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There are many places to visit in Los Angeles. People from all over the world come to visit the beauty of this city. So, if you are planning to visit in Los Angeles then instead of booking hotels, you should book the beautiful airbnbs of Los Angeles for comfortable stay. These airbnbs is one of the luxury and amazing airbnbs in Los Angeles. These airbnbs offers you the view between the hills, the Malibu architecture and amazing views of the ocean. The Airbnbs of Los Angeles are so incredible and amazing, if you go once there to stay, you don’t wan’t to leave them.

Los Angeles is a very busy country. The interesting thing is that there is no provision for airbnbs in this busy country, if you want to spend some time in the middle of Los Angeles, then you can stay in airbnbs in Los Angeles. Here we have listed the best Beautiful and Amazing Airbnbs in Los Angeles.

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Top 7 Luxurious Airbnbs in Los Angeles with amazing View

 If you are looking for the best Airbnb in Los Angeles with an amazing view then we have covered some beautiful and incredible Airbnb that seem like tourist spots. Take a look at the Amazing and Affordable Airbnb in Los Angeles.

Modern, Zen-like Guest Suit – Best View of Sunset

Modern Zen Like Guest Suites is one of the best and most beautiful Airbnb in Los Angeles. If you book this Airbnb you will have an amazing experience here. You’ll find one bedroom, two beds, and a bathroom here at this Airbnb and it’s a great place for two guests. The Hollywood Sign has a perfect view at sunset. As we mentioned, it is very popular with many amenities, including free street parking, a full kitchen, free Wi-Fi and self-check-in services. So, if you’re planning in Los Angeles, a modern, zen-like guest suite on Airbnb is perfect for a family.

Skyfarm Yurt with Nature and Farm Animals View

This is the second unique stay at Airbnb in Los Angeles. The most beautiful Paradise Hill is just 10 minutes away from this Airbnb. Four people can easily stay on this Airbnb. You feel like a bohemian lifestyle if you experience this Airbnb. Here you will get to see the wonderful view of nature. The SkyFarm Yurt includes an outdoor kitchen, beautiful gardens, farm animals, a solar powder bathtub, and many other amenities. The best thing about this Airbnb is that you can also interact with animals. It is also the perfect combination of nature and animals. Moreover, this Skyfarm yurt is the best ideal place for two adults and kids. You must definitely visit this wonderful Airbnb.

Luxurious Home With Stunning Views of Los Angeles

You can enjoy luxury and privacy in this luxury home in Los Angeles with a three-story home. Each story gives you an amazing view of the Los Angeles city line. You can spend some family time here with a mini BBQ party (it’s an outdoor party where food is cooked or grilled over a fire). Every room has a dark shade that is good for sleeping. You can experience the look of the night during the day at this Airbnb. This luxurious house is like a dream home as the mountain view feels like you have opened your windows.

Beach Front Laguna Beach- Amazing View of Ocean

If you want to have incredible ocean views, then the Beach Front Airbnb location is the best for you. The blue calm waters give it a wonderful sight and will make you feel like taking a dip again and again. This Airbnb is suitable for up to 4 guests with one air-conditioned bedroom and is the best place for couples. Also here you will get to see beautiful views of the sunset. So, this is the best place to start your vacation.

Beach Condo with Game Room- Best for the Large Group

This Roomy Beach Condo is the perfect venue for large groups. You can come here with your friends. This Airbnb offers you amazing views of the Los Angeles Mountains and trees. The windows of beach condo rooms attract a lot of people. So, if you are planning to visit with their friends in Los Angeles, Beach Condo is the best place to stop.

Rustic Unit in Hollywood Hills- Best for the Couples

Rustic Unit in Hollywood Hills is the best and perfect place for couples. The place of this place is setup like a studio. It includes a free standing tub in the living room and kitchenette. This is the best romantic place here amidst the hills of Hollywood. Wi-Fi is available, and there’s a nice balcony with a place to sit, sunbathe, or read a good book hidden in the trees. For a romantic getaway, this Airbnb Plus offers a comfortable and private space.

Best Malibu Airbnb with ocean canyon view

Malibu Airbnb is located in the Malibu Hills. If you are looking for a quiet place in busy Los Angeles then you should book this Airbnb. This Airbnb is so beautiful you will definitely fall in love. You will not want to leave this place once you are here. You’ll get ocean canyon views from this Airbnb. The furniture of this place is beautifully designed with one bedroom and one queen bedroom and one single bathroom which is perfect for two people. You can enjoy the beautiful view of Los Angeles while enjoying in the pool.


You are thinking that instead of booking Airbnbs, you can book the hotels. But these Airbnbs located in the Beautiful view of Los Angeles. Also, they are less expensive than the hotels with amazing amenities. To spend some time with nature and architectural view you can book these airbnbs. 

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