How To Cut A Cigar: A Complete Guide

how to cut a cigar

A cigar is a cylindrical roll filled with fermented tobacco leaves used for smoking. Cigars have a lot of different shapes and sizes as well as a lot of different flavors. The three main types of cigars in the United States are namely Large Cigars, Cigarillos, and little Cigars. But, there’s one critical step that is popularly known worldwide “How to cut a cigar”. It’s a critical and common problem everyone faces when they try to cut a cigar for smoking. Because cutting it poorly can result in less stellar smoke. But here’s a complete guide on how to cut a cigar.

What Are Cigar Cutters

If you are a cigar lover and you love to smoke, then you may already be familiar with cigar cutters. These are specially designed tools, and these are essential tools used in an accurate way. But having a cigar cutter doesn’t mean that anyone can easily cut these rolls filled with tobacco. A cigar lover always keeps these cutters with him every time. Cigar cutters usually trim off the head of cigars from where it is capped. The Cigar Cutter tools are designed specifically to cut in a neat and clean way. They cut the cigars in a way that they can be in perfect condition for smoking. These are mechanical devices and they cut one end of the cigar.

Types Of Cigar Cutters

There are a lot of cigar cutters available in the market you can use to cut cigars. Down below I have mentioned some types of cigar cutters you can use to cut your cigar accurately.

Guillotine Cigar Cutter

guillotine cigar cutter

A Guillotine Cigar Cutter is a straight cutter. It is available in both the form of single-blade and two blades. They smoothly cut across the head of this tobacco roll in a perfect way. The blade gives the cleanest cut on the cigar because of its extremely sharp blade. The Guillotine cigar cutter is available in various sizes from smaller to bigger. So, you can easily choose the cutter which best suits you. Hence, If you use a Large Cigar then you can pick the Guillotine Cigar cutter with a wider blade.

While using the Guillotine cutter, make sure that the blades are as sharp as required to cut the cigar. You should cut the cigar quickly and precisely. You should cut the cigar just above the cap and not below it. Don’t cut it too deep and don’t remove the cap completely.

Punch Cutters


Punch cutters are so compact cutters. You can bring them with you on travels as well as these are extremely easy to use. anyone can simply use these cutters. You won’t feel any hassle while opening the cap of cigars using these punch cutters.

Most cigar cutters have a foldable and cylindrical blade. When you will rotate these blades, they will create a circular hole in the top of your cigar. You will find these holes quite different when you compare them to those holes that are made with punch cutters.

Other cigars make an angular chopping while on the other hand punch cutters make a small and accurate hole on the top of your cigar.

You may just neglect these things but this precise cutting has two huge advantages that you may didn’t noticed. Since it makes a small cut, that means you will lose fewer bits of tobacco in your mouth, and because of that. You will also feel a more concentrated flavor in your mouth.

Up to this, you may decide to just buy the punch cutters. But, There’s also a Drawback of punch cutters that you must know about. That is Punch cutters can’t be used on cigars with pointed heads

V Cigar Cutter

v cigar cutter

This popular and awesome cutter also known as V Cutter or it has another name that is Cat’s Eye Cutter. This is because it has a V-shaped blade that is used to measure the opening in the head of the cigars. Whether it is everyone’s favorite or not nowadays. But, it was one of the most popular cigar cutters in the 1900s, and a lot of antique cigar cutters model had designed in the architectural style of this cutter.

These cutters are less popular nowadays as compared to Guillotine Cigar Cutters. But, you will find it with a lot of cigar smokers. Because a lot of cigar smokers all over the world still love it a lot. 

These cutters are designed to make a special type of cut. These cutters make a V-shape incision at the head of the cigar. And this is the best type of cut that can comfort your smoking in every way. A lot of people love this type of cut at the top of their cigars. So, this is one of the main reasons why these cigar cutters became popular at their time.

Best Thing of V Cigar Cutter

best thing of v cigar cutter

There’s also the best thing about these cutters that is you can cut the portion of the cigar according to your need. If you want a stronger draw and a rich flavor, then you can cut deep inside your cigar. This is very useful because if you don’t prefer a stronger draw of the cigar, then you can just make a shallow incision at the head of your cigar so you can get the desired flavor of your cigar according to your need.

Most of the V shape cutters like sleek cutters and ergonomic Colibri V-cut already have a sharp, steel blade arranged in a v-shape. So, you won’t encounter any type of difficulty while cutting the top of your cigar. But you gotta take care of only one thing and that is you need to hold the cigar still in order to ensure that the blade cuts the cigar accurately and on the right point.

