How to Close a Pocket knife

how to close pocket knife

You must be surprised to see people moving the knives into the slot. What is the technique that they use to close the knife? And probably many people will not even know the difference between a knife with locks or no locks. So we will tell you how to close the pocket knife. Along with this, you will also get to know about different methods or different types of knives.

Close the knives without a Lock

The Closing Knives are the normal knives without a lock. They are the simple knives in which you have to use your hand to close it. You just have to use your dominant hand to move the blade inside the slot. These are the simplest form of closing knives. Here we have mentioned the steps of Closing the Knives without Knives.

Step 1: Hold the Knife

First, you should hold the knife properly. Hold the knife in such a way that it does not hurt your hand. While holding, keep in mind that your hand should be on the handle grip of the knife. Do not make the mistake of holding the knife with the blade side up. Your four fingers should be on one side and your thumb should be on the opposite side of the handgrip of the knife.

Step 2: Hold the Blade of Knife with your Dominant hand

Now hold the smooth parts of the knife with your dominant hand. The knife has a ridge at the top on the blade side to hold the knife properly. Hold the blade of the knife with your finger so that it does not slip.

Step 3: Push the Knife into the slot

Now try to bend your knife with the help of a finger. If you are unable to hold it with one hand then try to hold it with both hands. Keep in mind that your blade should not open on its own. Try to close it without your fingers. Press it in such a way that it does not come out. 

Shut the Knives with Liner and Frame Locks

These are the knives which comes with the Liner or Frame Locks. These knives haves zig zag  lines or they have a lock mechanism. When you close this type of knife, it gets lock. You have to press to open this. So, be careful while closing this type of knives. Here below we have mentioned the steps of Closing Liner and Frame Locks Knives.

Step 1: Try to Push the Blade With your thumb

Turn the frame part on the back of the blade down. To keep the knife safe, it is folded inwards. The liner lock blade is used on the inner lining part and the frame lock is used for the outer cover. 

Step 2: Push the Liner Frame from the Blade

With the help of your finger and thumb, turn the blade inwards. Fold it in such a way that it goes inside the slot and does not come out. When using a locking knife, it will not open even if you keep it upside down. Be careful while locking the Liner or frame knife.

Close the Button Lock Knives

They are the knives with button Lock. In the Liner Frame Knives there is no button to close, but in the Button lock knives there is a button which have to press while closing it. Here we mentioned the steps of Closing the Button lock knives. 

Step 1: Hold the knife with your Dominant Hand

Hold the Knife with your dominant hand. Keep in mind that your fingers should be wrapped when you close it, otherwise your finger may get cut.

Step 2: Press the Button with your thumb

Press the button using your thumb. Depending on the style of the knife the button appears in a different place. Press down the button to open the lock. After pressing the button, use your other or non-dominant hand to push the blade inside the slot. Once the button is placed, the lock opens and your blade becomes loose and can easily move into the slot. Keep in Mind, your fingers are away from the slot, otherwise, your fingers may get hurt.


These knives should be closed properly because these are pocket wear knives. If you are not able to close them properly, you may get hurt. So that we have mentioned how to close a pocket knife. So, have you get the answer of how to close a pocket knife?


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