Most Powerful Passports in the world

most powerful passports in the world

Here you will read about the world’s most powerful passports in 2022 and how their rank is decided. India ranks 87th on the list, whereas Japan, Singapore, and South Korea grab the top spot.

The most powerful passports are those that require the fewest visa requirements for tourists to visit third-world countries. The index is based on 17 years of data. It helps individuals and governments determine the value of citizenship around the world based on which passport provides easy visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to other countries.

How Powerful Passport rank is decided

Before we go deeper into countries with the strongest passport, it’s important to understand what determines a powerful passport, passports are ranked on their mobility scores, and the higher the mobility scores, the better the passport’s power. In addition, the number of visa-free or visa-on-arrival passports each country accepts decides its ranking.

The Global Passport Power Ranking

The world’s passports are sorted by their total Mobility Score, which includes visa-free and visa-on-arrival benefits. The higher the MS score, the greater the passport holder’s global mobility.

Increase your Mobility Score.

Find out which additional passport(s) will help you improve your Mobility Score. The greater your mobility score, the more countries you can visit without a visa or with a visa on arrival.

Individual Passport Strength Ranking

Because no two passports are alike, why share a rank? The 2016 Passport Index introduced a new ranking system in which each key is assigned a unique position based on its country and visa characteristics.

A three-tier method is used to determine each passport’s individual rank: (if issued within 3 days)

VF portion of their score vs VOA

The United Nations Development Programme Human Development Index 2018 (UNDP HDI) is used to break ties. The UNDP HDI is an important indicator of a country’s image abroad.

Mobility Score (MS) 

Passports continue accumulating points for each country that their holders can visit visa-free or with a visa on arrival.

Visa-Free (VF)

It is not necessary to obtain permission from a foreign authority to enter a country.

Rank Filtered

It’s never been easier to rank passports based on their unique characteristics in the context of your choice. In addition, you can now filter by continent, region, industry, and various other eligibility requirements.

Global Welcoming Country Ranking

Some passports command a high level of respect and allow visa-free travel to many parts of the world. But how friendly are they? The Passport Index’s Country Welcoming Rank displays the world’s most and least welcoming countries based solely on the number of countries they accept visa-free or with visa on arrival.

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Henley Passport Index: Most Powerful Passports

According to the Henley Passport Index, these are the most powerful passports in the world.

  • Japan and Singapore (191 destinations)
  • South Korea and Germany (190 destinations)
  • Spain, Finland, Italy, and Luxembourg (189 destinations)
  • Denmark, France, the Netherlands, and Sweden (188 destinations)
  • Portugal and Ireland (187 destinations)
  • Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States are all represented (186 destinations)
  • Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, Greece, and Malta are among the countries listed (185 destinations)
  • Hungary and Poland (183 destinations)
  • Slovakia and Lithuania (182 destinations)
  • Slovenia, Estonia, and Latvia (181 destinations)

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Top 10 most powerful passports in the world in 2022

A passport is needed for international travel. Some passports, however, are considered “stronger” than others. The most powerful passports in the world are those that provide the most travel freedom.

Japan: Most Powerful passport

Japan is not just a place with food, technology, and plenty of bountiful nature blessings. But it is the best place to have your passport done. It’s top all other countries in the world, making the most powerful boss when the passport is a concern. In addition, it offers Japanese 191 visa-free travel. That’s a rundown on the 10 most powerful passports in the world. I hope from now you know which country you can obtain a passport.


All Singaporean passports are issued exclusively by the immigration and checkpoints Authority ICA. Which is done on behalf of the Singapore Minister of Home Affairs. Only Singapore can apply for this passport, normally valid for five years. Singapore gives its citizens obtaining a passport for international travel to 190 places with a visa-free garage. It is the second most powerful and stronger in the world. 

South Korea

Just like any other country, issuing a passport to its citizens is to facilitate their international travel. And just like any other passport, a south Korean passport serves as proof of the holder’s personal information. Such as nationality and date of birth. So making it is not that difficult.

But you should have in mind to be present, and all your information should be correct. South Korea is in third place on the most powerful passport. Which gives her the privilege for her citizens to benefit, and Germany has well given her citizens the same benefit her citizens to travel to 189 places without a visa. 


