • It has an adequate seal.
  • Secondary exposures may result from reusing respirator masks
  • Label containers for storage of respirators, and label the device itself (e.g., writing the person’s name across the straps to minimize the chance of accidentally using someone else’s respirator.)

Benefits of Venus Mask

  • It helps to prevent cross-contamination.
  • People infected by an airborne virus must wear this Mask.
  • Ensure the droplets of infection
  • It encased in the lining of the show. 
  • Do not spread the infection to other people.
  • The respirator mask removes dust, pollen, smoke, and other harmful substances, such as sawdust and other contaminants.
  • It could use in households, workplaces, schools, food and beverage sectors, labs, dental clinics, and other medical facilities.
  • The ear loop is soft and won’t cause any pulling or pulling around the ears. These Venus Face Masks also come with an adjustable ear loop so you can lengthen or reduce it to suit your preferences and comfort.
  • Venus mask is easy to fold and store away when not in use because of its easy-to-use and universal design.
  • The Venus V-44+ FFP1 Respiratory Mask has several filters and skin comfort layers that ensure the wearer’s comfort.
  • Anti pollution face mask.
  • This Mask is non-latex that reduces irritation and rashes on your skin. The Venus mask will not alter in extreme temperatures.

How to Use

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap or an anti-bacterial hand wash before applying your Mask.
  • Make sure use with hand cleaned
  • Wear the Mask so that your mouth
  • Covered the nose with no gaps remain.
  • Adjust the ear hook according to your facial fit and personal preference.
  • Avoid touching the Mask too frequently when you are out in public.
  • When the Mask is dry and spongy, you can change it with a fresh one.
  • Then, it would help if you threw away your show in a dustbin and then washed your hands after removing it.


Wearing a Venus mask will keep you away from diseases and infections. Although, you must use your respirator mask and do not use anyone else’s mask. Moreover, Always wear a new show and clean your hands thoroughly before wearing the Mask and after taking off your act.

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