How to Make a Guy Regret Ghosting You

How to Make a Guy Regret Ghosting You

We all are digital now, through the internet we feel connected with our loved ones. But still, there are some people who actually don’t know the value of your time. This hurts a lot when you give so much importance to someone but get no response from that side. Here, are the ways “how to make a guy regret ghosting you”. If you really want to do this you have to do the same thing that the second person is doing with you means:-

Ignore the Person

If you want that the second person feel regret for this. You also need to do the same thing that he/she is doing with you. Because this is the best way “how to make a guy regret ghosting”. When you are doing this the guy is also in the same situation in which you are right now. This helps to make him realize how this feeling is. And how wrong this thing which he was doing with you before. Giving time to someone is one of the most expensive things. And if you are giving your time to someone the next person should care for it. 

On the other side, you also deserve this same importance. Don’t blame yourself ignore it for some time, this is how you can give time to him and yourself.

Don’t Notice If You See Him/Her in Public

When you are passing down the street and see him/her. Don’t try to make eye contact from your side. Because before this you were the person who is giving so much importance to the person. From your side you were shaking hands, smiling back, and so on. But now you, “the same person”, Who even don’t want to see his/her face, this is really hurtful. And the next person definitely feels regret and message you from his/her hand. 

Or maybe on the way the same person will try to make eye contact and talk to you. At that time you need to show that you are not interested that much as you were before. This thing forces the person to ask you about this change. Hence, the person will regret and realize the mistake and will not do it again.

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Work on Yourself

Sometimes when we are sitting alone. And thinking about what I am doing, and why I have started. Somewhere giving so much importance and time to a person we forget to focus on ourselves. Generally, there is always one day when the person loses interest in you. And if you will forget to think about yourself and your growth. You will be the same person as before but the next person will move forward. So, never be like a fool this is fine to have someone but also focus on yourself and what you actually are. 

Avoid to Do the Message

Sometimes we try to connect again and again through the different platforms. Like we have messages over WhatsApp but now by sharing reels we try to talk. This is how somewhere we feel it is fine may be the second person is busy or angry etc. But sometimes the next person also needs some space. This is how the second person feels regret and realizes the value of your understanding.

Work on Yourself

Share Regular Posts & Updates on Social Media

This is the way to realize the person about your importance to his life. At a moment you were the person with whom the same person wanted to share everything. But now you are happy with your own company. There are many ups and downs in life when a person feels alone. And looking for someone with whom he can share his thoughts. He found himself alone, whenever he sees your posts and regular updates somewhere he feel about his great loss.

Don’t Take it Personal

This is common and the general thing. So, if one person is not giving you the same importance this is fine. Sometimes we should enjoy our own company. Because if we are not happy with ourselves so how can the second person be? So, first, try to be with yourself, and give your time to yourself. And for a while stop thinking about “how to make a guy regret ghosting”. Rather than it tries to focus on how you can improve yourself.

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Do Your Favourite Activities

When we want to reroute our minds. We all need to focus on other activities, this is how we can improve ourselves and also helps us to stop overthinking. By doing your most-liked activities you feel joy and happiness also. These are the things which all we love to do but are not able to do, due to the lack of time, but now we have the time. You can spend some time with the lovely activities, also, it can be anything like drawing, singing, sketching, making craft things, etc.

Give Time to Yourself

We are going to be social more and more. But in this busy time and hectic schedule somewhere we forget about ourselves. Now you have time which you can use for yourself. This will help you to be better, and to be an attractive person to whom everyone likes to talk with.

This is the primary thing that one person must have. The next person will enjoy our company only when we are able to enjoy ours. We are the manager of our own souls, this is our first responsibility. If you want that someone enjoys your company first you should be able to enjoy your own company.

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Spend Time with Your Other Friends

If you are an extrovert kind of person so you must have so many other friends. Now you are free to spend time with your other friends also. No worry about what the person will say to you if you are going with this or that. Be free and give time to your friends, if you love to go outside. So, this is a good time to go with your friends. Explore the world which you really want to. Post the memories, photos, and videos over social media, this also gives you joy.

Spend Time with Your Other Friends

Stop Doing Immediate Response

This is the general thing that we do. Whenever we get a message from that person we immediately respond, doesn’t matter how busy we are. After how much time the person is talking to us. We reply the person as we were waiting for that single message only. This gives the wrong message to the person that the next person can ignore you. But the importance will be the same and he is free for giving time to you or not. You will be like an option when he feels bored you are available. So, if you want to avoid this situation you need to avoid doing immediate messages.

This is the most common thing among us, we do the immediate response. Doing the immediate response shows that you are free and easily available for the person. Whenever the person is free he or she can message you. Because that person is important to you, but he doesn’t know your real value. If you are stuck with the thought of “ how to make a guy regret ghosting” so stop doing immediate response. 

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Dress Up Well & Be Confident

While going anywhere dress up in a very confident manner. Feeling confident and happy gives you joy and happiness from the inside. So, travel more and if you are a foody person try more and more new things which help you to have better confidence.

Dress Up Well & Be Confident​

Try to Do New Things

New things always help us to divert our attention. As human beings, this is there whenever we start to do new things that really make us feel joy and good. It is a good way not only to divert the mind but also a good way to add some value to you. You can also plan a trip to go somewhere outside so that for some time you can easily ignore the person. And this thing will not hamper you. There are many fun activities to do for example going to new restaurants, hanging gliding, motorcycle riding, creating art, etc.

If you are incessantly thinking about the guy who is ghosting you. The best way to make regret him is to ignore the person and be happy with yourself. Try not to give the same importance that you were giving before. Now, I am sure that you have got the answer to your question, “How to Make a Guy Regret Ghosting You”. 

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