How to be a Cricketer

How to be a Cricketer

All of us have watched the World Cup together with family? Somehow most of growing child think how to be a cricketer? Most Indians love cricket. However, we can feel the passion for cricket in the atmosphere created by the world cup.

As a result, we can witness street cricket being played by children in every corner of the country.

Although, turn this same passion and enthusiasm into a career. This blog will show you how to become a professional cricketer if you love the game and playing it.

How to become a Cricket Player in India?

Becoming a cricketer is not an easier task. However, a good cricket player needs proper attention and focus. It is not an easy task although it needs proper skill development.

Mentioning some points to become a successful cricketer.

  • Practice: To play the game at a professional level, you must practice often.
  • Basic Knowledge of the Game. Although you may know how to use a bat or a ball, it does not mean that you are an expert in the game. First of all we need a familiar with cricket terminology, equipment and rules.
  • Understanding your Strongholds: With practice, you can learn which part of the game you are best at.

Learn How to Play Cricket

Before you start playing competitively or joining a team, you should learn the basics. Ask your friends who often play to teach you the rules. You can also watch professional matches online to learn the rules of cricket.

Otherwise there are different ways

  • Watch informative knowledge tutorial
  • Playing with friends can give you a hands-on lesson.

Get your safety gear and clothing

Purchase cleats that are well-fitted and will make you run faster. However, it is necessary to buy right comfortable cricket uniform. You may also need to buy a uniform if joining a more serious team.

Wear a polo shirt and long white trousers while you wait to join a more serious team. You may need safety gear depending on your playing position.

  • Helmet
  • Pads
  • Gloves
  • Guard your chest
  • Guard your abdomen
  • Protect your thighs with a thigh guard
  • Arm Guards
  • Shin guards
How to be a Cricketer

Purchase cricket equipment

Many clubs and teams offer equipment for cricket. Therefore, we need cricket equipment while practicing and want to play with friends. The following items are required:

  • 6 stumps, or long white poles
  • Four bails will rest on the poles
  • 2 cricket bats
  • 1 red cricket ball

Join a Cricket Academy

Every cricketer needs a professional learning academy to learn. We’ll guide you through the process of learning from a professional coach to help you gain the necessary exposure to succeed in this sport. You should also practise your skills daily and learn effective techniques in a cricket academy.

All that matters for your big dream are making small steps, such as joining a cricket academy. It will allow you to showcase your strengths and help you overcome your weaknesses. You will also be surrounded by competitive teammates who push you to do better every day by being a part of a professional cricket academy.

Find the Right Coach

Why is this? Cricket players enjoy a close relationship with their coaches. Because coaches help you to get comfortable with the sport and push you to your limits, this is why so many people see the hidden beauty in you. Before you choose your coach, make sure to do a background check. Many retired cricketers become coaches, either in academies of their own or as independent contractors.

Join a Pro Cricketer Team

To begin your professional career, you must first play for a professional team. Then, you can move on to playing for a private tournament or team. You may also wish to play for a well-known club. To be eligible for any club, you must meet the basic requirements.

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Playing Tournaments

Although you may be small at first, your goal should be big. You must ensure that you attend all tournaments across the country once you have started playing for a club or any other team. You can become a professional cricketer by joining a competitive team and trying for the state team. It is an example of how to make a career out of cricket.

Regular exercise and a balanced diet

Cricket is a demanding sport that can go on for hours. Cricket is the most time-consuming game and can last as many as five days (test match). It would help if you were fit to perform well on the field. You can build the endurance and strength of your muscles by eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly.

Professional athletes adhere to strict diets and train for hours at the gym to stay fit. It is easy to find an affordable and healthy diet plan online. You need to get rid of junk food.

Types of Cricket Players

There are four types:

  • Batsman
  • Bowler
  • Wicket-keeper
  • All-rounder

It is important to identify your specialty as soon as you can. It will allow you to receive proper guidance and training. Sports require extensive research and analysis.

How to start a career in cricket

Cricket is just like any other sport. You must be fit as an athlete. When you start a new career in any sport, make sure that you’re ready to work hard for your health and fitness as well as the sport. If you are serious about becoming a professional athlete, don’t forget to take care of your body’s nutritional needs.

Next, you need to purchase a cricket set. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a kit. Choose one that is affordable and will serve you well in your first year as a cricketer. Find a local basic cricket academy. Moreover, It will allow you to understand the basics of cricket. Therefore, It helps you build a foundation for your cricket career. There is no need to rush to join a big, highly-professional academy the first time. Although, following these steps will assist in going slowly and progressively. These small academies won’t help you if you are not passionate about cricket. The first step is to decide if you are interested in becoming a cricketer.

You are now ready to move on to the next step.

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Skills required for a cricketer

There is a fine line between being obsessed with a game and loving it. However, it is often a key factor in building a career in a particular field. These individuals are not only dedicated but also have certain prerequisites. A budding cricketer should learn and improve the following skills.

  • Sound technique
  • Amazing hand-eye coordination
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Amazing core strength and cardiovascular health

If a person knows these skills, it becomes easy to pursue cricket as a career.

Improve Your Cricketer Skills

Only you can improve your game. To stand out from the crowd, you must be at the top of your game. Only your coaches and mentors will be able to help you. Your first goal is to improve your game regularly.

You can do this by practising for hours a day, watching professional players, and talking to professionals. Visual memory is a key component in learning the skills you need to play on the field. You can learn from the experiences of professional cricketers how to become one. You can also learn from their mistakes to improve your cricket career. Jasprit Bumrah, a current practitioner, says that it is important to keep your skills sharp and to be able to change up your game, so you don’t get bored.

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Tips for becoming a Success Cricketer

After you’ve started playing cricket professionally, your job is to maintain that success. How can you be successful forever? Although you cannot be successful all your life, there are some things you should keep in mind.

  • Don’t let your past performance affect your performance today.
  • Remember to set small goals during matches. First, run 30 runs, then aim for a 50, then a 100.
  • You must ensure that you complete the task in each match. Sometimes your job is to hit sixes. Other times it may be to help the team get a decent score.
  • Do not hide behind your fears when you have a bad day. Just do your best. Even if you only give 20 runs, your next run will be different.
  • Avoid being predictable when bowling.
  • Fielding is more than just bowling and batting. It is a crucial part of selecting the team for a match.

If you keep these things in mind, your chances of delivering a better performance will increase. You can also keep your success going for a good time and still be able to play, even if you are not performing well. Your numbers can speak volumes about your performance in cricket.


We hope you find this article helpful in answering your questions about “How do I become a cricketer?” We can tell you that it is difficult to become a professional cricketer. However, there are no shortcuts. It is important to start by analyzing yourself and finding a good coach and cricket academy. Although, every countries may differ the selection cricketer player selections. To be a good young cricketer, you must practice daily and discuss your strengths and weaknesses with your coach. Eat Cricket, Drink Cricket, Play-Cricket.

Last but not least, recall you after a successful career in cricket, whether as a national or international player, and playing professional cricket by playing test matches, series, or 20-20.