Beautiful Lakes in Los Angeles

lakes in los angeles

The city of Los Angeles, California is famous for the beauty of its nature all over the world. The city has a lot of options for tourists like theme parks, film studios, beaches and a lot more. But if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature and do some fun activities like fishing, then the lakes of Los Angeles offer you just such a sight. You can sit here comfortably and see the rare species of trees, plants and fishes of nature. The lakes of Los Angeles are very calm and full of history. You must know about these amazing lakes in Los Angeles.

Lake Peru "Best Lake for Boating"

Peru Lake in Los angeles

Lake Peru is located in the Los Padres National Forest. It is one of the best lakes in Los Angeles for boating. It is a perfect place to visit, get peace from the crowded place, and water, and spend some time with nature. There is a campground here where you can also set up a tent. It also has a marina, launch ramp, a cafe, and a picnic area to cater to your overall enjoyment. The warm water of this lake attracts more visitors, and because it has warm water, you can go surfing here throughout the year. Also, you can do fishing here. The lake is home to fish like rainbow trout, crappie, channel catfish, and bluegill. The beauty of this Lake Peru attracts you more. Here you feel that you are in paradise. If you want to spend some time with nature, then Lake Peru is the best for you.

Silver Lake

silver lake in los angeles

Silver Lake is a gorgeous lake away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can take a walk on the 2.3-mile-long road here and also enjoy watching various lovely birds. Sometimes one feels like giving some time to nature away from the crowded area of the city. When we spend time with nature, we are actually spending time with ourselves. If you want to enjoy the natural landscape and serene environment, then you must visit Silver Lake. The road around this lake is lined with tall oak and eucalyptus trees which further enhance its beauty. You can come here for a walk and then sit on the bench for some time and enjoy the real views of nature.


Diamond Valley Lake

diamond valley lake

Diamond Valley Lake is one of the best lakes for fishing, located an hour from downtown Los Angeles. There is also a facility to rent boats here. It is a very peaceful environment, so it is very popular among anglers. You can enjoy the serene environment here without any hustle and bustle from 6 in the morning to 6.30 in the evening. Fish like sunfish, catfish, carp, and bluegill are found in Diamond Valley Lake.

Big Bear Lake

big bear lake

This Big Bear Lake location is a two-hour drive from Los Angeles and is popular with travelers throughout the year. The waters of the lake are perfect for all kinds of boating activities including sailing, skiing and other activities. A recreation center overlooking the lake has a wide variety of facilities and activities that will keep you busy and happy throughout the day. There is a popular camping area here with excellent facilities. The abundance of fish in the water makes it a shelter for fishermen. Visitors can stay comfortably and enjoy the location to the fullest as there are several excellent lodges and resorts nearby.


Lake Cassitas

lake cassitas

The water rising from the mountains in Lake Cassitas presents an attractive sight and at the same time it supplies drinking water to the people around. In addition, you can see a variety of species of birds here. The lake also has some nearby attractions like a golf course with fishing and a water theme park with some interesting rides. You can also go camping on it, it provides a large amount of camping grounds for camping. The water coming from the mountains lit up like in different colors with the changing of the seasons and presents a sight to behold for the visitors. Lake Cassitas impresses you with its beauty so much that you will feel that the money spent here has been recovered.

Baldwin Lake

baldwin lake

Baldwin Lake is named after the legendary Lucky Baldwin. It is one of the beautiful and fabulous lakes of Los Angeles. This lake is located in the Arboretum and Botanic Garden. It is spread over an area of ​​4 acres. During the rainy season, this lake fills up like a pond. This lake is full of history. You come here and connect with both nature and history. People who are interested in knowing about history should spend a day here and you will be amazed to see its fascinating scenery. Rare species of plants are found in the gardens here, seeing which you will definitely appreciate them.

Lake Sonoma

lake sonoma

The impressive Lake Sonoma is located in the Coastal Mountains north of Santa Rosa. The lake is much-loved and attracts outdoor enthusiasts from across the state, nation and the world. Apart from hiking, picnicking, horseback riding and camping, it is an excellent place for boating, swimming, fishing and kayaking. In fact, the lake is surrounded by hundreds of campgrounds.

Along with the Warm Springs Dam, the Milt Brandt Visitor Center, the Warm Springs Recreation Area, and Congressman Don Clausen Fish Hatchery are all located in Lake Sonoma.


All of these lakes and reservoirs offer a wide array of sports, animals, and scenery close to Los Angeles. However, they still require our attention. Some of these lakes are seriously affected by pollution and require extensive repairs to restore them to their former beauty. Please make sure to never throw garbage while on vacation and try to reduce activities like boating that contribute to pollution. Whether these bodies of water were created by Mother Earth or by humans, we can all do our part to restore them. We should preserve our natural beauty. With only some effort we can save nature and maintain its beauty.