Coming to Italy and looking at their passport system, you will see that obtaining a passport in Italy gives you the benefit of visiting 188 places without a visa card. Italian passports are issued to Italian citizens for international travel, as we all are aware of that. The biometric passport has been available since October 26 2006 and is valid for 10, 5, or 3 years all depending on the applicant’s age. It’s more beneficial to know that all Italian citizens are also a citizen of the European Union.

The passport, along with the national identity cars, gives free rights to movement and residence in any state of the European Union, European economic areas as well as Switzerland. Italy also has its rivalries having the same number of places as a benefit for obtaining a passport in their country. These countries include Spain and Finland. 


Denmark’s many charms have become apparent to a global audience in recent times. Danish passports are given out to citizens of the Danish kingdom. To apply for a passport in Denmark, you need to make an appointment, fill in an application form, and submit it together with supporting documents and a passport fee. Having a Danish passport is something you should call yourself blessed because a passport gives you access to 187 places to visit. After all, serving as a Danish citizen facilitates securing assistance from the Danish consular officials abroad. 


In Sweden, passports are issued by the Swedish police, and application are also filled out at the police stations equipped with passport terminals for taking photographs and fingerprints. Since October 1, 2005, five-year biometric passports have been available. Becoming a Swedish citizen requires you to be able to back up your identity and must also be at least 18 and live in Sweden for two years. Making your passport in Sweden is a sure guarantee that you can visit 186 places without a visa, and other countries also have the same rank as Sweden. Portugal, the Netherlands, and Ireland are the countries.

United States Of America

Here, renewing your passport can’t be done without you being around. And if you have a trip plan in maybe two or more days. It will be for your good if you notify the agency beforehand because urgency here does not work here. Because of the increase in COVID-19 cases and local health conditions, it’s good to apply early because here, they have an extremely limited number of appointments for in-person service if you are traveling in the next 72hours.

You must apply in person using form DS 11 if at least one of the filling is true. US is in seventh place on the most powerful passports. You are applying for your first US passport and you are under age 16. Having a passport in the United States allows you to visit 185 countries without a visa in 2022.


According to Australian passport regulations, all applicants, including children and infants, Must be present at the embassy when applying for new passports and renewals. It is because, in case of loss or theft of your passport, travel documents will be circulated internationally as lost or stolen.

So that is why it’s important to notify the authority if you see it. And documents which have been cancelled are not acceptable, and places like boarding ships, checking in at the airport or entering a country may be refused. Australian passports are generally valid for 10 years and cannot be extended, and even if you change your name, it will be a new passport you will make. Having your passport here also allows you access to 184 locations.


Since this year’s beginning, a new system has been introduced known as a standard five-year passport which is $120 and a 10 years passport is $160. Also, a child’s passport is $57. And also have updates about renewing your Canadian passport, some of which are due to the covid 19 virus. There are additional fees associated with replacing a lost or stolen passport, as well as urgent processing, which is available only if you apply in person at the Canadian passport office.

It also should be noted that passport fees become very high if you are outside Canada. Payment is acceptable through the following means: debit cards, credit cards, money orders, and certified cheques. When you submit a complete passport application, the Canadian passport processing time begins. Renewing a passport takes more than 10 business days to get it down. But due to COVID, passport service in Canada has been reduced, and processing time may take longer than usual. Without notwithstanding, making your passport in Canada gives you the privilege of traveling to over 183 places. 

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Applying for a passport in Hungary is a right given to all of its citizens, and the application process determines that you need to use it in person, at one of our representations or during an extramural consular day. The processing period usually lasts 5 to 6 weeks. The passport fee is included in the application fees.

Also, the consular assistance fee is applicable in certain cases. It should be noted that there is an increased fee if the passport is damaged or stolen.

And in the case of in-person application, the price is payable only by debit or credit card like VISA, MasterCard, or Discover. The beautiful thing about doing your passport in Hungary is that you have access to 182 places without a visa in 2022. 


I hope you get the information about the most powerful passports and their ranking factors. Then, visitors can try to involve themselves in the fascinating world of passports, exploring their designs and sorting them by country, region, and even color. For the first time, visitors can compare passports side by side and even learn how to improve their Personal Mobility Score by acquiring more passports.


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