Can I Cut A Cigar Without A Cutter

can I cut a cigar without a cutter

Yes, you can cut a cigar without a cigar cutter because as you know that cigar is just wrapped in either a tobacco leaf or paper. So, you can cut the cigar just with a bite or you can cut it with a sharp tool. That can be a kitchen knife or a pair of scissors. There is a very high risk of cutting your cigar without a cutter which can result in overcutting. Further, over-cutting can result in the unraveling of the wrapping of cigars. Also, if you cut the cigar too widely, then it can burn too hot so quickly. And this will result in the quick drawing of the cigar.

Hence, you can ruin the flavor of your cigar by opening it with such a non-specialized tool like a knife or any sharp thing. You will just waste your money and good tobacco by doing such things.

But I have explained below how you can easily cut a cigar without a cigar cutter. All you need to do is just follow the instructions I have given below on “How to cut a cigar without a cutter”.

How To Cut A Cigar Without A Cutter

how to cut a cigar without a cutter

You can cut every cigar without a cutter if you have complete knowledge about how to cut them. Some people don’t use cigar cutters because they just don’t prefer to waste money on buying cigar cutters. They also don’t prefer to buy cigar cutters because they can’t be carried everywhere. So, I have given the detailed steps below on how you can cut a cigar without a cigar cutter.

How To Cut A Cigar With A Knife

how to cut a cigar with a knife

A knife can be a good tool only when it’s sharp. Because not all knives are sharp. Some knives just lost their sharpness with the period of time. So, you must use a sharp knife to cut the cigar. You can also use some sharp tools like blades, scissors, and other things. Dull knives, blades, scissors, or anything like that can just ruin and damage your cigar. This is the main reason why you should use sharp blades.

Just try to cut the upper portion or the paper of the cigar from the tip of it. Don’t cut it too far, just cut a little portion that will be sufficient enough to draw the cigar according to your desire. Just cut the cigar slowly and accurately.

But in the case of scissors, you need to be more careful than the knife. This is because scissors can squeeze and even they can pinch your cigar. And this will result in the unraveling of the wrapping of your cigar. So, just try to make a smooth and easy snip so that you can enjoy those precious cigars.

How To Cut A Cigar With A Poker

A poker is anything with a sharp point. In this case, poker is anything with a sharp point that can make a hole in the top of the cigar from where you want to cut it. It is most likely to be a cigar cutter but not actual. The poker in this case could be anything like toothpicks, small screws, sewing needles, the sharp tips of corkscrews, or anything small or sharp that can make a hole.

All you need to do is just directly line up the pointed end of the poker to the head of the cigar and just directly press the poker. Don’t press it everywhere on the head of cigar. Just press it gently so your cigar won’t get ripped off.

How To Cut A Cigar With A Fingernail

how to cut a cigar with a fingernail

You can also use your fingernail to cut a piece of cigar instead of looking for expensive cigar cutters or any other sharp tool. It would be best if you have anything sharp enough to cut the cigar. But, if you don’t have such a thing, then you will have no other option but to use your fingernails.

Besides, it would be difficult to cut a cigar with fingernails, but it can save a lot of your time once you will learn how to do so. Just press your nail at the area of the cigar from where you want to cut it out. And drag it all the way so you can cut it in circular form. Hence, you only cut a little portion of the cigar in this way. It’s a quick and easy way but less accurate and it can tear off the cigar.

Should I Bite My Cigar


You may have seen that people usually bite their cigars in a lot of movies. So, you must be thinking that biting could be the best way to cut a cigar. But, here’s the situation that you should never bite your cigar because it can result in a lot of bad things like it can damage your cigar, it can ruin your entire flavour and it can unravel the wrapping of cigar.

Best Option To Cut A Cigar

You are now completely familiar with every type of cigar cutter, how many methods are there to cut a cigar as well as advantages and disadvantages to use these methods. Hence, looking for what is the best option to cut a cigar? Just go straight for Cigar Cutters. Using CIgar Cutters is the first and best choice to cut your cigars in a smooth and easy way.

But, if you don’t want to spend money on these expensive cutters or you don’t prefer to carry them with you everywhere, then you can use alternative methods to cut your cigar. Only if you know how to use these alternate methods. But, you should never bite or chew your cigar because it can destroy it.

This is the unusual condition only in a situation when you don’t have either a cigar cutter or any alternate method available. So, if only cut your cigar with a bite when you don’t have any of the options.

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