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worlds most expensive cities

ECA International assessed the cost of living for expats in 207 locations across 120 countries after examining the cost of food, transportation, dining out, alcohol, utilities, clothes, and other things we have made a list of the world’s most expensive cities.

1. Hong Kong- Comes Under Top Most Expensive Cities

Hong Kong was named the world’s most expensive city for the second year in a row among the cities. In the Asian city, your money went further whether you bought a café coffee, fuel, cooking oil, or milk.

 Hong Kong
Hong Kong- Comes Under Top Most Expensive Cities

“Hong Kong is regularly towards the top of the rankings, and this year was no exception, with prices rising by 2.7 percent overall in local currency.” “In a news release, Lee Quane, Regional Director – Asia at ECA International, stated, “rrency.” “After a rough few years caused by the Covid-19 epidemic and political and social instability prior to this, the Hong Kong economy has undergone a type of rebound, and the increase in local pricing reflects this.”

The government strategy is to confine buildings and to make a deficiency in the cost of land which makes costs soar. It just so happens, that enormous quantities of individuals in Hong Kong benefit from the strategy, so it won’t change.

You have a great deal of expats and hyper-rich individuals siphoning cash into Hong Kong. This ends up being awful for anybody that isn’t hyper-rich since they couldn’t care less about costs, and siphoning cash in expands the cost levels.

It just so happens, that huge areas of Hong Kong society don’t get hit by the exorbitant costs. Assuming you are more than 40, the chances are great that you own your own property which implies high leases are great for you. In the event that you are working people, it just so happens, that you benefit from the exorbitant costs and furthermore, the public authority vigorously confines migration which saves compensation in HK for the average high. The public authority has good appropriations for the poor to drive sure that they aren’t adequately mad to dissent.

2. New York

New York, which had been placed fourth in 2021, came in second. According to the data, it is currently the world’s second most costly city. Those who have lived in or visited New York are unsurprised. However, it is notable as it is the only American city on the list.

 New York
New York
  • Some NYC occupants are dishing out millions to reside in storm cellars, where they can get more space for their cash.
  • New York Metropolis is the only city in the world with more than 100 billionaires.
  • The average rent in New York is $3,400, which is double the national average.
  • Long-term parking in New York City costs more than $606 a month, which is more than the median rent in some US expensive cities.
  • The average price of a property listed in New York City is $1.5 million, which is more than five times the national average.

3. Geneva

Geneva is the third most expensive city in Switzerland among the top cities, according to the survey, while several European towns have slid down the list due to the Euro’s dismal performance in the previous year compared to the US dollar and British pound.


In Geneva, a cup of coffee may cost up to $5. As a result, navigating around the city as a tourist is not a pleasant experience. Unless you come from a higher-income nation (of which there are just a few), you will think these charges to be exorbitant. Lunch at an entry-level restaurant here costs about $30.

Rent has by far the greatest influence on Geneva pricing. This raises grocery goods costs as well as the overall cost of living. A little mediocre 1-bed flat in the city center costs $2.100 per month to rent.

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4. London- One Of The Most Expensive Cities

Tourist hotspot London made it into the top five, having risen in price from 2021 when it was ranked fifth. Like New York, its landmarks and cultural attractions are as well-known as their expensive cities. This has only become worse as the UK’s inflation rate reached a 40-year high of 9% in April.


London has always been pricey. People visiting from the surrounding country would have been astonished by the costs if you went back to Roman times or even deeper. People want to live there, which means higher property prices, higher rentals, and higher pricing.

With its numerous sights and stores, London is a fantastic destination to visit. Every year, thousands of people from all over the world visit London to experience what it has to offer. There are several reasons why London is so costly to live in or visit. It is now ranked 13th out of 338 nations as the most expensive location to live in the world among the cities. Living in Paris is currently 15% cheaper than living in London while living in Singapore is 16% cheaper. But why is this the case? The following are some of the reasons why living outside of the capital is less expensive:

5. Tokyo- Most Expensive Cities

Tokyo may have lost three positions since 2021, but according to ECA International data, it is still the sixth most expensive city in the world.


According to Lee Quane, ECA International’s Asia Regional Director, while costs in Japan have risen, the weaker yen still makes it relatively cheaper for travelers using other currencies.

Tokyo was dubbed the world’s most costly building city in the run-up to a unique Olympic Games that was once again tarnished by massive cost overruns. In the Turner & Townsend International Construction Market Survey for 2021, which examined the worldwide construction sector in 90 markets across 45 nations, the Japanese capital received the rather unpleasant gold medal for building expenses. According to the study, the average building cost per square meter in Tokyo is $4,002. It is the first time that the Japanese capital has led the list, and expenses there have been driven up by strong growth and a large pipeline of real estate and infrastructure projects, which has increased the demand for resources.

6. Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv saw 2.2 percent price inflation in the previous year, as well as a rapidly appreciating currency, which has pushed the prices of many basic goods and services to the highest in the world. According to the research, which compiles a cost of living index for 173 locations

Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is now the second most costly city for transportation and the second most expensive for alcohol. In US currency, an artisan hamburger in the city will cost you $18, a drink will cost you $15 to $17, and a gallon of petrol will cost you $5.78.

These latest developments in Tel Aviv come on top of a long-running affordability crisis—rising expenses in housing, transit, and basic commodities have exacerbated inequality and driven many out of the city.

7. Zurich

Inefficient farming raises food prices for local items. Due to the mountains, farmland in Switzerland is quite scarce. No farmer in Switzerland could live without the enormous subsidies. When you add the subsidies to the food prices, you have a heart attack at the supermarkets and restaurants.


Tariffs on imports: In order to force Swiss citizens to buy local products, the government artificially raises prices through tariffs. Switzerland is bordered by nations that can produce food at extremely inexpensive costs. Without the tariffs, Germany and France would overwhelm Switzerland with affordable food.

8. Shanghai

Shanghai costs just what you make it. True, real estate and rentals are expensive, especially if you demand all of the western amenities, but living in Shanghai can be really affordable. Utilities are quite inexpensive in this area.


For example, for breakfast, I can go have a jian bing. Lunch of Muslim noodles or rou gan mian, 20. Dinner with dumplings, 13. So, in essence, I can dine out every day for less than $50. That’s all meals for the day for less than USD$8.

Alternatively, I can eat at a western-style restaurant and pay $200 for a burger, $40 for a lousy coffee, and $45 for a drink. So everything is relative.

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